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Every Team's #1 Celebrity Fan

2017.11.20 15:44 decitertiember Every Team's #1 Celebrity Fan

I have noticed that we don't have a definitive discussion of every team's top celebrity fan on /baseball.
For some teams it is obvious (Seinfeld for the Mets, Murray for the Cubs). For other teams there are just too many fans to choose from (Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers). And then for some, we are grasping at straws (Padres, Brewers). I also note that there is significant confusion as to whether Bill Nye is a Mariners fan or a Nationals fan.
I gave myself a couple rules:
After significant research on the teams' subreddits and other sources, I have compiled a list of every team's #1 celebrity fan.
Please discuss.
AL East
AL Central
AL West
NL East
NL Central
NL West
Honourable Mention Include:
Drake for the Jays; Julia Louis-Dreyfus (?) and Ed Norton for the Orioles; Ben Affleck and Stephen King for the Red Sox; Bruce Springsteen, Spike Lee and George Costanza for the Yankees; Drew Carey for the Indians; Chance the Rapper for the the White Sox; MC Hammer for the A’s; Chris Rock for the Mets; Seth Green for the Phillies; Wiz Khalifa for the Pirates; Eddie Vedder for the Cubs; George Clooney for the Reds; and all of Hollywood for the Dodgers.
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