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Having doubts about first relationship me(28M) her (34F)

2019.11.21 01:20 ThrowRAaddler Having doubts about first relationship me(28M) her (34F)

Never sought the advice of Reddit before but after reading, you folks make some good points and I am genuinely curious what you have to say about this situation.
My girlfriend and I met on Tinder over 4 years ago. It was supposed to be a friends with benefits arrangement as she was already in a long distance relationship with somebody she would see maybe once or twice a year, he opted for a open relationship due to distance. Once meeting her and talking we had a lot of the same interests and we both found each other fascinating. After about two months of seeing each other, I caught feelings for this really down to earth cool and unique person so of course I asked her out to be exclusive *during this time we did not see other people*. She shot me down saying she didn't want either of us to catch feelings. That's okay, I understood and opted to keep seeing each other and just remain in a friendly mindset. Fast forward two more months I can't remember if it was me that brought up the question of being exclusive partners again, but we both said yes. Fast forward to about 5 or 6 months into our relationship I started to notice me and a coworker were talking more and more and I started to feel like we were catching feelings, nothing ever came of it and I never brought it up to my coworker, I brought it up to my girlfriend and things were tough. We shed some tears and talked it through and I took some time to sort things out and make a list of pros and cons. I decided it was the right choice to be with somebody that is unlike anybody I met before and is open to talk about anything plus we are great friends and I chose to stick with my girlfriend. Things are smooth from here on out. Fast forward another three months, we're about 8ish months into our actual relationship and she tells me she loves me. I couldn't reciprocate it, I just did not feel that in me. This is my first relationship anyway, what does love feel like? I've had crushes, felt infatuated, wanted to do nothing but make somebody smile, do selfless things for them, but I didn't feel that way towards her. There were no butterflies in my stomach besides the nervousness of upsetting and making somebody I care about sad. I explained this to her and she was okay with it. She was okay with having me talk to her and be with her almost everyday even if I didn't feel that way just yet, maybe it will happen one day.
Things are good for the next two or so years, we go on trips and do a lot exploring the city and sights together. During this time she would throw out 'I love you' not very often but just said it enough to make me know that she did, and still, that gutting guilt and wrenching feeling I have pops in me that even after all this time. I still cannot say I love her back, knowing that I would be upset if we had to leave each other or started seeing somebody else, but I still did not have that gut feeling in my stomach that 'I love' this person. And again, she is okay with it. She is beginning to meet and know my family and she is very well presented and my family like her. As stated before, things are good. I started voicing doubts to my close friends and coworkers of my situation. Some came to agreement that it is strange that she is okay with me being able to say I love you back to her for this long of a time, but still manage to be in a healthyish relationship, and strange that I am not able to say it after all this time. I believe I shouldn't have to say it out of a reaction and that I would want to genuinely say it and spout it out randomly when the feeling strikes me. Natural progression occurs after speaking to close friends that I need to bring this to her attention that this is not healthy or okay to keep doing. It happened kind of sudden, I texted her that we needed to talk and eventually we got on the phone and sort of made inventory on the events that happened during our relationship. I was tearful and so was she, it was difficult but I just could not get myself to say it and I didn't want to lead her on to something that might never happen. It was one of the most difficult things I had to do in my life was come over her place and grab my things. The drive back was somber, I felt like Micheal Cera when he did the Peanuts walk in Arrested Development, just aimless.
I would occasionally text her just to see how she was faring and what was happening in her life. She is in a interesting field of work and I like to hear about new research and developments happening. We would keep texting back and forth for awhile when I started to noticed it was just complicating things. I told her we should stop texting and try to move on. We agreed. We broke up around February, the cease fire on texting happened around October or November. Christmas time comes around, my mom sends her a Christmas card. I got upset at my mom since she knew we were broken up but decided to do it anyway. I was just waiting for the text to happen and sure enough it did about a week and a half later. She wanted to thank my mom for the nice Christmas card. After that of course we ended up texting again. During this break up period that lasted about a year, I would think about her constantly and how she was doing, if she was crying, it drove me nuts, I really started to develop feelings again. I started expressing to my close friends and family about how unique and amazing she is and how I feel like I made a huge mistake letting such a person go out of my life.
Not long after we agreed to meet up at restaurant to talk things through. We ended up at her place and had a very long heartfelt discussion on what happened and why and how we ended up here. It all boiled down to that she didn't want to be with anyone that didn't love her. My feelings were strong and I felt so relieved to see this person again I told her I loved her and I was true and heartfelt about it. Things picked up right where we left off and nothing seemed to change. We both had new jobs and little things were different but overall everything felt the same. We would exchange I love you's to eachother occasionally and it felt right. 7 months pass. Then I slowly stopped blurting it outloud, and would only say it to her when I leave and won't see her for awhile. Over texts. Things like that, I would find myself doing it out of habit. What happened? The same nonfeelings crept up again, I would take one day of my weekend to spend with friends instead of going over. I would find ways to distract her and myself from things. I notice I am more short with her, I tend to jokingly poke fun at her and she me. I leave her place thinking what the hell did I just say and do? That's not like me at all. We text less and less now, sometimes for a day or two. She usually initiates. This weekend I hunkered down and didn't go out or see anybody or speak to anybody including her. I just sat and distracted myself, things felt too smooth and peachy, it felt something needed to give way and break, there's no way things are as nice as they seem. I can't find my words to say to her, and I still haven't spoken to her. I just want to tell her things but I have no excuse not to I just feel lost and after writing all of this it puts things into perspective. Anyway, what do you guys think? Is this relationship healthy? Is this normal to go through a rough patch of disinterest and shortness?
Tl;dr dated for three years, couldn't say I love you, break up for a year, said I love you, felt it, not sure if I love her anymore after almost a year
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2019.02.13 20:57 DrNurse1 [TOMT][MOVIE][2000ish?]

So there was a movie I was never able to finish at a friends house, and I'm a sucker for betrayal movies.
-It starts off with two guys(20's to 30s years of age) one I think is wearing a suit and the other is his business partner but I don't think he was wearing something you would expect to see some one wearing in a business dealing
-Both actors I just mentioned I think have played in comedy films before in the awkward teenage roles much like micheal cera just not as awkward, I think the second guy I mentioned might have curly hair -They're pushing an app I believe and attempting to show up to a meeting in a different country(I think russia but I could be 100% wrong) to meet a guy that looks like https://i.dmarge.com/2015/06/beckham.jpg (just much skinnier)
-Comes to find out that the guy there were meeting fucks them over and steals their idea they're both visibly upset about the situation but I'm pretty sure only the second guy(The unkempt one dressed strangely) is the only one who (Might?) get physical due to their idea being stolen.
-I think the App or whatever they're pushing is called "Globe" something. The Globe people or The GlobeTrot
And then I had to leave to go to work.
That is about all I got
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(Edit: Added more info)
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2017.07.11 21:13 Lowerstandardsssss What is your opinion of guys with "lower standards for white guys"?

Strange? Self hating?
I've seen some ppl mention it on the interwebz and real life so obviously it happens but to what degree? Idk
I'm referring to like when they are okay with a slight beer belly on a white guy but would not tolerate it on a poc partner. Or like they'll find Micheal cera bangable shudders but then the Asians guys that hit on them have to look like kpop stars and be ripped like Harry shum jr and the black guys have to look like idris elba
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2017.02.28 05:01 MichealCeraTops_ LF1M ToO Flawless Attempt Run

We're both decent enough, we're chill, just need a 3rd.
For those wondering my stats are
1500~ ELO
1.2~ k.d
My partner's are roundabout the same
Send a message to MichealCeraTops_ on ps4 for invite.
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2013.11.24 07:31 GuidenableYT Is this an act or legit twitch abuse.

This chick is streaming with some Micheal Cera sounding guy on games like WoW and league. It's legit one of the biggest chat abuses I've ever seen and clearly the guy sounds like he's trolling but the amount of shit talk to this girl is insane to the point I don't know why she does this. So is this an act or is she legit getting abused to hell in chat, raid call, WoW, and even donations.
Here is the link: http://www.twitch.tv/kaceytron And no this is not a small time streamer. It's partnered so views not really needed.
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2013.04.04 13:42 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Justin Lee (Arrested Development's Annyong Bluth) - Ask Me Questions and See What's New!!

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Date: 2013-04-03
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Questions Answers
Do people recognize you more often as 'that Korean guy from Arrested Development' or as Justin Lee? And how often do people approach you and just say "Annyong" ? I'd say it's about 50/50. I get "Annyong" quite frequently, lol.
Will you be in any of the upcoming episodes for AD? What was your favorite episode/ moment on the show? Everything is very hush hush, so unfortunately I'm not at liberty to disclose anything. I can say that my favorite moment were the scenes that Tony (Buster) and I are wrestling.
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
What got you into acting? Some good questions!! What got you into acting? -I've always wanted to be an actor since 1st grade, so for my 7th grade birthday present I asked my parents to put me in acting classes, and that's how I got my start.
Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this" Anything you can tell us about this new project? Moment in your career that made you go "Wow, I never would have dreamed I'd get to do this" -The moment I stepped onto the set of Arrested Development in a model home that wasn't a real home, but in a sound studio. I was amazed and all the actors I had the pleasure of working with are absolutely amazing. Anything you can tell us about this new project?
Three things most people wouldn't know about you? Three things most people wouldn't know about you?
What brought you to Reddit? My business partner, Ryan Tsang and I are Production Executives at, Black Canvas. What brought you to Reddit? I think it's a great way for me to connect with all the fans. I am truly blessed, thankful, and humbled by the support. I may not be able to keep up with all the questions, but I will certainly try my hardest.
Wouldn't that mean you don't eat? Correction: When I eat, I eat as if I was starving.
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Don't have much to say other than: you seem like such an awesome dude! I'll check out your show later tonight! Thank you very much, I truly appreciate the support:)
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
How did it feel having one word as a line for so long? It was challenging, but a very good experience. I had to find other ways to be interesting and I learned that words really don't matter. In fact, most Oscars are won off a look:)
When you were on Arrested Development did you want to take a break from the show or was your characters disappearance planned long in advance? Thanks for doing this and good luck in your new project! I trust in the writers of the show and understand that they have a purpose for everything. Yes, being on more episodes would be fun, but it's not about me, it's about a large group of people coming together to make something entertaining for the world to see. I think Annyong being gone made a good set up for his return in the season finale. Thank you for your question and support, I greatly appreciate it.
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
How far ahead of time did the writers tell you the truth about why Annyong was really with the Bluths? Was it only before the finale, or did they know much sooner? I didn't find out until the day of shooting the season finale, I definitely appreciated it and felt that the role was a compliment. Jessica (Lucille) always put in a good word for me and that I need to be in the season finale, lol. She is a sweet heart.
Do you enjoy her other show, Archer? Yes I do!
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Why do you think Arrested Development has such a huge cult following? Did you know when making it how special it was? I think it has a cult following because it took time for people to catch. I feel that this show was ahead of it's time and more people everyday are enjoying the series. Netflix I think had a big part to do with it as well. I definitely knew and felt like we were doing something special, but I appreciated it more as I got older and rewatched the series (I was pretty young when I first started watching it, so some of the jokes just went right past me, lol).
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Followup: A lot of people suggest that a lot of AD's appeal on Netflix/DVD (and lack of success in a network format) comes from the fact that it's almost built for watching a lot of episodes one after the other, rather than a traditional once a week timeslot you see on a more traditional TV series. Do you think that has something to do with it? I think that could have something to do with it. People that watch web content enjoy it because they can watch seasons at once and control when to watch it. I think overall the internet makes viewing shows easier. In my opinion, web is the way.
Thanks for you question, -Justin Lee.
You ever get to party with David Cross? Unfortunately, I was too young at the time to party, lol.
Thanks, -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Do you have a website somewhere I could check out? It's all on the original message. Thanks for your support!!
Justin Lee.
Also, is Portia de Rossi as smokin' in person as she is on screen? I must know. Will Arnett is genuinely hilarious and I don't even think he needs to try and be funny, he just is. Portia is gorgeous and she is just as beautiful on the inside as out.
Annyong! Hello! When can we expect the new season and what can we expect out of it? Also, how accurate are the rumors of an Arrested Development movie? What's the talk on that? Annyong! I wish I could give you a solid answer to this question, but unfortunately everything is hush hush. I can tell you that if and when it comes out, it will be worth the wait :)
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
What's your favorite episode of AD? Oh that's a tough one...I'd have to say the season finale of season 3 because of the memories attached and saying good-bye, it was a bitter sweet day.
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
I thought annyong meant hello, not goodbye. It means both, like Aloha:)
Justin Lee.
Who was the person on the set of Arrested Development who made you laugh the most? Honestly, the whole cast collectively have made me laugh on numerous occasions. It was really one of the best sets I've worked on and all the actors are amazing. They taught me a lot and they all deserve nothing but the best.
Who was the person on the set of Arrested Development who made you cry the most? No one made me cry on the set, unless it was from laughter. FunFunFun.
What's your favorite show on tv now? Hard to say their are so many I like, but I can say that Breaking Bad is one of my favorites.
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
How was working with the cast of Arrested Development? It was amazing to say the least. All of them are talented hard working professionals and I learned so much from everyone. They are truly good-hearted people that deserve the best. I remember being welcomed in with open arms.
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Where can I see that new webseries you're working on? Do you have a link? Here is the link: Link to OneWarmNight.com
Thanks for your support, -Justin Lee.
What are you doing now? Hello!!! I am working on a fun and new web series as we speak (technically I'm on eating lunch as we speak, lol). Would be awesome if you could show some support by checking out the show and sharing it with your friends if you like it.
Link to OneWarmNight.com
Justin Lee.
You're one of my favorite characters! What other shows do you really enjoy watching? Thank you very much, I appreciate it.
Hmmm, right now I like: Breaking Bad The Walking Dead Californication House of Cards and sooo many more, lol.
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Which member of the AD cast is most similar to their character off the set? That's hard for me to say because, personally, I saw all the actors as two completely different people, but that's just how my process works (when I act).
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Do you have any idea if Netflix is open to bringing back other cancelled-too-early shows, or if what they're doing with Arrested Development is a one-shot deal? I'm not sure, but I definitely wouldn't be surprised. Web content is the way!!!
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Hello! What was your favourite aspect of working with the cast of AD? Any cool stories? Working with the whole cast and crew, especially Mitch Hurwitz and Ron Howard. They are all amazing to work with.
Thanks, -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Did you do this AMA just to promote your website? No, I'm doing this for a limited time as way to connect with my fans. I appreciate their support and figured the least I could do is offer some of my time back answering questions to show my gratitude.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
My dog is named Annyong. How do you feel about that? Haha, that's funny. If it makes you happy, then that's all that matters.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
What was it like working with Michael cera? Awesome!! He is one of the nicest guys ever and I was always comfortable working with him or just chit chatting.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
What happened to your character? You just sort of disappeared for a while and were referenced as well, but there was a point where you just were gone and there wasn't really an explanation. What's up with that? All I can say is that it was the writers decision and what he thought would work best with telling the story or setting things up for story.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
How was it working with everyone? Especially Will Arnett, was he great to work with? i would assume he's still hilarious off set. Working with everyone was a huge blessing. They are all amazing people and very talented. And yes, Will Arnett is both hilarious on and off the set, haha.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Dude, favorite place to eat? And also favorite food to eat not intook at a restaurant? I am a total foodie and love to try pretty much everything at least once, so this is definitely a hard question for me to answer. I love fine dining, buffets (like the M Buffet, Las Vegas) or eating at places like Thomas Keller restaurants. Italian food is definitely a favorite and something I can't get sick of because I love family style, so you get to eat a little bit of everything.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee
1) How did working on the AD set compare to other sets you've visited? Was it a different vibe there? It was a very different vibe. The team work and chemistry attached to having a large ensemble cast, I've only experienced a similar experience working on One Warm Night. It is amazing how each actor is so confident in their character choices and there investment to the chaos, being on the set of AD taught me the importance of listening and reacting in your moment.
2) How did the writers interact with you and the other actors as far as creating a superb script? It seems that there are so many inside jokes, foreshadowing instances, and tongue in cheek references that all seem to connect. With a good show you have to be prepared for change. The writers did an excellent job knowing when to change something up on the script, even if it was on the set. And the actors being talented professionals, adjusted perfectly.
Also, Asian pride, my brother. Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Do/did you ever get recognized for any of your work? Have you considered working in Korea? Yes, I do get recognized at times. I love TV because you work consistently for the whole season (5 days a week), which means more time to do what I love, act. But I love films because I feel like it gives more opportunities for depth. I have considered working in Korea and am not against it.
While I was watching the show, you disappeared. I honestly said, where the fuck is Annyong every episode you weren't in, then I saw you inbetween the walls, and the conclusion... Fuck yeah. Thank you very much for all of your support, it is greatly appreciated. I was close with both Michael and Alia, but not as close as they were with each other. Mainly because they worked together more frequently for months at a time.
Anyways, my question is, were you as close to Michael and Alia as they were to each other? I know they were quite close, as they were kids an had to go to the same private tutor. Was it the same situation for you? Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
If you could work more with any member of the cast, who would it be? Why? I would work with any one of them on any day of the year. They are all amazing people and very talented. I don't normally do this, but I really can't pick.
Thanks for you question, -Justin Lee.
Is watching the show still amusing for you? Or does it lose its hilarity when you are the one acting in it? That's a great question. I don't really watch my work. It's just a personal preference, where as an actor, I feel my job is to go and just do what I love (act). Once shooting is complete then I did my part and it's my job to trust the post production team to finish the project. I don't act to see what it will look like in the end, I act because I enjoy being on set, and the process of creating a character worth watching. Once I finish shooting, I prepare for the next role. However, Arrested Development is very much still amusing for me. Especially because I was so much younger when I first started watching the season, that I didn't realize how many jokes I missed when I rewatched it. I thought it was funny then, but it was more funny as I got older. It is an intelligent, funny show and that's why I watched it.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Do you speak Korean? If so, how do you spell your character's real name in hangul? I've tried 핼로, 헬로, and many other similar spellings without coming up with any actual Korean words. This has bothered me for a while! Yes I do. It is spelled, 하루.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Will you have your revenge? That I'm sorry to say is a question I can not answer. But thank you for your question.
Justin Lee.
What is your favourite project that you've been involved in, and why was it Shredderman Rules? It's hard to pick a favorite because I've enjoyed each set for different reasons. I've been fortunate enough to have enjoyed all of my experiences on set, but my two favorite would be Arrested Development and One Warm Night. Mainly because of the people involved and how much I learned from each experience.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Annyong. Thank you very much, I appreciate your support!!!
You've been one of my favourite characters on AD since you premiered. Jason Bateman is a talented, hard working professional, but most of all he is a genuinely kind person. I consider Jason a friend, but bare in mind I was a minor, so there wasn't much we could do to kick it, outside of set, lol.
How is Jason Bateman on set? Are you guys friends? Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
Annyong! Oh, that's hard, too many to choose from. TV shows: Breaking Bad or The Walking Dead (I love zombies, lol) Movie: The Hunger Games, I'd like to work with Jennifer Lawrence, I think she's very talented.
*If you could act in any show or movie right now, which one would it be? *What were your first impressions of the AD script? (besides it being hilarious) Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.co
Hi Justin! I was so ridiculously happy when I saw this AMA my mind actually went blank on what to ask you... Sooo, if your character went on a killing spree, which bluth would die by your hands first? I don't think I would actually kill anyone, but I could see "Annyong" kidnapping Buster.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
George Sr. and Buster would definitely be on Annyong's hitlist, lol.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
How amazing was it working on this show, and any chance we'll see you in the new episodes? It was an unforgettably amazing experience that I am very thankful for. Unfortunately, I can't answer the second question, but I appreciate all of your support.
This is a dream come true. Thank you for doing this! You're very welcome. Everyone made me laugh on set for different reasons, but I shared the more laughs with Tony (Buster), probably because we had more scenes together. My guess, because Jeffery Tambour brings this sense of charm to his character and you can't help, but love him regardless of the choices "George Sr." makes.
Who made you laugh the most on set, and why do I love Jeffery Tambour so much? Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Where can I get one of those sweet haircuts? Haha, you grown your hair out. Take a bowl and put it over your head. Then cut the hair around the edge of the bowl. Viola - You have a bowl cut:)
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Any chance of getting others from AD to visit us? Also your character was great and thanks for doing this! Thank you I appreciate it. Honestly, I'm just doing this for a limited time as a thank you to the fans for all of their support.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Who was your favorite person to work with on the show? I always imagined Will Arnett is actually exactly like Gob in real life. Truth be told, I appreciated working with everyone and gained something different working with each actor. It was an amazing learning experience. I worked with Tony (Buster) mostly and he is one of the coolest, nicest guys in the world.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Hello you! Did you ever think AD would become such a cult favourite? Hello from uk. Hello!! I thought it would be popular on TV first, lol. But it was in my opinion, ahead of it's time.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Annyong! If you had to pick a cast member to join you on a deserted island which would it be? Hmmm. I think the character "Annyong" would want to be deserted with Maeby because it's his love interest. Personally, I can't pick because I can see how being stranded with each cast member would be hilarious.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Honestly, was it difficult to keep a straight face often when shooting? Love your work btw. Some parts were, but I don't usually have a problem with keeping a straight face.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
You said you are blessed to have our support, who are you blessed by? Blessed by God. That said, I feel everyone is entitled to believe what they want, I'm not here to judge.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Did you perceive your role on the series as somewhat racist? As usual, even when the Bluths were being assholes the audience was always laughing at them, not with them, and that probably excuses most of it. But your role was basically a recurring joke and walking purse due to your ethnicity. No I did not, I think the writers have always done a great job pushing the boundaries, without really doing anything offensive. I think they tied in my ethnicity tastefully and I take no offense what so ever (I definitely appreciate the art). I was a bit of a late bloomer, so it was time for me to grow, haha. Bearing in mind I was 14, 15, and 16, lol (season 1, 2, and 3).
Also, it's been a while since I've rewatched the show in its entirety but I seem to recall you looking radically different in different episodes. Did you go through a growth spurt or something while it was being filmed? Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Did you ever avenge your grandfather? Sorry, but unfortunately I can't answer this question.
Thanks for your post. -Justin Lee.
Do you speak fluent Korean? Will you tell me Goodbye in Korean? Annyong (both hello and good bye in Korean). There's also a formal way, but that depends on whether you are the one leaving or staying. I can read, write, and speak Korean. I want to get better though, I'm a little rusty.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
Is it true that you used your royalties to buy a BMW and do donuts in a parking lot? No, but that sounds like a lot of fun :)
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Prior to the official announcement, did you ever think an Arrested Development movie (or new episodes) would happen? I don't think about whether it's going to happen or not, but I never rule out the possibility. Mitch and Ron are very capable of making things happen.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
That you for the answer. Since I asked this yesterday, I have watched a few episodes of your web series. Pretty funny stuff. I'll probably finish it up tonight or tomorrow. I'd definitely watch more, if you guys make them. Thank you very much, I appreciate the support!!!
Justin Lee.
ANNYONG! What is your favorite drink!? I love water, it's always my preference. But when I do drink soda, I like 2/3 lemonade and 1/3 sprite, lol. Especially at in-n-out.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
How often do people say Annyong to you? I get it a decent amount. Depends where I am.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Holy crap, can't believe you actually responded to that with how many questions you had. It takes a ton of time, which is why I am only doing it for a limited time (as described in the post). It is my way of showing my gratitude for all the support :)
You must be insanely bored, or one of us. Justin Lee.
What's your opinion on Micheal Cera? A genuinely nice person and a pleasure to be around, not just work with.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee
Do people ever...scratch that- HOW MANY times a day do people come up to you and say your character's name? Definitely depends where I'm at. Could be none, but then I walk into a room with a bunch of college students and I could get it a number of times a day.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
Did you ever feel like an outsider, as the only Asian-American cast member, while working on Arrested Development? Never, they all took me in with open arms and made feel extremely welcome.
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
Could you tell me goodbye one time? Annyong!!!
Thanks for your question. -Justin Lee
Hello! Hello!!!
안녕! Helllo!!!
Justin Lee Link to OneWarmNight.com
Dude. I have a tattoo on my arm that says Annyong in Korean. Here's a picture. Link to i.imgur.com. I love Arrested Development and this is how I wanted to commemorate it on my body! GODDAMMIT! I just realized this was 14 hours ago. FUCK! You'll never see it!!! Justin Lee.
Annyong! Annyong!!
Justin Lee
How is it like to work with Jason Bateman and all te other actors. It was amazing to say the least. All of them are talented hard working professionals and I learned so much from everyone. They are truly good-hearted people that deserve the best. I remember being welcomed in with open arms.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
Hi Justin, I've been rewatching Arrested Development on Netflix today to be prepared for the new season and just saw that you were doing an AMA! Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the work you've done :) Thank you for all the support, it means a great deal to me, and I really appreciate it.
Justin Lee.
Also, I'm disappointed in reddit for harassing you so intensely about frequently linking to your website. You're answering their questions, so I don't see any issue with a little self-promotion. I'll make sure to check it out. ;) Thank you very much, you're support and kind words are greatly appreciated!!
Woah my name is Justin lee...I'm not special anymore. I disagree, we are all individuals with different skill sets and special for different reasons. Plus special is subjective to the individual.
Justin Lee
Hey Justin! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your character in Arrested Development. I still have the "Annyong" sound bite as my text tone. It serves as a litmus test to see how cool a person is. Hahaha, wow, that's awesome. Thank you for sharing this with me, I appreciate it.
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안녕하세요 Annyong!
Justin Lee
O, you are cool on the show. I mean, well played character thanks broseph. Thanks man, I genuinely appreciate it.
Justin Lee.
I think I might have gone to kindergarten with you. No joke. Haha, it's very possible, I did go to kindergarten. That would be pretty crazy though.
Justin Lee.
Just wanted to say that "Annyong!" has become a shorthand at our restaurant for "heard" in the kitchen (or that you've heard an orderequest/statement). And it's always still funny. Hahahaha, that's awesome. Thank you for sharing that with me and I appreciate the support!
Justin Lee.
I've never heard a Korean say "Anyong" they always say "Anyong Hasaio" (not sure the right way to spell it). Annyong is an informal way of saying "hello" or "good-bye" in Korean. The other way is how you say "hello" formally.
Thanks for your question, -Justin Lee.
I'm not going to lie, your my favorite AD character and I sincerely hope your in the new season/possible movie! Thank you very much. I really appreciate the compliment!!
Justin Lee.
Annyong! Thanks a lot for all of your support, it is greatly appreciated.
No question, really. Just a thanks for making me laugh over and over. Love Arrested Development, can't wait for season 4. (I watched all seasons twice last week). Justin Lee
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