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AITA for dancing with another guy at a party?

2020.10.20 03:13 storiesofN AITA for dancing with another guy at a party?

This happened before the virus took away our fun and joy, but my friends and I were talking and I remembered this and wanted to know if I was in the wrong.
I [23F] am an amateur dancer. That is, I don't dance professionally, but it is one of my favorite hobbies and I have been dancing for years. Primarily latin dances, so yes, with a (usually male) partner.
I was dating my boyfriend [25M] for about 7-8 months at the time this occured. He doesn't dance. He's an introvert and he hates parties, dancing and all included. I completely respect that, and I never bothered him to try.
I have been dancing a lot longer than I have known him, and I still go to dance classes. He knew this, and he knew how much I love it.
I was at a party with my friends and it was super fun. My friends like to dance, but they don't know how to dance, if that makes sense. Like, they'll dance because they're having fun, but they don't know the moves to various types of dances, like I do. Well, we were just having fun and we met this group of people (guys and girls) and one of the guys asks me if I'm a dancer. I tell him exactly what I wrote at the beginning of my post, and he tells me that he could tell, since he dances as well.
Well, that was that, until about 30 minutes later, a song plays, which is a popular song to dance salsa to. This guy comes to me, asks me if I wanna dance, I say hell yeah, and we dance salsa to the song. It was amazing, the dude was even more experienced than I was. After that, we said our byes and didn't talk again.
I come home, tell my boyfriend and he loses his shit. Tells me that it's inappropriate to dance with other guys, that it was the same as flirting, etc. I tell him that I dance with other guys all the time (in my classes), and he says that this is different, since it was at a party. I tell him that dancers don't even care who they dance with, it's about the dance, not about the person. I'd dance the same with a woman, if she asked. And it's not like I'd dance with any guy at any party, it's just that this guy was a dancer as well and that's why I accepted (and that's why he asked me!). If he was a random dude asking for a dance, I'd of course refuse.
However, my boyfriend felt like he couldn't trust me anymore and we broke up.
I used to think I was 100% right, but as time goes on, I'm not so sure anymore. So, tell me, reddit - was I the asshole?
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2020.10.20 01:12 snortcrackfuck My family tries to control my girlfriend and I think it’s pushing her away. What do I do?

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two years. We’re both afghani but her personality is anything but afghani. I personally don’t care what she does but my mom and mainly the women in my family certainly do. We’re 23.
My gf graduated from university and took a year off to travel. So far, she’s toured Latin America ( she stopped now that covid came) and then opened up an online business selling art pieces. She’s going to teachers college winter semester but my family keeps forcing her to just finish school already so we can get married and have kids.
The thing with my gf is the more you pressure her to do something, the less she wants to do it. She needs constant excitement in her life (not in a bad way) and has said she won’t be getting married before 30. I’ve noticed it takes her a long time to make a decision and she doesn’t fully commit to things right away. For a while she didn’t know what she wanted in life. If you ask her about it she’ll be like “I just turned 23! Who’s in a rush to get married and settle down?!” She picked being a teacher cause she likes to teach but also so she’s not too restricted in life. She doesn’t want to stop travelling. I have a lot of fun with her. She takes me to new places and she brings out a fun side in me.
She’s too much of a “hippie” for my family. They were hoping since she’s also afghani that she would be more like wanting babies ASAP. I’m caught in the middle and don’t know what to do. They don’t understand her and they have a lot of problems between each other.
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2020.10.19 22:02 miamindmusic Quixote Music’s Joseph Fermán Releases “La Vida” Single

Quixote Music’s Joseph Fermán Releases “La Vida” Single
Quixote Music Salvadoran recording artist Joseph Fermán has officially dropped his third single, which is now his first record released on a worldwide basis. Fermán (who is a multi-lingual artist that has the ability to sing in Spanish, French, English, and Portuguese) currently resides in California, which is where he wrote and recorded “La Vida” as a testimony to living life to its fullest and his unquestioning belief that God will guide us during these troubled times. Inspired by events he experienced while here in the USA during the Covid-19 pandemic, this music was the method used to relate to individual health concerns that Joseph, his friends, and acquaintances were forced to suffer through and either endure or die from. The track was arranged by Angel Castaños and features renowned accordionist Julian Rojas.
The three collaborators blended Salvadoran and Colombian styles of music that employ cumbia vallenata rhythms and salsa influences. Sung entirely in Spanish, “La Vida” is already in heavy rotation at many radio stations in Joseph Fermán’s native country of El Salvador. It has become very popular there across the board by impacting multiple demographic groups with its message calling for solidarity amongst all the people who have suffered this disease and to those who lost loved ones because of it. Quixote Music has now set the wheels in motion and presently endeavors to cross-market this record throughout North America.
A North American radio and press campaign has now been launched to promote “La Vida”. Latin and World Music radio broadcasters are in the process of being serviced with Joseph Fermán’s current single as are entertainment publications from north to south and coast to coast. The official adding to radio rotation playlists date is slated for the week of November 9, 2020. His music is available on most major retail and streaming platform sites. Additional personal appearances will be announced in the upcoming weeks. Mr. Fermán’s press kit will be provided upon request to all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below. He is presently available for interviews and/or appearances. Additional news, updates, and other information about upcoming events may also be found at

Media Contact:
Stevie B
Mia Mind Music
Phone: 800-843-8575
Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2020.10.19 19:48 TheGuillamon The Four Stoic Virtues Stoicism as The Art of Living

One of Stoicism’s main misconceptions is that it may seem cold-hearted or unemotional. This is simply not the case. In the beginning of Marcus’ Meditations, he spends a whole chapter reminding himself of the most important things about the most important people in his life, his family and teachers.
Instead of studying philosophy in an abstract and theoretical way, Marcus shows the study of real-life examples of Stoicism being applied in daily life, as an art of living, that we can best grasp as the true meaning of the philosophy.
The modern Stoics often refer to the four cardinal virtues, recognised by Plato and Christianity, although they might date back even further than this. These virtues are courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom.
Virtue comes from the Latin word Virtus, which means moral excellence. The ancient Romans used this word to refer to all of the “excellent qualities of men, including physical strength, valorous conduct, and moral rectitude.” To be virtuous is excellence at being human, giving way to happiness and harmony.
Aristotle defined virtue as a point between a deficiency and an excess of a trait, the point of the greatest virtue lies not in the exact middle, but a golden mean sometimes closer to one extreme than the other, such as confidence between self-deprecation and vanity.
The Stoics held that virtue is the only real good and so is both necessary and sufficient for happiness.
These virtues can be understood as a way of living harmoniously with our own self, with other people and with external events in the world.
The Stoics use wisdom for living according to our true nature, justice for living harmoniously with other people as part of a community, and courage and temperance for living and embracing the fate that we are subject to, with respect to external events.
These virtues, of course, are all interrelated and overlap, one must for example have the necessary moral wisdom applied to one’s actions to act justly in relation to other people or be courageous enough to allow for self-restraint or moderation. The Stoics offered an analogy: just as someone is both a poet, an orator and a general, but is still one individual, so too the virtues are unified but apply to different spheres of action.
1. Courage
Courage is the opposite of the vice of cowardice. We are to bravely stand up for what we believe, facing daily challenges and struggles with no complaints all the while being a good person.
We are to strive for objectivity, since what causes human suffering is not the things in the world, but our beliefs about those things. We are to try to perceive the world as it is in itself, without the subjective colouring we automatically tend to ascribe to everything we experience
For the Stoics, courage also extends to the endurance of pain, discomfort and even death. One is to be unmoved by fear and willing to confront danger, pain, or intimidation.
2. Justice
Different from the modern conception of justice in the legal sense, the Stoics refer it more to what would be moral in our dealings with others by treating others fairly and doing the right thing.
As Marcus Aurelius said: Do the right thing, the rest doesn’t matter.
Thus, it is a much more broader concept of social virtue, encompassing kindness, benevolence and goodwill toward others.
The theme of the Stoic hero or wise man who protects weaker members of his herd recurs throughout the surviving Stoic literature. He will face a lion and endure pain and injury from his claws, to defend the weaker members, because their lives instinctively matter to him, as our family and kin, ultimately to love one’s brothers and sisters.
The Stoic Hierocles recommends that we imagine our relationship as consisting of a series of concentric circles. Naturally, we are at the centre, our family and friends are in the next ring, then our community, all humanity, and eventually loving the whole of Earth. We are to draw those in the outer circles closer to the centre.
3. Temperance
Not to be confused with the temperance movement against the consumption of alcohol. To Stoics, temperance is moderation, or self-discipline. There must be a balance, to know what to choose, what to avoid, and what things to not do at all. We are to do the right number of things in the right way, avoiding excess through sheer willpower.
If someone is provoking you to fall into vice, inciting violence, fear, hatred and so on, one is to respond thoughtfully and calculatedly instead of being reactionary and responding with one’s emotions.
Nassim Taleb defines Stoicism as: “the domestication of your emotions, not the elimination of your emotions.”
A great way to practice this virtue is journaling. The Stoics were big on journaling, the Meditations wasn’t intended to be a book, it was the private thoughts of the Emperor of Rome.
Epictetus, who was a former slave says:
"Don't seek for everything to happen as you wish it would, but rather wish that everything happens as it actually will—then your life will flow well."
This of course, overlaps with courage. The first thing in life for a Stoic is to separate the things which are ‘up to us’ and things that are ‘not up to us.’ In Stoicism, this is known as the Dichotomy of Control. We are simply to accept things outside our control for what they are, focusing on what we can control, and how we respond to these things.
4. Wisdom
Wisdom, or prudence can be gathered through learning, discussion and trial and error. The wise man is able to offer himself good counsel. As Seneca says:
A man with white hair and wrinkles hasn’t lived long – he has just existed long.
Your time is valuable, and it is the only thing that you cannot ever get back. Therefore, one must develop oneself. The Stoics believed that the person who has achieved perfect consistency in the operation of his rational faculties, the “wise man,” is extremely rare, yet serves as a prescriptive ideal for all. Progress toward this noble goal is both possible and vitally urgent.
Wisdom, for Stoics, can be referred to the nature of the good (virtue) and bad (vice), things that are indifferent (which neither benefit nor harm) and knowing how to act appropriately under different circumstances.
In essence, it is to understand the most important things in life, closely related to the meaning of the word “philosophy”: the love of wisdom.
Alienation from our fate is a common theme in the Stoic literature and is often marked by frustration. The Stoics practice amor fati, the love of fate, embracing whatever happens in one’s life.
To take ownership of our fate, we need to understand the indifferent nature of the external reality and to live in harmony with events beyond our control.
Following these virtues, we can avoid the trap of becoming inner slaves to our vices. These are the virtues that the Stoics live by on a daily basis to improve their lives and the lives of people surrounding them, applying them on each and every situation that they find themselves in, ultimately it is a philosophy that teaches us the art of living.
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2020.10.19 07:36 element_of_death A New Girl moved in House Opposite to Mine. There is something in her house

This is the story of Arden. I know him because he had been in our neighborhood. This was news at that time. Our neighborhood is situated in a suburb full of colorful houses. The house opposite to Arden’s house had been empty for a long time. A new family had come in front of them and they renovated the house quite beautifully. The new family was very friendly. The youngest girl of the family was Arden’s age. They so got close and developed a friendship. So as people do they exchanged their phone numbers and social media handles (even though they lived opposite to each other). Arden was studious child and he liked studying till 3:00am. One night as he was studying, he saw the light in the other house on. He thought it would be the girl (her name is Mora) and taking a break from studies messaged her. He got an immediate reply. They talked for hours and hours together.
Something wasn’t right. The girl whom he talked to in the night didn’t show a single characteristic in the day. Arden’s doubt was clarified when he asked Mora about the chat they had last night. Mora said it wasn’t her, even when Arden showed the chat she maintained the answer. She went to her house and called the police and got her house checked. Nothing.
Arden talked to the person again in the night. The person was sad because Arden had asked the owners of the house about her. The hairs on the neck rose, Arden froze. Arden immediately asked her, her name. She replied 'Alexandra Botham'. The next day Mora and Arden went to the local town hall and searched for the records of 'Alexandra Botham'. It seems she had died due to satanic worship in the house. Arden once again froze because the date of death was '1990-06-04'. He didn’t talk to Alexandra that night and also the following nights.
He didn’t respond to the text until he started receiving texts in Latin insulting Arden’s family and god (Google translate). Arden now believed into things. He remained scared even in the day and lost appetite.
One night while studying he saw a dark shadow enter Mora’s house. He messaged the girl to warn that something strange had entered their house but, she was sleeping.
While he was looking at the opposite house, he heard a sudden knock on his house’s gate; Arden’s brother checked the gate. All he could hear was his brother closing the gate after sometime. Maybe a prank?
By the time this all happened he saw that the gate of the opposite house was also open. His spine was turning cold due to fear. Suddenly he heard a knock on his room's gate. He opened and found no one. This was getting really weird really fast, for 3:00am. He then with a tired and scared feeling fell on the bed. And there was Mora on the ceiling. She leaped on him. The doors and gates were locked so no one could hear him shouting for help.
If it wouldn’t be for the vents, he could never have been rescued. His brother came in and saved him. Arden lived to tell this story and Mora was sent to mental asylum.
Last year Arden again was in news. His body was found mutilated in the house. Mora had escaped and killed him.
This was the end.
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2020.10.19 07:17 Josepvv Americans are so self-cenrered as a country that they think they came up with "latinx" and some even feel offended by it.

Sorry for the formatting, I'm on mobile. Tl;dr down below. I've seen many times that "white people try to correct other cultures on their own culture" and sometimes it's just wrong. No, Michael, "Latinx" is not an attempt at "americanizing" Spanish.
It has been used for over 20 years by a small percentage of Hispanxs and Españolxs (ETA: I mean those actually living in Latin America/Spain). Go google it with a date filter. It is used for any word referring to a person. Hermosx, pendejx, maestrx, bomberx, and so on.
"But how do you even pronounce it? I'll say Latinks!" Do it, idc. At least you'll be inclusive. It's used only in writing. How would you even pronounce [email protected], which is the most popular gender-neutral way to write in Spanish-speaking countries? Or Latino/a, another way of writing it? Even if you went with the newest one, Latine, you'd still probably butch the pronunciation.
I'm not even saying that using "Latinx" is something that'll help reduce gender inequality, this still is a hot debate for us natives. I use it when writing sometimes, some use it while speaking too, some others even laugh at it or get triggered (which also happens to some when it is not used).
But for diosito's sake, stop saying "wHiTe LiBeRaLs R tHe ReAl RaCiStS". All of you are if you truly believe this is some American brand new idea and that other countries don't have national debates or issues that you just don't know nothing about. Trust me, you are not necessary for us to have our own "political correctness/SJW" issues.
Tl;dr: "Latinx" is not a white American invention and you should feel bad if you attribute it to white Americans, regardless of whether or not you agree with its use.
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2020.10.18 23:13 throwawayakount612 I want to send a gift to my SO for our anniversary which is coming in 2 months but...

Alright so here's the thing: In a couple of months me (18 F) and my SO (17 M) will be having our first aniversay, so in order to commemorate the occasion I wanted to send him a gift/package. But the problem is that I don't know his address. I know, I know, you may be thinking "How the heck do you not know his address even when you've been dating for almost a year????" Welp, I know where he lives (The country, the city, the municipality and the neighborhood's name) but I do not know the exact address (The house number and the postal code) so I'm unable to mail anything. And trust me, I've already have asked for his address but here's where the bigger half of the problem appears: his parents Overall, they may not be perfect, but their intent is always to do what's best for him so there's nothing wrong with that, still it is worth mentioning that they are a littleeee overprotective over their son.And thus: he is not allowed to give me his address. I respect this desition for security reasons but it still frustrates me for I really want to mail him gifts such as a plushie or drawings or an old t-shirt (specially the plushie since he is always morning about not being able to hug me) Now, I could always try and meet his parents on a video call so that they start gaining their trust in me... buUUuuuUUuuUut given their overprotectiveness, they still hold a couple of... prejudices that make this difficult. For example: • I'm my boyfriend's fisrt girlfriend, thus they always warming him about not getting over-attached • I'm a f ë m āl l ę , so they usually advice him not to trust women cause 'they can reaaally hurt their feelings' (it doesn't help that we both come from latin america, where prejudices against women for their 'craziness' are super high) • I'm older than him, and so he is always lectured about being weary so that I don't take advantage of him (and once again: it definitely does not help that I both sound and look older than him) • We are on a LDG, and given that we meet online they worry that I may be a scammer or that my only intent is to use him for economic, emotional or physical purposes
So...yeah. Once again: I hold nothing against his parents for I know they care and worry for their child, and even if I disagree with some of their actions I still comprehend where they are coming from and totally respect their decisions.
Still, I would like some advice on: 1) Is there any way I can mail him a gift without the need to know his address? I t h i n k I could mail the package to a post office where he can pick it up but I'm now sure 2) Any tips as to gaining his parent's trust? I know I care for my boyfriend as much as they do, I would just like them to see that..
TLDR: how can I mail a gift if my BF is not allowed to give me his address because of overprotective yet caring parents?
PS: Sorry in advance for any gramatical errors, english is not my native language
(note: My account is named throwaway just in case cause I care lots about the privacy in my personal life)
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2020.10.18 20:58 jjj123smith 25 [M4F] WA/CDMX/Anywhere - Love in the time of quarantine??

To avoid wasting peoples time with excessive prose that may not catch your attention, Ill get the basics of me out of the way first, then if you think there may be compatibility Ill get to the more personal, wordy stuff.
Im about to turn 25, 6’4, thin, half Mexican/American, bilingual and speak Spanish exclusively for work. Im a programmer working remotely full time, and Im looking for a relationship that can start out long distance, then transition to physical eventually. Im not religious at all, my passions include 3D modeling, interior architectural design, gardening/landscaping, music, writing, and cooking. Huge fan of concerts and music festivals, but I am introverted and got my partying out of the way as a teenager. I prefer hanging out one-on-one w/ deep conversations to large gatherings. Im looking for a relationship based primarily on an intellectual/emotional connection, I wouldn’t want to there to be any pressure or expectation of flirting or lewd pics in order to maintain someone’s attention. Im looking for someone to get close with, talk to regularly, with mutual attraction, but especially who genuinely is in a place in their life where they are ready for a monogamous relationship.
Now the long part,
Im 24, turning 25 in 3 days. Im a college graduate, have a full time job working remotely as a programmer doing app/web development for a Mexican company. I grew up in California and Washington state (where I am currently), while regularly visiting Mexico all throughout my childhood as most of my family is located there. Up until March, I was living in my own apartment in Mexico City, but due tu Covid decided to come quarantine at my parents house in Washington state. The situation in Mexico hasn’t been improving much over the year, so Im still here for the foreseeable future.
The reason for the question in my title, and why Im looking for a long distance relationship, is that I really have been quarantining for the last 7 months. My parents are older, and I have some lung issues that make socializing during these times not a good idea. I see people regularly partying and going to restaurants, while I have genuinely only interacted with my parents and occasionally a couple friends, outside while wearing masks. So Im hoping to find someone in a similar situation, anywhere in the USA, Canada, Mexico, maybe even Europe, who is independent but not necessarily in a position to resume their life as if there were no pandemic going on.
To give a bit more context on my situation and why Im looking for someone on here, I had a brief relationship in university, but beyond those few months, I explicitly avoided dating while in school. I can’t say I have a very strong reason, but I guess I really felt that if I were ever to pursue a relationship, it would be once Im no longer a student and have a job and my independence, so I can offer stability while knowing what I want out of life. Well, once I graduated with a CS degree I decided I wanted a major change in my life, so I moved to CDMX to fulfill that desire. Ive loved my life there, I improved my Spanish tenfold, got closer with my family, and of course the food and culture of Mexico City is unmatched in Latin America.
I have tried the whole online dating thing and apps for the last year, and while I got a fair amount of dates, truthfully it didn’t work out, and everyone I met seemed to be fresh out of a relationship and not looking for something serious. I tried for a while to accept that, but I ultimately had to admit to myself that “keeping it casual” really is not what I want. I guess I felt like I had to settle for that type of relationship because it felt like noone was looking for anything more. So while I may not have real experience with long term, committed relationships, after so many bad experiences I have 100% certainty that that is what I want. I know now shouldn’t be settling for “casual”, or something lacking in love and warmth when that not what I really want.
Since I returned to my hometown during the pandemic back in March, Ive continued with the dating apps, but again, no-one seems to want a relationship or something long-distance. I do not lack friendships in my personal life, I am very proud of my circle of friends, small as it may be, but I want something non-platonic. Someone who has no problem being alone, but who doesn’t want to be! Someone looking for a confidant and lover, someone to emotionally invest into, to mutually respect, and eventually, be together. I believe maturity matters more than age, so I have no problem dating 5 years above/below my current age (20 - 30).
I am tall and thin due to a genetic condition called Marfans syndrome, so Ive attached photos of my self because yes, attraction is important, and if you are not capable of being attracted to thinner men then Im obviously not the one for you. As such, it would be difficult for me to date a bigger woman. My condition has caused countless medical issues, but I have zero limits physically in terms of mobility. I am no stranger to pain, as Ive had, spine, lung, eye, and jaw surgeries; medical issues and bullying are something I can very much relate to.
One of my passions growing up was game development, which led me to my career in programming, however my other main passion related to that is 3D modeling. I am not however, a gamer and I don’t think Ive even played a video game once in the last 3 months. I supposed its weird, a bit like a filmmaker who doesn’t really watch movies anymore (I used to be a gamer as a child). I am focused on 3D art, and regularly work on designs for interiors like kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, etc. It’s only a hobby and I don’t do them explicitly with career goals in mind. I just want to improve my own designs to become a better artist. Beyond that as I said I love gardening and cooking, and doing it with someone else is one of the greatest things ever.
I don’t expect we will have all the same interests, but I think I would get along better with an introverted person. I am 420 friendly and occasional, responsible psychedelics use interests me, I mention it since that could be a dealbreaker for some. I come from a family of scientists, so religion and spirituality go against my general outlook on life, and I fall onto the left wing spectrum. If you are also liberal, I truly hope you approach politics and culture without being emotional and reactionary. It is not wrong to wait for more details before jumping to conclusions about things. Musically I like a lot of things, Classic rock, alternative, hip-hop, reggae, basically the only things I do not really listen to are: EDM, classical, and country. I dont expect someone super career oriented, while I love my job I dont really plan my future more than a year ahead, but independance is important to me (while Im staying at my parents house for now, it is purely by choice and only during the pandemic).
If you’ve read this far I can only assume it is because I caught your interest (or perhaps you’re very bored), and you believe we are compatible. If you are looking for the same thing as me, I hope you’ll send a message with a little bit about yourself, some pictures and if you want to, what it is that caught your interest. I don’t mind if you send either a chat or a message, but PLEASE do not message me if you are not certain of what you want. Ghosting or lingering conversations with no effort are the worst. I hope to hear from someone genuine.
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2020.10.18 17:38 r4runsuccessthrow 30 [M4F] Glasgow/Scotland - Reliable Professional Looking for Reasonable Human Being

Hi there - I posted a few weeks back and got a couple of replies but I thought I’d update my post with a little more about myself and clarify a few points!
More about me:
• I work as a doctor - yes, the past few months have been hectic to say the least haha.
• I've been in Glasgow for the past ten years - came here for university and been here for work since.
• I value honesty, kindness and steadfastness. On the converse, I dislike fickleness, vanity and mean-spiritedness.
• As for what type of person I am – I like to think I’m a patient and reliable person (my job notwithstanding) and above all, kind.
• In terms of interests I enjoy reading, computer games and Buddhism/philosophy. I've recently been in a Latin phase after finding out a couple of my colleagues learn Latin in high school - my current favourite phrase is 'Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori!'. I like playing computer games from time to time but haven’t been able to just because of work so it’s really taken a backseat recently.
• In terms of music my tastes are really varied and I go through different phases. A majority of my playlist in 80s music with a smattering of rap, electronic music and Dido (she deserves a shoutout for being my guilty pleasure). That having been said, I've been listening to more and more music from the post-war period (think Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra). I suspect there's nothing like a worldwide pandemic to make you feel that post-war nostalgia.
• My taste in films and TV series are essentially similar to my tastes in music - pretty varied. However, I tend to gravitate towards lighthearted themes as I think I deal real life is heavy enough as it is haha. Some TV series I watched recently include Brooklyn Nine Nine, Rick and Morty, This Way Up and Star Trek Picard. I've been rewatching some old ones too - Boston Legal, Peter Kay's Car Share and Famalam. In terms of films, I've also been in a nostalgic mood - 'Nuovo Cinema Paradiso', 'La Grande Illusion', 'Les Samourai' and a couple of Ealing Comedies. I'm not a fan of horror generally but I don't mind psychological horrothrillers (e.g. American Psycho).
• Not that traveling is easy just now but if I could I'd like to visit Japan again. Otherwise I'd like to visit the Highlands again when it's a bit easier to travel with friends. A nice hill walk followed by a cosy evening by the fire would be lovely right now…
• My style is a cross between hipster and smart casual (I am most definitely not a hipster...) If I'm dressing for work I'd be a bit more formal but nowadays everyone's wearing scrubs anyway. My guilty pleasure is slim fit/skinny fit trousers and Mandarin collar shirts. In terms of size, I typically wear size S and am 170cm tall.
Other things I think might be important to know:
• I’d be happy to exchange pictures once we start chatting regularly.
• I’d prefer something local – Glasgow, failing which Scotland. Ideally.
• Please by drug and disease free. I am unfortunately not 420 friendly.
• Please be in reasonable shape/size/BMI.
• I’d prefer a PM to a chat message if possible.
• Please be single – no surprise boyfriends, fiancées or husbands please!
• A lot of people are quite open about their mental health (which I think is a good thing) and whilst I empathise... I don't really want to be your therapist or someone who's purpose is to validate you (I get enough of this at work...) I'd like an equal partnership if that's possible.
• I'd ideally like something long-term but I’ve realised it’s a strange time to be alive or dating so we can always just start talking and see how things get along.
Just in case that wall of text didn't put you off, shoot me a message.
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2020.10.18 17:38 r4runsuccessthrow 30 [M4F] Glasgow/Scotland - Reliable Professional Looking for Reasonable Human Being

Hi there - I posted a few weeks back and got a couple of replies but I thought I’d update my post with a little more about myself and clarify a few points!
More about me:
• I work as a doctor - yes, the past few months have been hectic to say the least haha.
• I've been in Glasgow for the past ten years - came here for university and been here for work since.
• I value honesty, kindness and steadfastness. On the converse, I dislike fickleness, vanity and mean-spiritedness.
• As for what type of person I am – I like to think I’m a patient and reliable person (my job notwithstanding) and above all, kind.
• In terms of interests I enjoy reading, computer games and Buddhism/philosophy. I've recently been in a Latin phase after finding out a couple of my colleagues learn Latin in high school - my current favourite phrase is 'Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori!'. I like playing computer games from time to time but haven’t been able to just because of work so it’s really taken a backseat recently.
• In terms of music my tastes are really varied and I go through different phases. A majority of my playlist in 80s music with a smattering of rap, electronic music and Dido (she deserves a shoutout for being my guilty pleasure). That having been said, I've been listening to more and more music from the post-war period (think Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra). I suspect there's nothing like a worldwide pandemic to make you feel that post-war nostalgia.
• My taste in films and TV series are essentially similar to my tastes in music - pretty varied. However, I tend to gravitate towards lighthearted themes as I think I deal real life is heavy enough as it is haha. Some TV series I watched recently include Brooklyn Nine Nine, Rick and Morty, This Way Up and Star Trek Picard. I've been rewatching some old ones too - Boston Legal, Peter Kay's Car Share and Famalam. In terms of films, I've also been in a nostalgic mood - 'Nuovo Cinema Paradiso', 'La Grande Illusion', 'Les Samourai' and a couple of Ealing Comedies. I'm not a fan of horror generally but I don't mind psychological horrothrillers (e.g. American Psycho).
• Not that traveling is easy just now but if I could I'd like to visit Japan again. Otherwise I'd like to visit the Highlands again when it's a bit easier to travel with friends. A nice hill walk followed by a cosy evening by the fire would be lovely right now…
• My style is a cross between hipster and smart casual (I am most definitely not a hipster...) If I'm dressing for work I'd be a bit more formal but nowadays everyone's wearing scrubs anyway. My guilty pleasure is slim fit/skinny fit trousers and Mandarin collar shirts. In terms of size, I typically wear size S and am 170cm tall.
Other things I think might be important to know:
• I’d be happy to exchange pictures once we start chatting regularly.
• I’d prefer something local – Glasgow, failing which Scotland. Ideally.
• Please by drug and disease free. I am unfortunately not 420 friendly.
• Please be in reasonable shape/size/BMI.
• I’d prefer a PM to a chat message if possible.
• Please be single – no surprise boyfriends, fiancées or husbands please!
• A lot of people are quite open about their mental health (which I think is a good thing) and whilst I empathise... I don't really want to be your therapist or someone who's purpose is to validate you (I get enough of this at work...) I'd like an equal partnership if that's possible.
• I'd ideally like something long-term but I’ve realised it’s a strange time to be alive or dating so we can always just start talking and see how things get along.
Just in case that wall of text didn't put you off, shoot me a message.
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2020.10.18 17:37 r4runsuccessthrow 30 [M4F] Glasgow/Scotland - Reliable Professional Looking for Reasonable Human Being

Hi there - I posted a few weeks back and got a couple of replies but I thought I’d update my post with a little more about myself and clarify a few points!
More about me:
• I work as a doctor - yes, the past few months have been hectic to say the least haha.
• I've been in Glasgow for the past ten years - came here for university and been here for work since.
• I value honesty, kindness and steadfastness. On the converse, I dislike fickleness, vanity and mean-spiritedness.
• As for what type of person I am – I like to think I’m a patient and reliable person (my job notwithstanding) and above all, kind.
• In terms of interests I enjoy reading, computer games and Buddhism/philosophy. I've recently been in a Latin phase after finding out a couple of my colleagues learn Latin in high school - my current favourite phrase is 'Omnia vincit amor; et nos cedamus amori!'. I like playing computer games from time to time but haven’t been able to just because of work so it’s really taken a backseat recently.
• In terms of music my tastes are really varied and I go through different phases. A majority of my playlist in 80s music with a smattering of rap, electronic music and Dido (she deserves a shoutout for being my guilty pleasure). That having been said, I've been listening to more and more music from the post-war period (think Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra). I suspect there's nothing like a worldwide pandemic to make you feel that post-war nostalgia.
• My taste in films and TV series are essentially similar to my tastes in music - pretty varied. However, I tend to gravitate towards lighthearted themes as I think I deal real life is heavy enough as it is haha. Some TV series I watched recently include Brooklyn Nine Nine, Rick and Morty, This Way Up and Star Trek Picard. I've been rewatching some old ones too - Boston Legal, Peter Kay's Car Share and Famalam. In terms of films, I've also been in a nostalgic mood - 'Nuovo Cinema Paradiso', 'La Grande Illusion', 'Les Samourai' and a couple of Ealing Comedies. I'm not a fan of horror generally but I don't mind psychological horrothrillers (e.g. American Psycho).
• Not that traveling is easy just now but if I could I'd like to visit Japan again. Otherwise I'd like to visit the Highlands again when it's a bit easier to travel with friends. A nice hill walk followed by a cosy evening by the fire would be lovely right now…
• My style is a cross between hipster and smart casual (I am most definitely not a hipster...) If I'm dressing for work I'd be a bit more formal but nowadays everyone's wearing scrubs anyway. My guilty pleasure is slim fit/skinny fit trousers and Mandarin collar shirts. In terms of size, I typically wear size S and am 170cm tall.
Other things I think might be important to know:
• I’d be happy to exchange pictures once we start chatting regularly.
• I’d prefer something local – Glasgow, failing which Scotland. Ideally.
• Please by drug and disease free. I am unfortunately not 420 friendly.
• Please be in reasonable shape/size/BMI.
• I’d prefer a PM to a chat message if possible.
• Please be single – no surprise boyfriends, fiancées or husbands please!
• A lot of people are quite open about their mental health (which I think is a good thing) and whilst I empathise... I don't really want to be your therapist or someone who's purpose is to validate you (I get enough of this at work...) I'd like an equal partnership if that's possible.
• I'd ideally like something long-term but I’ve realised it’s a strange time to be alive or dating so we can always just start talking and see how things get along.
Just in case that wall of text didn't put you off, shoot me a message.
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2020.10.18 03:11 Holyghost217 Battle of Agincourt

Battle of Agincourt
Over the past 11 years I have posted that I cracked the Voynich Manuscript, I tell you those past posts were not correct. Your probably wondering why I believe this post to be correct that I finally may have partially cracked some information from the Voynich Manuscript. You will have to read this post, The Voynich Manuscript I believe is a jumbled, scrambled, gibberish text yet behind it retains meaning. One can obscure text with gibberish text that each gibberish word is a different length and those gibberish words have random letter order. No cipher can solve someones original work when the decoder does not have the list of words that is associated with the gibberish words.

Anyway here is what I believe regarding the Voynich Manuscript, The worlds most misunderstood book! Themes to realize. These dates fit the Carbon dating below for the Voynich Manuscript which was dated between 1404-1438. The Zodiac Series, someone has written down the month's in the French Language so the Agincourt Connection with Henry V and the French is plausible.

Towards the pursuit of finding meaning with the Voynich Manuscript as we are all here for. Lately I have gone over the possibility regarding how the Voynich was copied from an original Latin work, perhaps from a traveling doctor. The Doctor sought to conceal the VMS with meaningless text, however he held on to a separate list like a dictionary.

I brain stormed for a few days thinking about provenance, Author type, geography and where in the VMS I could possibly find a possible clue. Folio 67r2 does look like a Zodiac, so I thought would it be about an a big event or for a persons horoscope. Since f67r2 was surrounded by waning 3/4 moons I figured it was for a big event. The planets match up very well with the Zodiac presentation I provided. Also, if one studies the Voynich you will know that in the horoscope series, it starts with Pisces with f70v1 and ends with Sagittarius as f73v! For reasons I don't understand Sagittarius leans in the 1st house of the Zodiac and I think it might have a connection to f67r2. Anyway I determined that by the waning 3/4 moons and by the planets alignments to the inner circle words which might be planets for f67r2 that this represented The Battle of Agincourt on October 25, 1415 and I speculate a Doctor drew this up at 8 am three hours before the battle sprung into action.

Battle of Agincourt

3/4 Moon waning is a Last Quarter:
Last Quarter

1415 Oct 25 01:24

To further the evidence regarding provenance of the Voynich Manuscript from my perspective while examining the Zodiac series, in September for f72v3 Henry the V was born in September and the image does look like a King wearing royal blue. Here is Henry the V in a painting wearing Royal Blue. Again notice the 8 pointed star in his hand which could refer to f67r2.

Henry V wearing royal blue

September Henry V Birthday Month note male Virgo unusual
Another coincidence within the Voynich Manuscript Zodiac series is that there is a Lion in Scorpio's place with a string attached to its mouth which holds a similar 8 pointed star for the Zodiac of f67r2 in the Voynich Manuscript. The Battle of Agincourt began at 11 am and ended at 2 pm. The sun was in Scorpio and the French lost, well the Sun is the planet for Leo the Lion. Coincidentally Henry the V's banner, three Lions can be seen on it.

Scorpio Lion

Henry V Banner Lion evident
End of Battle at Agincourt:

End of the Battle of Agincourt 2pm Sun is in Scorpio Green Lion symbolic for England's Victory

Finally, the Gemini sections depicts a wedding in the Voynich, Gemini is known for June. The Gemini depicts a wedding for June. Henry the V was married on June 2 1420 and Married Princess Catherine from France, Charles VI of France King of France was her father.

Henry V married on June 2 1420 for Gemini
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2020.10.18 00:32 annemoriarty The disappearence of Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori: almost 40 years without answers. And there's no theory that makes sense or gets us closer to the truth.

Emanuela Orlandi,15-year-old girl, was the daughter of a clerk working at the Prefecture of the Papal Household [that manages the Papal residence in the Vatican] and disappeared in Rome on June 22, 1983. Her disappearance was then linked to the disappearance of another Roman teenager, Mirella Gregori, who disappeared on May 7, 1983 and was never found again. What at first seemed like a common case of two missing girls, soon became one of the darkest cases in Italian and Vatican history, involving the Vatican itself, the Italian State, the Vatican bank , the Magliana Gang [criminal organization], the Banco Ambrosiano [Catholic bank] and the secret services of several countries. The real nature of the events has never been defined.
flyer with photos and info of the girls:
*** Sorry for any mistake, English is not my native language, I hope everything is understandable 🌈
Mirella Gregori was the youngest daughter of the owners of a bar in Volturno Street in Rome. She lived with her parents and was described by everyone as an absolutely normal girl. She attended a technical high school in Rome. On May 7, 1983, Mirella went to school and returned home around 2pm, after spending some time with a friend in a bar near her home. That friend said they had talked about normal everyday things and could not provide any other information. Back home, Mirella was called on the intercom by someone called "Sandro", who was pretending to be her friend, and to whose requests to go out Mirella exclaimed: "If you don't tell me who you are, I won't come out!". Then she said they could meet at 3pm. Around 3 pm the girl went out, telling her mother that she had an appointment at Porta Pia with an old classmate, who, after being heard by the investigators, declared that he was busy elsewhere that afternoon and had a alibi. Since then, the family has not heard from the girl. The mother reported that her daughter, shortly before she disappeared, bragged to her that she was able to find the money to buy an apartment that her parents could not afford; however, that idea at the time was dismissed as a joke.
Emanuela Orlandi (born in Rome on January 14, 1968) lived in the Vatican city with her parents, brother and sisters: she was the fourth child of five. In June 1983 she had just finished the second year of high school at the Vittorio Emanuele II National Boarding School. She had considerable musical talent and had attended for years a music school in Piazza Sant'Apollinare in Rome, not far from Palazzo Madama [office of the Senate of the Republic]. There she attended piano, flute, choral singing and solfeggio courses.
The day of her disappearance, Emanuela went to music class around 4 pm, but left at 6.45 pm, ten minutes earlier than usual. Then she phoned her older sister Federica from a telephone booth, saying that she would be late because the bus didn't pass and that a man had stopped her on the street offering her a job during a fashion show for the sum of 370,000 lire [about 500 euros today]. It was a job of a few hours as a promoter of cosmetic products of a well-known brand [Avon] during a fashion show in the Sorelle Fontana atelier, in a few days; however, her sister advised her not to heed such a proposal and suggested that she return home as soon as possible to discuss it with their mother. This was the last contact Emanuela had with her family. Later, it was found that the cosmetics company in question - which moreover employed only female staff - had nothing to do with the job offer allegedly made to the young woman and it also turned out that, in the same period, other adolescents of the same age of Emanuela had been lured by a man under the false pretext of advertising cosmetic products at events like fashion shows.
After the phone call, Emanuela together with two classmates (Maria Grazia and Raffaella), reached the bus stop in Corso Rinascimento. According to the girls, Emanuela alluded to a very attractive job offer she received and, warned by them, said that she would first ask permission from her parents and that she would still be careful to avoid nasty surprises. Around 7:30 pm, first Maria Grazia and then Raffaella got on two different buses headed home, while, according to Raffaella, Emanuela didn't get on the bus, because it was too crowded, and said she would wait for the next one. From this moment, all traces of the girl are lost. According to another later version, after the phone call Emanuela confided to Raffaella that she would stay there and wait for the man who had made her the offer, to inform him that she would first ask permission from her parents to participate. Raffaella then reported that she had seen Emanuela (from the bus window) talking to a curly-haired woman, who was never identified, although some suggested that it was most likely some other student of the music school.
When Emanuela didn't come home, her father Ercole and her brother began searching at the music school and in the vicinity of it, they contacted the principal of the school who provided the telephone numbers of some of Emanuela's classmates and advised to wait before alerting the police; nevertheless Ercole Orlandi went immediately to the "Trevi" Commissariat to report her disappearance, but the staff invited him to wait before filing a complaint, suggesting that the girl had stopped for dinner with friends and forgot to call home. The complaint was formalized the following morning (June 23) by her sister Natalina. The next day (24 June) the Roman newspapers "Il Tempo" and "Il Messaggero" published the news of the disappearance and a photograph of the girl, with the plea for help from the family and their telephone numbers.
On June 25, after a series of unreliable phone calls, a interesting phone call arrived from a young man. His name was "Pierluigi", 16 years old. He said that together with his girlfriend he had met two girls in Campo dei Fiori [Roman square]; one of them was selling cosmetics, had a flute with her and said her name was Barbara. "Pierluigi" also reported that "Barbara", at the invitation to play the flute, refused because to do so she had had to wear glasses, which she did not like and had added that she would have preferred a Ray-Ban model like the one that the alleged girlfriend of "Pierluigi" wore.
Three hours later "Pierluigi" called back, adding that "Barbara's" glasses were "teardrop glasses, to correct astigmatism" but refused to meet with Emanuela's family or letting his girlfriend talk to them, claiming that she was distracted and unreliable. These calls appeared reliable to the family, (Emanuela was astigmatic, she was ashamed tof wearing glasses and played the flute). On June 26, "Pierluigi", during another phone-call answered by Emanuele's uncle, added some information about himself: he said that day he was with his parents at a restaurant by the sea. He also communicated that "Barbara" said that she was going to play the flute at her sister's wedding scheduled for September, but refused any further collaboration to track down Emanuela and meet her uncle in person; indeed, when Emanuela's uncle asked him to meet in the Vatican city (at Emanuela's parents' house)"Pierluigi" was surprised and asked the uncle if he was a preist. The investigators found out that among Emanuela's friends there was indeed a boy named Pierluigi, who, however, was on vacation elsewhere at the time of her disappearance.
On June 28 it was the turn of "Mario", who claimed to be the owner of a bar in Rome, near Piazza dell'Orologio [very close to Ponte Vittorio, along the route that Emanuela usually took to go to the music school]. "Mario", who had a strong Roman accent, said he was 35 years old. He claimed to have seen a man and two girls selling cosmetics, one of whom claimed to be from Venice and was called "Barbarella". During the phone call from "Mario" a small detail was significant: when asked about the height of the girl, he hesitated and then said "She's quite tall", but Emanuela was barely 5,2 feet tall. In the background, a second voice was heard, saying "No, more!".
In another phone call, "Mario" explained that "Barbara" had confided to him that she had voluntarily left the house because she was tired of the domestic routine, but that she intended to return at the end of summer, for her sister's wedding. The family, considering this hypothesis impossible, lost faith in the phone calls from "Mario" and "Pierluigi". Years later, it was suggested that "Mario" was a man close to the Magliana Gang [criminal organization], but this hypothesis was never proved.
In the days following Emanuela's disappearance her brother and some friends discovered that a young woman, described as very similar to Emanuela, had been noticed talking to a man (both from a police officer and a traffic policeman on duty in front of the Senate). The man was about 5,7 ft tall, between thirty-five and forty, slender, elegantly dressed, with a long face, balding, he carried a briefcase or bag and drove a green BMW Touring. The policeman claimed there was a casing, perhaps a haversack, in the man's hands.
A collaborator of SISDE [Italian secret services] and friend of Orlandi's cousin, Giulio Gangi, soon managed to track down the "tundra green" BMW; he discovered that it had been repaired (despite being undocumented) by a mechanic from the Vescovio district. A blonde woman had brought the car to this mechanic; the damage involved the breakage of the glass of the right front window, but this breakage did not seem to have been caused by a direct action from the outside towards the inside, it was from the inside towards the outside. Gangi quickly tracked down the woman in question, but she refused to cooperate and on the way back to his office Gangi discovered that his superiors had been informed of what he was doing, despite using fake documents and a fake license plate.
Gangi had also checked the Fontana sisters' atelier, where he was informed that a lot of girls had showed up, deluded to be able to participate as presenters of cosmetics. That possibility was definitely excluded by the director. A year after Emanuela's disappearance, a Roman teenager was lured by a young fake promoter of cosmetics; the man was stopped but turned out to be unrelated to the Orlandi case.
Wikipedia page about the attempted assassination of the Pope (English):
Wikipedia page about the Gray Wolves (English):
Wikipedia page of Mehmet Ali Ağca (English):
On July 3, 1983, the Pope John Paul II addressed a plea to those responsible for the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, formalizing for the first time the hypothesis of the kidnapping. On July 5, a phone call came to the Vatican press office. At the other end of the phone a man, who spoke with a strong Anglo-Saxon accent (and for this reason was immediately renamed by the press "the Amerikano"), claimed to be holding Emanuela Orlandi hostage, arguing that many other elements had already been provided by others members of his organization, "Pierluigi" and "Mario", and requested the activation of a direct phone line with the Vatican. He asked to release by July 20 Mehmet Ali Ağca [turkish terrorist, member of the terroristic organization Grey Wolves, he shot the Pope in St. Peter's Square a couple of years earlier]. An hour later, the man called Orlandi home, and played a tape of the recorded voice of a girl with Roman accent, who repeated a phrase six times, perhaps extrapolated from a longer phrase: «School: Vittorio Emanuele II National Boarding School, it's my third year of high school».
On July 8, a man with a Middle Eastern accent phoned a friend of Emanuela, saying that Emanuela was their prisoner and that they had 20 days to release Ali Ağca, then asked for a direct phone line with the Cardinal Agostino Casaroli [Secretary of State]. The young friend declared that she and Emanuela had exchanged telephone numbers on the same day of her disappearance, to keep in touch for the preparation of a concert, adding that Emanuela had transcribed her number on a piece of paper that she had placed in her jeans pocket. On July 17, a tape was found in which the request for the release of Ağca and the request for a direct phone line with Cardinal Casaroli was confirmed; the voice of a girl on the tape was begging for help, saying she felt ill; it was found that the voice had been extrapolated from a film and was not Emanuela's. The phone line was installed on July 18. A few days later, in another phone call, "the Amerikano" asked Emanuela's uncle to make public the message contained on the tape.
The phone calls from "the Amerikano" were 16, all from telephone booths. Despite the various requests, and the alleged evidence, the man (never traced) did not open any real leads. No evidence was ever produced that the girl was actually hostage of the Gray Wolves, the organization of which Ağca was a member of. In the press release of November 20, 1984, the Gray Wolves declared that they kept Emanuela and Mirella Gregori as prisoners. The "Turkish lead" of the Gray Wolves, however, has been disavowed by 'former Stasi [East German secret services] officer Günter Bohnsack, who stated that the East German secret services exploited the case of Emanuela Orlandi and wrote fake letters to Rome, to consolidate the thesis that connected Ağca with the Gray Wolves, in order to exonerate Bulgaria from the accusations during the investigation into the attack on Pope John Paul II.
On February 2, 2010 Pietro Orlandi, Emanuela's brother, had an interview with Ali Ağca, in which the terrorist confirmed the hypothesis that the kidnapping was orchestrated by the Vatican (already mentioned in the phone call of July 5). He mentioned the name of Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re (considering him a person informed on the facts) and reassured him that "Emanuela is alive and will soon return home". According to the former Gray Wolf, the girl “now lives in a secluded villa in France or Switzerland. She will come back home ». A year later, the recording of the interview was published on the show "Who has seen it?" [Italian true crime show], where they censored the cardinal's name. There, Pietro Orlandi announced that he had spoken with the cardinal himself, that denied the words of the terrorist.
Wikipedia page of Cardinal Battista Re (English):
According to some newspapers and publications, the identikit of "the Amerikano" corresponds to Monsignor Paul Marcinkus, who at the time was president of the IOR, the Vatican "bank": SISDE specialists, analyzing the messages and phone calls received by the family, for a total of 34 communications, considered them reliable and linked to those who had carried out the kidnapping. The mysterious person had a thorough knowledge of the Latin language, better than Italian, was probably of Anglo-Saxon culture and had a high cultural level and knowledge of the ecclesiastical world and the Vatican, in addition to the in-depth knowledge of different areas of Rome (where he probably had lived).
Wikipedia page of Monsignor Paul Marcinkus (English):
Wikipedia page of the Gang (English):
Wikipedia page of De Pedis (English):
Wikipedia page of Cardinal Poletti (English):
Wikipedia page of Roberto Calvi (English):
Wikipedia page of Michele Sindona (English):
On July 11, 2005, an anonymous phone call arrived at the editorial staff of the program "Who has seen it?" in which it was said that in order to solve the case of Emanuela Orlandi it was necessary to go and see who was buried in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare. They had to check "the favor that Renatino did to Cardinal Poletti". It was thus discovered that "Renatino", the deceased man buried there, was none other than a boss of the Magliana Gang, Enrico De Pedis. A journalist managed to obtain the photos of the tomb and the original documents relating to the burial of the boss, commissioned by Cardinal Ugo Poletti, then president of the CEI [Bishop Assembly]. On February 20, 2006, a repentant of the Gang, Antonio Mancini, claimed in an interview with a journalist of "Who has seen it?" that he recognized "Mario"'s voice as the voice of a hitman at the service of De Pedis, called Rufetto. However, the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecutor's Office did not confirm Mancini's statement.
A postcard depicting a southern town was then sent to the editorial staff, with the following text: «Leave Renatino alone». The same year Sabrina Minardi, ex-wife of footballer Bruno Giordano, said in an interview that between the spring of 1982 and November 1984 she had a relationship with De Pedis. In 2007 Antonio Mancini released statements relating to the involvement of De Pedis and some Vatican exponents in the disappearence of Emanuela Orlandi, revealing that in prison, at the time of Emanuela's disappearance, "it was said that the girl was ours [of the Gang], one of us had taken her ". Mancini's declarations also seem to be confirmed by Maurizio Abbatino, another repentant of the Gang who, in December 2009, revealed some rumors among the Gang members on the involvement of De Pedis and his men in the kidnapping and murder of Emanuela. In June 2008 the press reported the statements that Minardi had made: Emanuela was killed and her body, locked up in a sack, was thrown into a cement mixer in Torvaianica [Roman district]. On that occasion, according to Minardi, De Pedis also got rid of the body of an 11-year-old boy killed in revenge, Domenico Nicitra, son of a old member of the Gang. Little Nicitra, however, was killed on June 21, 1993, ten years after the time period described by Minardi, and three years after the death of De Pedis himself, which occurred at the beginning of 1990. According to the woman, the abduction of Emanuela would have been materially carried out by De Pedis, at the orders of Monsignor Marcinkus "because they wanted to send a message to someone above them".
In particular, Sabrina Minardi said she arrived by car at the Gianicolo bar, where De Pedis had told her to meet a girl she was supposed to "take to the Vatican gas station". A dark BMW arrived at the meeting, with "Sergio" ( the driver of De Pedis), then a red Renault 5 arrived with a girl called "Teresina" (the housekeeper of Daniela Mobili, a friend of Minardi) and a confused girl on it, recognized by the witness as Emanuela Orlandi. Then, "Sergio" put Emanuela in the BMW that Minardi drove. Left alone in the car with the girl, the woman noticed that she "was crying and laughing together" and "looked like a drug addict." When she arrived at the gas station, she found a man "who looked like a priest" waiting in a Mercedes with a number plate of the Vatican City. They took Emanuela.The girl then spent her imprisonment in Rome, in a house owned by Daniela Mobili (Minardi's friend) in Pignatelli Street, which had "an immense basement that almost reached the San Camillo Hospital" (whose existence, in addition to a small bathroom and an underground lake, was ascertained by the investigators in June 2008). The housekeeper of Daniela Mobili, "Teresina", took care of Emanuela; according to Minardi, Daniela Mobili was close to Danilo Abbruciati, another leading exponent of the Magliana Gang.
Mobili denied knowing Minardi or having a role in the kidnapping, since in those years she was, like her husband, in prison. However, Minardi has referred in the past to the housekeeper "Teresina", who actually worked at the apartment at that time, even though she did not have a driving license. Subsequently, Minardi cited another member of the Gang, who, traced by the police, confessed that the refuge in Pignatelli Street was indeed a hiding place, "but not for the kidnapped, [but] for the wanted. It was the refuge of "Renatino" [De Pedis] », denying the connection between the former boss of the Magliana Gang and the kidnapping of Emanuela Orlandi.
Minardi said she had dinner twice together with De Pedis (at that time already wanted by the police) and Giulio Andreotti [seven time shady Italian Prime Minister] and that it "has nothing to do directly with Emanuela Orlandi, but with Monsignor Marcinkus, yes". Minardi's statements, although they were recognized by investigators as partially inconsistent (due to the woman's drug use in the past), gained more credibility in August 2008, following the discovery of the BMW that Minardi herself said was used for the transport of Emanuela Orlandi and which appeared to have belonged first to Flavio Carboni, an entrepreneur investigated and then acquitted in the trial on the death of Roberto Calvi [Italian banker], and subsequently in one of the Gang members'. The publication of what Minardi said sparked protests from the Vatican, which, through Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman for the Holy Press Office, spoke of "a lack of humanity and respect for the Orlandi family ", and he defined as" false the accusations made against Archbishop Marcinkus, who has been dead for some time and who's unable to defend himself ".
On June 30 of that year the show "Who has seen it?" transmitted the full version of the anonymous phone call of July 2005, left private until that moment. After the revelations on the tombs of De Pedis and Cardinal Poletti, the voice added "And ask the bartender in Montebello Street, that his daughter was also with her ... with the other Emanuela." The bar turned out to belong to the family of S. D. V., a friend of Mirella Gregori. The staff of the program was also threatened by another anonymous phone call from a certain "Blond". On November 21, another interview with Minardi was broadcasted on Rai News 24, where she said that Emanuela Orlandi had spent the first fifteen days of imprisonment in Torvaianica, in the house owned by Minardi's parents.
On March 10, 2010, the existence of a new suspect was announced, it was Sergio Virtù, indicated by Sabrina Minardi as the trusted driver of De Pedis, and who allegedly had a role in the kidnapping of the girl. The man was under investigation for aggravated voluntary homicide and kidnapping. Virtù was arrested on the day of the interrogation for other crimes and transferred to the Regina Coeli prison. He had two previous sentences for fraud crimes. Virtú denied any wrongdoing on the matter, in particular that he had known or had friendly relations with De Pedis. There were also some statements by another woman, defined by the investigators as a former cohabitant, who also allegedly had a role in the kidnapping and had received compensation for this.
In July 2010 the Vicariate of Rome gave the go-ahead for the inspection of the tomb of De Pedis in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare and the DNA sampling was compared with the DNA of De Pedis's brother, relatives of Emanuela and Antonietta Gregori, Mirella's sister.
In July 2011, the district prosecutor of Rome arrested some members of the De Tomasi family, accused of crimes including usury and money laundering; according to the investigators, Giuseppe De Tomasi, known as "Sergione", affiliated with the Magliana Gang, was the same person who phoned the Orlandi family in 1983, identifying himself with the name "Mario", while his son, Carlo Alberto De Tomasi, was the author of the phone call to the show "Who has seen it?" in 2005. In 1984 De Pedis was arrested in an apartment in Vittorini Street, propriety of Giuseppe De Tommasi. Sergione, as told by the repentant Abbatino, was pardoned by De Pedis and organized his wedding reception in June 1988. He also attended De Pedis funeral. De Tommasi defended himself by saying that he could not have made that call in 1983 because he was in prison. On July 24 Antonio Mancini, in an interview with " La Stampa", stated that Orlandi was actually kidnapped by the Gang to obtain in return the money invested in the IOR [Vatican Bank] through the Banco Ambrosiano [Catholic bank] (as also hypothesized by judge Rosario Priore). Mancini added that he believed they wanted to ask for 20 billion and that it was De Pedis who put an end to the phone calls, despite the fact that the money had not all been returned, but obtaining in exchange, among other things, the possibility of being buried in the Basilica of Sant'Apollinare, as it actually happened later.
On May 14, 2012, the tomb of De Pedis was finally opened but inside there was just the body of the deceased who, as wished by the family, was cremated. It was then excavated more thoroughly, but only small remains of bones (dating back to the Napoleonic period) were found; no traces of Emanuela and Mirella's DNA was found. Four days later, on 18 May, Monsignor Pietro Vergari was investigated for complicity in kidnapping. In October 2015 the GIP [preliminary judge], at the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office and due to lack of consistent evidence, closed the investigation into the disappearances of Emanuela Orlandi and Mirella Gregori, started in 2006 due to the statements of Sabrina Minardi and which found six people under investigation for murder and kidnapping. In 2018 Abbatino revealed that he learned from Claudio Sicilia [member of the Magliana Band] that De Pedis was behind the kidnapping.
“It was for the money he gave to the Vatican. Money ended up in the IOR pockets and was never returned. And there were not only the billions of De Pedis but also the money of the mafia. The murder of Michele Sindona [italian banker and criminal] and that of Roberto Calvi [italian banker] are linked to the Orlandi kidnapping. If the first one is not resolved, the truth about Calvi's alleged suicide and the girl's disappearance will never be solved. In my opinion it was not an order [from the mafia] but a thing done in agreement. I know of Renatino's relations [De Pedis] with Monsignor Casaroli. I can confirm the Gang's relationship with the Vatican. But I have never met Don Vergari. He may also have done charity but he was certainly not Catholic, Renato was a Buddhist. Relations between the Vatican and the Magliana Gang date back to those years [at least to 1976]. And they are due to Franco's [Magliana Gang member] friendships. There was a homosexual boy, his name was Nando. It was him who brought Franco to Casaroli. Casaroli was known. Franco knew him. And I know that this friendship was "inherited" from Renatino."
According to Father Gabriele Amorth [excommunicated priest, exorcist, and all around not a reliable person], Emanuela Orlandi was drugged and then killed in an orgy of pedophiles held in the Vatican. This is the hypothesis that, in an interview released in May 2012 to" La Stampa", was advanced by the man defined by the newspaper as the "world leader of exorcists"; the theory is also published in his book "The Last Exorcist". In the interview, the exorcist stated the following: «As also stated by Monsignor Simeone Duca, Vatican archivist, parties were organized in which a gendarme was also involved as a" recruiter of girls ". I believe that Emanuela ended up as a victim [...] I never believed in the international lead, I have reason to believe that it was a case of sexual exploitation resulting in murder shortly after the disappearance and concealment of the body. The crime also involved diplomatic personnel from a foreign embassy ”. The same hypothesis, with the addition of the involvement of Monsignor Paul Marcinkus, was made by the collaborator of justice Vincenzo Calcara, former mafia affiliate, who reported to the show "Who has seen it ?", in 2014, an alleged statment of a mafia boss, affirming that Orlandi died during a drug and sex party and that she's buried in the Vatican with other alleged young victims.
An anonymous source, in 2005, stated that Emanuela died, perhaps accidentally, following a "convivial meeting" held in a house near the terminal of the bus that the girl took to return home. The house was propriety of a high prelate or a person close to the Vatican, and her body was probably hidden nearby. No proof of this was found.
In June 2011, during a live debate on TV about Pietro Orlandi's book "My sister Emanuela", a man who declared himself a former SISMI [Italian military secret services] agent stated that "Emanuela is alive, she is in an asylum in England and is always sedated" . He added that the cause of the kidnapping was the knowledge by Ercole Orlandi, Emanuela's father, of "dirty" money laundering activities, linking the kidnapping to the death of Calvi [italian banker].
In September 2017, the journalist Emiliano Fittipaldi, author of two other books concerning the Vatican, published "The impostors. Inquiry into power". In May he came into possession of a report dated March 28, 1998 sent by the then leader of the APSA [who administers the patrimony of the Holy See] Cardinal Lorenzo Antonetti (who died three years earlier) to the archbishops Giovanni Battista Re [substitute for the General Affairs of the Secretariat of State] and Jean-Louis Tauran [in charge of Relations with States] titled "Summary report of the expenses incurred by the Vatican City state for the activities relating to the citizen Emanuela Orlandi" and in the first paragraph reads: "The Administrative Prefecture of the Patrimony of the Apostolic See has received a mandate to draw up a summary document of the economic services necessary to support the activities carried out following the kidnapping and the subsequent events of the citizen Emanuela Orlandi. "
The document, which would prove that the girl was alive, was allegedly stolen in the night between 29 and 30 March 2014, from the safe in an armored cabinet of the Prefecture of Economic Affairs, which was under the responsibility of the secretary Monsignor Lucio Ángel Vallejo Balda. Balda was arrested on November 2, 2015, as part of the so-called Vatileaks 2, for providing confidential information for the publication of the book "Via Crucis" by Gianluigi Nuzzi (which ended up under investigation together with Fittipaldi who had written "Avarizia") and was then pardoned by the Pope. Francesca Chaoqui, a member of COSEA [Pontifical referent for the organization of the economic-administrative structure] under Balda's control until his arrest, revealed that in the safe, in addition to the dossier on Orlandi, there were also dossiers on Michele Sindona [criminal and banker] and Umberto Ortolani [shady banker] (as also confirmed by Monsignor Alfredo Abbondi, head of the Prefecture office), on the IOR and on the political expenses of Pope John Paul II during the Cold War and she also said that the theft was faked by Balda himself.
The report in Fittipaldi's possession was typewritten with a font dating back twenty years, it did not contain official stamps and therefore could also be a fake. It listed the expenses between January 1983 (six months before the disappearance) and July 1997 for a total sum of 483 million lire [around 250000 euros] used to investigate at the Atelier Fontana (from which the girl made the last call home before her disappearance), then they investigated the secretary of State Agostino Casaroli, the president of the CEI Cardinal Ugo Poletti, the boarding and lodging at the Catholic student hostel in London, Emanuela's travel and medical expenses, the trips to London by senior representatives of the Vatican [...].
In June 2017, the Orlandi family had already filed an application to be able to view "a dossier kept in the Vatican" (Pietro Orlandi had learned of its existence in February / March according to their lawyer). Monsignor Angelo Becciu (substitute for General Affairs of the secretariat) denied its existence, however, Cardinal Re assured that "the secretariat of state (of which he was substitute in 1997) had nothing to hide" and on the phone with Fittipaldi stopped the conversation.
In October 2018, the Vatican permitted the DNA analysis on some bones found during restoration work at the Vatican Nunciature in Rome. The investigations, entrusted by the Holy See to Italy, and in particular to the Rome prosecutor and the scientific police, were aimed at comparing those bones with Emanuela Orlandi's DNA. However, the bones found in the Nunciature did not belong to Emanuela Orlandi, nor to Mirella Gregori. From the analysis of the Scientific police the bones of the Nunciature undoubtedly dated back to a period prior to 1964. And above all they were attributable to the skeleton of a man. On 11 July 2019, a further inspection was carried out in two graves in the Teutonic cemetery, those of Princess Sofia of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Bartenstein and Princess Carlotta Federica of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, following specific leads. But no human remains were found inside.
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2020.10.17 12:07 Majhul_101 France’s “Laïcité”, the Secular Fundamentalism at War with Multiculturalism

France’s “Laïcité”, the Secular Fundamentalism at War with Multiculturalism


France’s problem with multiculturalism is not a new phenomenon. Since the end of World War II, France has become one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Western Europe. The rapid growth of its multiculturalism started when France welcomed millions of immigrants mainly from its former colonies in North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South-East Asia to take part in its post-war economic recovery.
Unlike many of its Western counterparts like the United States, Canada, or Australia, France has implemented a “color-blind” approach in dealing with multiculturalism. It means that the French government does not institute policies that target a particular ethnic group or race, but instead, it institutes policies that target a specific geographic area or social cluster in which they tend to be ethnically-clustered. In 1978, France enacted a law that made it illegal to collect data on race or ethnicity. The law makes it difficult to assess the cultural composition of French society. Experts believe that visible minority is estimated to be 14% of the French population versus 20% in the United States and 22% in Canada.
While France, officially, holds a color-blind stance with regards to its multicultural society, the truth of the matter is that its political leaders and citizens are not blind to the fact that race and ethnicity do matter. Anyone who says otherwise is not believable.
Given the color-blind approach and the lack of data on race or ethnicity, it is difficult to accurately comprehend how effective France has been in assessing and combatting racism. In May 2020, a French government spokesman of Senegalese origin, Sibeth Ndiaye, surprised the French government when she made the call to legalize ethnic statistics. Ndiaye pointed out that the absence of statistics makes it difficult for people to assess how prevalent racism is in France. The response from the economy minister Bruno Le Maire was that the call did not align with France’s idea of universalism and that the concept of a French person does not consider his or her race, ethnicity, or religion. In his address of racism, the minister resorted to the condemnation of discrimination in any shape or form. While these statements are nice noble words, it does not tell us much on the prevalence of racism in France and the government effectiveness in combating racism. So, what is the real situation of racism in France?

1- Racism in France

In 1997, the Economist did a study on racism in France. They found that about 48% of French citizens consider themselves to be racists coming in second place after Belgium. Among those who feel racist, 35% would vote for the far-right, 35% would vote for the mainstream right, and 28% would vote for the left. The study also found that most French citizens believe that there are too many Arabs than Blacks and that there are too many Blacks than Jews.
Source: The Economist
Fast forward 2013, the Washington Post conducted another research survey in which they found that between 20% and 30% of French do not prefer people of another race as their neighbors. Another study by Pew research center in 2016 showed that only 26% of French believe that diversity makes their country a better place to live in contrast to 33% in the UK and 58% in the US. These percentages show that in comparison to the US, Canada, and the UK, France is the least tolerant. It also reveals that racial and ethnic diversity is seen more as a problem in France than in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.
Sources: Pew Research Center and Washington Post

2- Politicization of Arabs, Immigrants, and Islam

For decades, immigration has been a subject of political debate in France. French Arab which constitute the largest ethnic minority in France, have been the most stigmatized community and have been subject to political debates across the political spectrum. After 9/11, the stigmatization has rapidly gravitated toward Muslims (practitioners of Islam) which a large percentage is of Arab origin.
In early October 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Islam is in crisis all over the world and plans to defend France’s secular values against what he termed as “Islamist radicalism”.
Source: Independent
The President’s comment is the latest example of mainstream politicians pandering to the far-right whose leader Marine Le Pen has seen her chances for winning the 2022 presidential election increased and is currently neck and neck with Macron.
Source: Politico
President Macron’s predecessors across the political spectrum have also used these tactics in the past:
Source: The Guardian
Source: The Guardian
Source: BBC
Source: France 24
According to Pew research, France has the largest Muslim community in Europe, representing 8.8% of the population. Yet, Muslims are often stigmatized in French political debates.
Source: Pew Research Center
To understand the place of Islam in France and how Arabs, Muslims, and Immigrants have been stigmatized across the political spectrum; it requires a need to understand three components: France’s secularism (laïcité), France’s history of colonialism and decolonization, and France’s history of anti-Semitism:

a- The French Revolution and the Birth of French Secularism (Laïcité)
For a very long time, France’s mainstream politics have had a deep suspicion of religion. A suspicion that dates back to the French Revolution. The French Revolution was a time in history when the population revolted against the Monarchy and the Church. For centuries, the Church had imposed its doctrine on society dictating every aspect of French lives. After the abolishment of the French monarchy, the new Republic began to marginalize the Catholic Church and all faiths from any participation and organization in public life. From that time onwards, the French State was born in direct opposition to the public display of religious organizations, religious faiths, religious symbols, and religious minorities.
In 1905, France enacted a law known as Laïcité, the French version of secularism. The 1905 law was founded on three main principles: the separation of Church and State, the supremacy of the State over religious institutions, and the neutrality of the State towards religion. In that regard, the French State guarantees the freedom of religion and the right of every French person to express one’s faith while respecting public order and institutions. The law does not recognize religious marriages and bans the display of religious symbols in public institutions.
This version of secularism explains in part the stigmatization of Muslims across the political spectrum.

b- France Colonial Past and Decolonization
In the 16th century, France established its first colony in Canada called New France at the time. A century later, France would colonize Africa and would take part in the slave trade of millions of Africans. The French colonization of North Africa (1830-1962) and the devastating Algerian Independence War (1954-1962) are factors that led to the presence of a major Arab community in France.
The Algerian war was France’s most violent decolonization. At the time, the French colony had the highest concentration of French citizens to the point it was given the status of “Department” (A French Province).
After World War II, the French economy was in tatters. The country was facing challenges to maintain its colonies worldwide. Soon after, France lost to its colony Vietnam which declared independence along with Laos and Cambodia, Algeria began declaring its independence. This event led France to wage a bitter colonial war against Algeria to maintain its largest colony. In 1962, France under Charles De Gaulle capitulated to Algeria which managed to gain its independence from France. Many French at the time saw De Gaulle's act as a betrayal to France and saw Algerians as the enemy to French integrity.
The Franco-Algerian war led to a massive emigration of Algerians to France, especially those who stood by France during the war. Immigration to France was not a new phenomenon at the time as privileged Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Senegalese, Ivorians, and others (a majority of them being Muslims) had emigrated to France way before the conflict ever started. However, the war made it difficult for France to manage the massive wave of migration.
France's loss to Algeria would be a main factor that can explain the perception of native French on Arabs and Muslims. Initially, the negative public perception would focus on race and ethnicity targeting Arabs and Blacks, however as decades went by, especially after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, the focus would gradually gravitate towards religion targeting specifically Muslims and their faith (Islam). The figure below shows an increase in attacks against Muslims as they continue to face mistrust and violence in the secular country.
Source: The Huffington Post
c- Anti-Semitism
France has had a long history of anti-Semitism and discrimination against the Jews. France played a major role during the Second World War, when the Vichy government under Marshal Pétain collaborated with the Nazis by taking part in the deportation of 80,000 Jews to Nazi concentration camps, the execution of 15,000 Jews, and the creation of anti-Jewish discrimination laws. For decades, the French government denied their involvement. It was not until 1995 that France under Jacques Chirac admitted France’s guilt and role in the persecution and mass deportations of Jews.
Source: France 24
France’s far-right ideology has a long history which dates back to the French revolution. Thirty years after World War II, the far-right movement would publicly resurface in 1972 under the leadership of Jean Marie Le Pen, the founder of the 'Front National' (National Front) party. The National Front under Le Pen was notorious for making anti-Semitic statements with a derogatory fixation on France’s Jewish population. Le Pen would also frame the narrative of the rejection of North African Muslim immigrants and “The Arab”. In 2011, her daughter Marine Le Pen would later re-brand the party to the name ‘Rassemblement National’ (National Rally) to soften the party’s past image on anti-Semitism. Only this time, her party would rally under the banner of “Laïcité” to spread Islamophobic attacks.
While many French citizens decry National Rally’s anti-Semitic discourse, many remain silent on anti-Islam or anti-Arab narratives by dismissing them as a right to free speech.
Source: Google
The rise of the far-right discourse in France has led to an increase in hate crimes against Jews and Muslims. According to the National Consultative Commission on Human Rights, CNCDH, a French governmental organization, the number of acts and threats of anti-Semitism (plotted in green) and racism and xenophobia (plotted in blue) has been on the rise.
Source: FiveThirtyEight
The upward trend of attacks also mirrors the rise of the National Rally which has been gaining popularity in key election battlegrounds. As a result, many Jews are pondering whether they should leave France. The trends show a growing exodus of Jews from France to Israel. France, home to the largest Jewish community in Europe, has seen the largest exodus of Jews for Israel in Western Europe.
Source: Vox

3- The Rise of France’s Far Right

For the past decades, the far-right has seen a gradual increase in voters support. Since 2011, the Party under the leadership of Marine Le Pen would see a stellar rise. Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigrant, anti-Europe, and anti-Islam stance was able to win her 10 million voters.
After decades of a toxic reputation linked with anti-Semitism and xenophobia, Marine Le Pen took the reins from her father and adopted a strategy of toning down their xenophobic and anti-Semitic image. The tactic worked in the party’s favor.
The stellar rise of Le Pen marks the growing normalization of far-right support in France. The far-right party under the banner of defending the principle of “Laïcité” (French version of secularism) and French identity, was able to rally a growing number of voters against Muslims and their faith. The slogan Le Pen concocted was ‘No to Islamism’. The National Rally wanted to paint the picture of Islam as an enemy fundamentalist ideology rather than a religion. This emphasis on Islamism started with Marine Le Pen in 2010 and has become the focus of her rhetoric.
The popularity of the far-right sets a dangerous precedent as mainstream political parties are gradually failing in halting the National Rally from taking the presidency. Across the spectrum, some politicians are starting to adopt some of Le Pen’s talking points. They are regularly using the identity card for political gains.
During the 2016 Presidential campaigns, Former Conservative candidate Francois Fillion called for a ban on the full-body Islamic burkini swimming suit. Former socialist prime minister, Manuel Valls, and former right-wing president Nicholas Sarkozy rallied behind the mayors’ ban on burkini swimming suits. Sarkozy made a promise to extend the ban on the hijab in schools to universities and restrict access to benefits for women who violate the ban, an action that has been detrimental to the emancipation and integration of young Muslim women. Today, Macron is trying to brandish his tough-on-Islam credentials in a populist political environment.
Source: Britannica
Source: AFP
Source: BBC
The stigmatization of minorities in political debates shows the ugliness of French politics. The French media has also been guilty of taking part in the narrative where inflammatory and racist statements have also been published.
Illustrations of Media Racism

4- French Secularism: The Root Cause of France’s Intolerance towards multi-culturalism

France is a country in crisis. The country’s secularism (French Laïcité) follows a doctrine that is fundamentalist and dogmatic, creating an environment of intolerance and lack of acceptance for other cultures. For a very long time, France has always wanted Assimilation and not Integration.
French secularism has been used as a political tool to target minorities and their faith. In the 1920s and 1930s, Polish and Italians immigrants were often targeted for practicing their Catholic faith and displaying their religious symbols in public.
In the aftermath of the Algerian war, the rejection of the North Africans was more of a rejection of their ethnicity rather than their religion. Over time, xenophobic attacks on French Arabs, Blacks, and other minorities eventually led to the 1983 March in protest against widespread racism, discrimination, and racial profiling and violence. For many young French of Arab descent (mostly of the second generation), the movement placed a greater emphasis on the acceptance of ethnic and cultural identity. The movement was advocacy for anti-racism, equality, political integration, social integration, and economic integration for minorities.
The 1983 March prompted President François Mitterrand to intervene in an attempt to diffuse the escalating movement. While the French authorities managed to diffuse the movement to the issue of race, it disregarded the demands for cultural recognition and socio-economic integration.
For decades, the government's lack of initiative to take minorities' demands seriously, compounded the frustrations of Franco-Arabs and other minorities. To add insult to injury, mainstream politicians have been politicizing their cultural identity and faith.

5- French Youth Radicalism: Decades of Marginalization in the Making

Years of constant stigmatization and exclusion of their cultural identity, ethnicity, and religion have driven French Arabs feeling very bitter towards their country France. But worse, it has pushed some French youths towards radicalism. While most French would attribute Islam as the cause of radicalism and violence, research has shown that the majority of Muslims staunchly oppose violence in the name of Islam (Pew Research Center).
The 1995 Paris metro bombings, the 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack, the 2015 Jewish Kosher Supermarket attack in Nice, and the 2015 mass shootings attacks on Stade de France, and other atrocious attacks are symptoms of France’s years of marginalization and intolerance towards its ethnic minorities giving birth to youth radicalism and terrorism. The increasing number of attacks paint a trouble picture.
According to a study on Terrorism, France holds the largest number of foreign fighters in western Europe. A 2016 report published by the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT) estimates that over 900 French foreign fighters had traveled to Syria and Iraq between 2012 and 2015. Of this total, 75 percent had joined ISIS. The study paints a scary picture of a potential of 2000 radicalized French citizens that could be active in terrorist activities.
In contrast to France, the UK had about 750 foreign fighters who traveled abroad between 2011 and 2015. On the other hand, the US had far less with 200 US citizens and residents were convicted of terrorism-related activities between 2001 and 2013. About 250 Americans attempted to or successfully traveled to Syria and Iraq. While Canada had only 185 Canadian foreign fighters had traveled abroad.
The reason why France has more foreign fighters than its British and North-American counterparts is that the perceived better social, economic, and political integration of Muslims and other minorities in North American communities as compared to France.
Source: Pew Research Center
According to Pew Research Center, most Muslims in France feel very French however they feel that the native French don’t see them as French because of their ethnicity. The study also found that French Muslims are somewhat more likely than those in other Western countries to report that they have had experienced xenophobic and racist attacks with younger Muslims more likely to report a bad experience.
The Legatum Prosperity Index is an index that measures a country's level of individual freedom. The index ranks countries based on access to legal rights; freedom of speech and religion; and social tolerance, notably towards immigrants and ethnic minorities. The ranking shows that the UK (11th place), Canada (14th place), and the United States (18th place) are more tolerant than France ranking at 23rd place.
Part of the problem of France’s intolerance towards its minorities lies in its secondary education system. The French education system tends to glorify France's history while minimizing its legacy of colonialism and oppression. Such a set-up creates an uncomfortable feeling of identity for French minorities. Furthermore, contrary to North America, ethnic cultural studies are non-existent in France's secondary education. Such an education ecosystem creates a cultural rift between the majority culture and the minority multi-ethnic culture. A rift that the far-right has been able to exploit to its advantage.

6- France’s Secular Fundamentalism vs Secularism

Today, France’s version of secularism (Laïcité) is borderline 'secular fundamentalism'. This form of secularism is defined in the urban dictionary as:
The adherence to anti-religious ideology that militantly ridicules, mocks, scorns and satirizes the idea of the existence of a deity or deities and or religion, indifferent of feelings of bigotry intolerance hatred and persecution that adherents feel as a result.”
France’s secularism embodied by the spirit of Voltaire differ greatly from the Anglophones’ secularism embodied by the spirit of John Locke. The former advocates for State freedom from religious influence while the latter advocates for State liberal toleration towards religion. The two contrasting philosophies explain why multiculturalism tends to thrive in countries like the US, Canada, UK, New Zealand, or Australia as compared to France.
Laïcité comes from the Latin word ‘laicus’ which means “of the people”. It is a republican social pact that defines a place for religion in society. However, many francophones who look up to France, have a hard time reconciling the version of Laïcité that France is perpetuating. The kind of secularism that French politicians and the public have been using to justify intolerance and exclusion. True Laïcité should not be used to justify xenophobic and racist intolerance towards a particular ethnic minority group.
If there is one model of Laïcité that France should learn from is of its former colony Senegal. At the time of colonization, Senegal became the primary French base in West Africa. The West African nation’s secularism was heavily influenced by France’s concept of secularism with a strong sense of civil society; a tradition that has been maintained since its 1960 independence. Senegal is a vibrant democracy with 20 ethnic groups and has a predominantly Muslim population (about 94%). The Christian population represents 5% while other beliefs represent 1%. It is a country that respects and tolerates different religions and faiths. For instance, Senegal’s first President Leopold Sedar Senghor was a Catholic who ruled the country for 20 years. His successor Abdou Diouf is a Muslim married to a Christian wife. Diouf's son is a Muslim married to a Jewish wife. Abdou Diouf’s successor, Abdoulaye Wade is a Muslim married to a French Christian wife. Furthermore, Senegal recognizes both Muslim and Christian holidays as national holidays. So, religious, cultural and ethnic tolerance has been part of the DNA of Senegal.
Contrary to France, Senegal’s secularism can be described as a hybrid between the French and Anglo-Saxon models of secularism. On the one hand, the secular state maintains a separation between religious and governmental institutions, and on the other hand, it allows religious and non-religious institutions to try to influence the government, without ever threatening the nation’s peaceful coexistence among various faiths. In this context, Senegal’s form of secularism is used as a political instrument for the social control of religion while ensuring the freedom and protection of religion against persecution, abuse, and public bigotry.

Conclusion: What Secularism Should Be and Should Not Be?

Secularism should not be used as an ideology to force people to assimilate or place a ban on a person’s freedom to wear religious symbols or clothes in public, in the same way, that it is practiced in authoritarian regimes (i.e China's religious and cultural genocide) or in countries with sharia law (forcing hijabs) . Instead, secularism should be a political principle that embraces and values all faiths, and provides the freedom of choice to all individuals.
Secularism should not be used as an excuse to perpetuate xenophobic attacks and bigotry on minorities, but instead should be used as a platform to promote tolerance of multiculturalism and diversity.
The conclusion is that France’s aggressive and fundamentalist version of secularism compounded with decades of stigmatization and marginalization of minorities has contributed to the radicalization of French Muslim youths, who then turn to terrorism. France should learn from the Anglo-Saxon model and Francophone models such as Senegal. Until France takes minorities seriously in terms of cultural tolerance, ethnic identity recognition and socio-economic inclusion, France will continue to remain a country in crisis and in decline.

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2020.10.17 02:45 Benen-Replay The Night of Christmas Eve

It was a cold and windy night... The date was December 24, 1980 and the gaunt Jonathan Charles Heathridge, as in Jonathan Charles Heathridge heir to the Heathridge family and Heathridge Pharmaceuticals was at home asleep in his bed, but unknown to Jonathan there was someone who wasn’t supposed to be there… He was quick as a cheetah, but quiet as a mouse. As he came into Jonathan’s room. He looked upon him, and he quietly chuckled to himself as he contrived a way to kill him. Then he walked over to him and slowly put his hands around his neck, so he wouldn’t wake him up. It took almost an hour to fully have his hands around Jonathan's neck. It was time! He furiously tightened his hand around Jonathan’s neck. Jonathan jerked furiously and tried to speak the his speech was very Garbled, but it was over for jonathan… All over… Jonathan had died at the young age of 23. The moment that the murderer had his hand around Jonathan’s neck, it was all over for him. He did ,however, name himself he wrote on a paper “The Prince Of Darkness”and carefully set it on the lifeless body. When the murder of Jonathan Charles Heathridge was found out on Christmas Day. The newspaper's headline read “The Prince of Darkness! Murderer of Hero?” You see Jonathan was always known as “Jonathan ‘The Cruel’ Heathridge” behind his back. Why is he called that you ask? When Jonathan was 18 he was convicted of Manslaughter, but it was really Murder and briefly plagiarism, but that is not important. Jonathan just used his fortune to lessen his sentence so all he had to do was pay a fine. The same day the police entered the beautiful, elegant, and immaculate Heathridge manor, the now dead Jonathan’s home, and while investigating the crime scene the police discovered a recording device in the late Jonathans bedroom when they viewed the recording they witnessed Jonathans murder. What did they see? It was a like shadow monster! They called it “Homoiousian” (Homo-ee-uu-sian) meaning of similar nature since the person seemed to looked half human and half darkness… Then five days later on New Year’s Eve The Prince of Darkness struck again! Sophia Claudii, belonging to powerful and antediluvian family Claudii which owned the huge and rich Claudii Construction, was found lying in a pool of blood with a recorder on scene that had recorded the entire murder. The Police were furious that someone was killing the citizens of their town and leaving recordings of them and they couldn’t even catch them; they wanted to retaliate!! The Police did find a note that the Prince of Darkness left at the scene of the crime… The note was the killer blatantly gloating that he couldn’t be caught. The original note was written in Latin, but the police successfully translated the note to English.. At that moment when the Police Chief read the note without any qualms about how it might affect the men he said “How do we fight the emotion? How do we kill or get rid of this blight upon this world? How do you fight fear?”
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2020.10.16 14:48 StevenStevens43 Art Oenfer & the search for King Lots grail

Art Oenfer & the search for King Lots grail
Search for Lancelots grail:
In this article i am going to attempt to locate Lancelots grail, leading up to trying to finally identify the most likely candidate for King Arthur.
Now before we go any farther, i have left links below for the previous Art Oenfers.
You should not read the book back to front.
First read those below, starting at one, and then read this one.
King Art Oenfer & Son - Part 1
Gallus the Mac - Part 2
King Art Oenfer III & the barbarcia conspiriato - Part 3
King Art Oenfer IV & V - Part 4
King Art Oenfer VI - Part 5
King Art Oenfer & the historia francorum - Part 6
King Art Oenfer & The boys - Part 7
Link for photo
King Arthur
Ok, so as with most of my other articles, i will be investigating the myths and legends of traditional British history, comparing them to contemporary accounts, and also investigating the modern day criticisms from historians and scholars.
I will begin with the criticisms below.
I will also add, the criticisms are blank statements, and completely unhelpful without explanation into how they came to their conclusion, and without proving that they have the necessary understanding in the subject to make such a judgement.
King Arthur
The details of Arthur's story are mainly composed of folklore and literary invention, and modern historians generally agree that he is unhistorical.[2][3]
Link for photo
Arthurian coat of Arms
Y Gododdin:
So, where on earth do i begin with this?
I think i will begin with why it might be that King Arthur's earliest appearances are in Y Goddodin literature.
King Arthur
[2][3] The sparse historical background of Arthur is gleaned from various sources, including the Annales Cambriae, the Historia Brittonum, and the writings of Gildas. Arthur's name also occurs in early poetic sources such as Y Gododdin.[4]
Link for photo
Y Gododdin
And the reason King Arthur is so popular in Gododdin literature, probably has to do with Lancelot, which mythology depicts as being orphaned as a child and being brought up in the realm of the Lady in the lake.
Lancelot du Lac (meaning Lancelot of the Lake, Welsh: Lawnslot y Llyn), also written as Launcelot and other variants (including early German Lanzelet, early French Lanselos, early Welsh Lanslod Lak, Italian Lancelotto and Lanci[a]lotto, and Spanish Lanzarote del Lago) is one of the Knights of the Round Table in Arthurian legend, where he typically is depicted as King Arthur's greatest companion and one of his greatest knights. According to legend, Lancelot is the orphaned son of King Ban of Benwick, raised in the fairy realm by the Lady of the Lake.
Link for photo
King Lot:
Now, the mythological Lancelot, would most likely be the same person as the legendary King Lot of Lothian.
But basically, according to the infinite wisdom of modern day historians, scholars and university graduates, this is just something Geoffrey of Monmouth quite literally made up.
King Lot
Lot, Loth or Lothus /ˈlɒt/ is the king of Lothian, the realm of the Picts in the Arthurian legend. Such a ruler first appeared late in the 1st millennium's hagiographical material concerning Saint Kentigern (also known as Saint Mungo), which feature a Leudonus, king of Leudonia, a Latin name for Lothian. In the 12th century, Geoffrey of Monmouth adapted this to Lot, king of Lothian, in his influential chronicle Historia Regum Britanniae, portraying him as King Arthur's brother-in-law and ally. In the wake of Geoffrey's writings,
Link for photo
King Lots arms
Saint Mungo:
However, there is a factual and historic Saint, and founder of the city of Glasgow, named Saint Mungo.
Saint Mungo
Kentigern (Welsh: Cyndeyrn Garthwys; Latin: Kentigernus), known as Mungo, was a missionary in the Scottish Kingdom of Strathclyde in the late sixth century, and the founder and patron saint of the city of Glasgow.
Link for photo
Tomb of Saint Mungo in Glasgow cathedral
King Lleuddun:
Now, the factual and historic Saint Mungo, was the grandson of the allegedly legendary King Lot.
Hagiographic life
Mungo's mother Teneu was a princess, the daughter of King Lleuddun (Latin: Leudonus) who ruled a territory around what is now Lothian in Scotland, perhaps the kingdom of Gododdin in the Old North.
Link for photo
Saint Mungo sitting atop of the Glasgow coat of Arms
Constantine I of Picts:
Now did you read the quote where it said King Lot was the king of the Picts? Aswell as being King Arthurs Brother in law?
Well, this would be because the legendary King Lot, is the real Lancelot, and the historic Constantine I, is the surname of Lot.
Fergus II to Kenneth II
43, Constantine, 457 AD, Polydore Vergil (Anglica Historia, 1555) gives from here a succession close to Buchanan.[38]
Link for photo
Lothian from atop Arthur's seat
King of Norway:
However, nothing is known about the Historic Constantine.
It appears everything about Constantine is written under the name Lot, by the norse-gales.
And that is what Goddodin is.
It is norse-gaelic.
And Lot is also the king of Norway, as well as the Orkneys.
King Lot
Lot chiefly figures as king of Lothian, but in other sources he also rules Orkney and sometimes Norway. He is generally depicted as the husband of Arthur's sister or half-sister, often known as Anna or Morgause.
Fergus Mor:
And of course, as you will remember from the previous article, king of Dal Riata, Fergus Mor was sent by his parents to be brought up in Scandinavia, as wartorn Britain was too dangerous at this point in time.
Fergus Mor in later accounts
Fergusius II according to Buchanan's count, was raised in exile in Scandinavia. He later fought with the Franks, before eventually returning to Scotland and reconquering the Scottish lands.
Erc of Dalriata:
Now, i would just like to look at Fergus Mor's father just a second.
Fergus Mor
Fergus Mór mac Eirc (Scottish Gaelic: Fearghas Mòr Mac Earca; English: Fergus the Great) was a legendary king of Dál Riata. He was the son of Erc of Dalriada.
Eric and Alaric:
Then i would like to pop over to Scandinavia, and point out the two Swedish myhtological warrior brothers, Alaric and Eric.
Alaric and Eric
Alaric and Eric (Old Norse Alrekr and Eiríkr ), were two legendary kings of Sweden.
Link for photo
Alaric and Eric hitting eachother with horse bridles
Alaric II:
Then i would like to point out the historic king of the Visigoths, who is best known in history for destroying the Western Roman empire forever, and had a Visgothic empire that actually, in the end, dwarfed the western Roman empire, and likely stretched as far as Scotland, Ireland and Wales, but were likely opposed by the Saxons.
Oh, and also a son of Euric. Who was the son of Alaric I, who had sacked Rome in 410 AD.
Therefore, historians and scholars that have been referring to Alaric and Eric for years, as mythological warriors, are simply not doing their jobs as historians, and would appear to not be historians.
Alaric II
Alaric II (Gothic: *Alareiks, *𐌰𐌻𐌰𐍂𐌴𐌹𐌺𐍃, "ruler of all";[1] also known as Alaricus in Latin, c. 458/466 – August 507) was the King of the Visigoths in 484–507. He succeeded his father Euric as king of the Visigoths in Toulouse on December 28, 484; he was the great-grandson of the more famous Alaric I, who sacked Rome in 410.[2] He established his capital at Aire-sur-l'Adour (Vicus Julii) in Aquitaine. His dominions included not only the majority of Hispania (excluding its northwestern corner) but also Gallia Aquitania and the greater part of an as-yet undivided Gallia Narbonensis.
Link for photo
Alaric II coin
And to top it off, it is infact quite contemporary that the norse gaelic realm of Gododdin, was located in Lothian.
Link for photo
Gododdin on map
Geoffrey of Monmouth the fantasist:
Now i am going to deal with the claim from professional historians and scholars, that just as good as call Geoffrey a fantasist.
Now, whilst Geoffrey does credit King Arthur and the boys with a few military victories, he actually say's nothing about collapsing the Roman empire along the way.
But, that is exactly what contemporary history points to.
It points to kings of Lothian and Dal riata being from the exact same family as the kings that collapsed the Roman empire, and those kings are said to be related to King Arthur.
So, what is fanciful about it? It appears our scholars and historians must think the Roman empire was collapsed by fairy kings, if they do not believe that actual real kings were behind it.
Perhaps they have been reading historic childrens stories, as opposed to adult history.
King Arthur
Arthur is a central figure in the legends making up the Matter of Britain. The legendary Arthur developed as a figure of international interest largely through the popularity of Geoffrey of Monmouth's fanciful and imaginative 12th-century Historia Regum Britanniae (History of the Kings of Britain).[5]
Link for photo
Lady of the lake (Waterfalls in the Norwegian fjords are often referred to with ladies names)
And now, on to Arthur constantine's sword, excalibur.
King Arthur
Many elements and incidents that are now an integral part of the Arthurian story appear in Geoffrey's Historia, including Arthur's father Uther Pendragon, the magician Merlin, Arthur's wife Guinevere, the sword Excalibur,
Link for photo_(14801002423).jpg)
Crocea Mors:
The sword would most likely be Crocea Mors, the sword that Nennius allegedly took from Julius Caesar.
I think it would far more likely be that, than the mythological contemporary tale spread by contemporary historians and scholars that Constantines sword was a message in the sky from Jesus.
.[7] The Britons hold firm, and that night Caesar flees back to Gaul. Cassibelanus's celebrations are muted by Nennius's death from his head wound. He is buried with the sword he took from Caesar, which is named Crocea Mors (Yellow Death).
Link for photo
Constantines sword
Holy grail:
And now to the Holy grail.
Is it a cup? Is it a dish? Is it a stone?
Is it simply a treasure of great importance, as described in Arthurian literature, or is it some unknown and mystic magical thing connected to Jesus, as taught by most contemporary historians and scholars?
How do we solve this?
Well, the holy grail means different things to different people.
To Christians it is the drinking cup of Christ.
But we are not looking for the drinking cup of Christ.
We are looking for Lancelots holy grail.
King Arthur
The 12th-century French writer Chrétien de Troyes, who added Lancelot and the Holy Grail to the story, began the genre of Arthurian romance
Link for photo
Location of the grail
Grail castle:
So, remembering that Lancelot is King Lot, let us begin the search for the divine grace, and castle of Corbenic, by finding out the most likely location for Galahads birth.
Corbenic (Carbone[c]k, Corbin) is the name of the Grail castle, the edifice housing the Holy Grail in Arthurian legend. It is a magical domain of the Grail keeper, often known as the Fisher King. The castle's descriptions vary greatly in different sources, and it first appears by that name in the Lancelot-Grail cycle where it is also the birthplace of Galahad.
Link for photo
Corbenic castle
So, to begin the search for the divine grace, and Corbenic castle, we must find out who King Lots illegitimate son was.
Lancelot grail
The authors of the Vulgate Cycle used the Grail as a symbol of divine grace; Galahad, illegitimate son of Lancelot and Elaine, the world's greatest knight and the Grail Bearer at the castle of Corbenic
Link for photo
Grail castle
Out of King Lots five legitimate sons, one of them is very much considered a bastard son, whos father is disputed.
So Mordred is obviously Galahad.
As Modredus, Mordred was depicted as Arthur's traitorous nephew and a legitimate son of King Lot in Geoffrey of Monmouth's pseudo-historical work Historia Regum Britanniae which then served as the basis for the following evolution of the legend since the 12th century. Later variants most often characterised him as Arthur's villainous bastard son, born of an incestuous relationship with his half-sister, the Queen of Orkney named either Anna, Orcades or Morgause.
Link for photo
Sir Mordred
Arthur's seat:
Well, the most likely location for Mordreds birth would have been Arthur seat, as Arthur seat around 1600 years ago was one giant hill fort, with forts within forts, all the way to the summit.
Human history
A hill fort occupies the summit of Arthur's Seat and the subsidiary hill, Crow Hill.[9]
Link for photo
Arthur's seat
Archaeological findings:
It must have been quite an incredible place.
Archaeologists have found several hillforts within what would have been Grail castle.
And they were written about in Y Goddodin.
Human history
Hill fort defences are visible round the main massif of Arthur's Seat at Dunsapie Hill and above Samson's Ribs, in the latter cases certainly of prehistoric date. These forts are likely to have been centres of power of the Votadini, who were the subject of the poem Y Gododdin which is thought to have been written about 600 AD. Two stony banks on the east side of the hill represent the remains of an Iron Age hill-fort and a series of cultivation terraces are obvious above the road just beyond and best viewed from Duddingston.
Link for photo
Dunsapie hill fort, within a fort
This is going to have tbc in Search for the grail part 2, as i just ran out of characters.
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2020.10.16 01:38 Nonstopas Throwback Write-Up #23: Eminem - Relapse

Artist: Eminem Album: Relapse
Streaming: Spotify Apple Music Tidal
Album Background: The years before Relapse
It’s 2009. Lil Wayne and Cash Money associates such as Drake and Nicki Minaj are starting their rise to fame. The number 1 most rated album that year was Only Built For Cuban Linx pt. 2 and hip-hop as a genre was definitely at a standstill in terms of new genre and uniqueness.
It’s been 5 years since the last studio album from Eminem. Encore, his last studio album released in 2004 didn’t do as well as the previous album, an all-time classic: The Eminem Show. Relapse was met with generally negative to mixed reviews, even considered a slump, and a fall off for Eminem. Encore was just a glimpse of what’s yet to come. Tracks like Fack from Curtain Call:The Hits, as well as the leaks that were recorded during the hiatus, which were meant to be included in his final studio album King Mathers, did not show anything promising at all. In those 5 years leading up to Relapse, Eminem was perhaps in the real rock bottom of his career and personal life. Marshall, unarguably fell-off from the all-time highs of his career as an artist, his music was starting to lose momentum, his drug addiction was entering the dangerous territory, and the worst hit came from his friend Proof being shot outside an after-hours club in Detroit. Eminem also had a 2nd divorce with his wife Kim after being re-married for only eleven weeks. Eminem is not an ordinary rapper. He is a man who became a hip-hop legend in just short 5 years with one of the un-deniably greatest peaks in hip-hop history. It seemed like it was the end of the story of the hip-hop behemoth Slim Shady, as everything in his life and career was falling down like rubble of an empire that once was.
Yet it wasn’t the end.
Introduction: The comeback of Slim Shady
After completing one of several attempted 12-step programs to control his drug abuse, Eminem began recording major parts of Relapse in late 2007 to early 2009, with Beautiful being the only exception, which was also the only song recorded before he became sober, and later on was finished with an added verse after he became clean for drugs, that was a small hint of optimism in an otherwise depressing song.
In 2009 the first official single of Relapse hit the radio. We Made You was in the list of fun/goofysingles that we got from Eminem even before the hiatus, such as: Without Me, The Real Slim Shady, My Name Is and Just Lose It. And it did succeed in a way, but the single did not really give us an idea of what Relapse will truly be, apart from the small glimpse of the accents, but I believe nobody really paid attention to that as the song was meant to be a tongue in cheek and more on the fun side, just like the songs that came in the earlier years as mentioned before.
Throughout the years the album has received a lot of slack. And some of it is very obvious why. The accents. The number one problem stated by rap critics and listeners is the accents as well as the subject matter. Many people did not like a horror-core album in 2009. However, no one seemed to have a problem about the impeccable production, or about unique flows or the content. It was about the accents. If we look past that, Relapse is probably the most unique album Eminem has ever made. It is almost entirely produced by Dr.Dre, a long-time partner-in-crime, something that we never heard before or since Relapse. It is the main reason why musically it is just magnificent.
Back in 2008, Dre was still working on Detox, and compared to his output musically now, his production was still not as dated and sounded great and somewhat fresh, and exactly what Eminem needed during this time of his life. A dear friend, a producer with whom he had great chemistry and who understood Eminem’s recording process. I personally, cannot think of a single song which had a bad production on this album and it shows Dre's longevity in the game, and how well it ages. It is also quite consistent because of the reoccurring serial-killer and drug abuse/relapse theme.
10 years later, I find myself returning to the album quite often, as it is a gold mine for underrated Eminem songs, and lines that slid right past me when I was listening to it for the first time.
The aforementioned themes, however, do not make Relapse an easy listen. It’s not something you can put on a warm summer’s day or a cozy winter night. It is not an album you bump with your windows open, and it is not something you listen before sleep. Relapse is something else, completely. It is an album that you put on during a dark, rainy night, when not everything may be going the way you want it to, and when you just want to escape the grim reality, to an even grimier one, where you are not the main character. And that’s why this album resonates so much with me. The dark atmosphere that surrounds Relapse just as it was surrounding Eminem during his darkest of times. When I listen to Relapse I always imagine entering Eminem’s mind during his recovery from drug abuse. Relapse is what nightmares and the fight against addiction sounded and felt like.
This album was necessary for Eminem to not only come back but also to move on forward in his career. He had to get all of that shit that was inside his head out so he could continue where he left off half a decade ago, and even move past it, as said by Eminem himself in an interview: “With this album, the concept of relapse was obviously a double entendre. As in, literally relapsing on drugs and also relapsing back into Shady. I heard a lot of comments when I was away. A lot of people said, “When Em comes back he’s gotta reinvent himself.” I didn’t feel like I needed to reinvent myself. I feel like I needed to just go back to what got me here in the first place: just rapping about the craziest, most outlandish shit.”
In almost 11 years since it was released, Relapse has became some-what a Cult Classic and even considered as one of the best Eminem albums right after the legendary trio of SSLP - MMLP - TES.
Favorite track review.
Due to time constraints and not to make the write-up too long i decided to cut the full tracklist review into my personal favorite song review.
The album is opened up with a skit. It suggests that Eminem is now clean and struggling the temptations of drugs. Constantly fighting his demons. The opening track 3 A.M is pure horror core. We instantly hear Eminem using his accents. In my opinion the song is good at telling a story and showcasing Em’s new, refurbished flows. But that can be said true about almost any track on the album. However, just like Eminem himself said, 3 AM does indeed depict of what the whole album is about, therefore it is definitely a great opening track, setting the tone to what is yet to come.
You’re walking down the horror corridor.
With the haunting first drum claps and an intense rhyme scheme:
You're walkin' down a horror corridor
It's almost four in the mornin' and you're in a
Nightmare, it's horrible, right there's the coroner
Waiting for ya to turn the corner so he can corner ya
You're a goner, he's onto ya
Out the corner of his cornea, he just saw ya run
All you want is to rest 'cause you can't run anymore, you're done
Eminem greets the listener with an element of surprise that is quite well known for fans, however it was never done in such a distinctive way. Most of Em's albums leading up to Relapse started of with more accessible tracks like My Name Is, Kill You and White America.
If you put yourself in a shoe of a 2009s rap listener, this Eminem is not something you would have expected. The weird accent, the beat and the rhymes are more intense than ever, they might have even been confusing and somewhat disappointing to you at the time, because what we really wanted was that old Eminem over something more innovative.
Eminem starts painting you vivid pictures. If the intro track 3 AM didn’t hook you in, then this track absorbed you into the mind of a twisted drug addict, full of psychotic, dark images. Sometimes it’s tongue in cheek, the bars expressed are dark yet hilariously haunting.
Here, want a snack? You hungry, you fuckin' brat?
Look at that, it's a Xanax, take it and take a nap, eat it
But I don't need it — "Well fuck it then, break it up
Take a little piece and beat it before you wake Nathan up"
Alright Ma, you win, I don't feel like arguin'
I'll do it, pop it, gobble it and start wobblin'
Stumble, hobble, tumble, slip, trip, then I fall in bed
With a bottle of meds and a Heath Ledger bobblehead
One of the most interesting things about this album is how slowly Eminem makes all of the fucked-up shit about his life start sounding normal. A drug addict mother feeding her son valium for breakfast is just the second track of the album, yet we start understanding that this album is going to be something else. After almost 11 years after the release we can start appreciating these songs as sort of a rant to a psychiatrist, where Eminem digs deep into his problems in his early childhood days.
Because my mom loved valium and lots of drugs
Throughout his career Eminem had talked about his problems with his mom, about never having a father, about how he was raised and what it led to. However, he never did it the way he explains it in the song My Mom.
Valium was in everything, food that I ate
The water that I drank, fuckin' peas in my plate
She sprinkled just enough of it to season my steak
So every day I'd have at least three stomachaches
Marshall's relationship with his mother has always been somewhat complicated. He was never afraid to critique his upbringing, but the song really show's us how fucked up his childhood was. I think one of the reasons why I find the song My Mom so interesting is because how effortlessly and somewhat relaxed he's telling all of this traumatic shit. But at the same time, that was always the appeal of Eminem: the ability to express things that others were too afraid to say, in ways that others have never done before.
You can be a permanent fixture in my lyrical mixture
As bagpipes start blowing and quite possibly the hardest hitting beat on the album starts, we get a little taste of the classic Eminem back on Bagpipes from Baghdad
Locked in Mariah's wine cellar, all I had for lunch
Was bread, wine, more bread, wine and Captain Crunch
Red wine for breakfast and for brunch
And to soak it up, an in-between snack, crackers to munch
Mariah, what ever happened to us?
Why did we have to break up?
All I asked for was a glass of punch
You see, I never really asked for much
I can't imagine what's going through your mind after such
A nasty break-up with that Latin hunk
Luis Miguel, Nick Cannon better back the fuck up
I'm not playin', I want her back, you punk
This is Hello Kitty bedspread, Satin Funk
Mixed with Egyptian, with a little rap and punk
Zapp and Eric Clapton, Shaft, Frank Zappa, crunk
And yeah baby, I want another crack at ya
You can beat me with any spatula that you want
I mean, I really want you bad, you cunt
Nick, you had your fun, I've come to kick you in your sack of junk
Man, I could use a fresh batch of blood
So prepare your vernacular for Dracula acupuncture
The song Bagpipes from Baghdad was the start of Nick Cannon – Mariah Carey - Eminem beef triangle. Eminem has not had many great attempts at his career as an MC, many of the shots taken at him back in the day failed to even hit the target, but It definitely seems like the most fun he has had was with the Mariah Carey beef. On this song Eminem managed to throw a few shots at both Nick and Marriah, that later led to the classic diss track The Warning, which also happened after Mariah dropped a video with Eminem diss. I think that this song was one of the few instances in this album where we had a glimpse of the old Em with a twist of what is yet to come. Yet to this day, the track feels somewhat fresh, as Eminem's flows used in the album have held on better than his latter works.
Yeah baby, do that dance It's the last dance you'll ever get the chance to do
Same Song and dance may not be a standout track for many, but this song is just a pure example of Eminem’s ability to create vivid stories, that just make you feel uncomfortable. I like this track so much, because it is just a story from a horror movie, except that it all rhymes perfectly. This song is a perfect display of why Em is one of the greatest lyricist of all time. Not many MC's are able to develop a story, full of twists, while almost perfectly rhyming most of the verse.
I was hooked in at the first glimpse of them buns
Seen her backstage, now here's where I come in, son
Look, here she comes, I better pull out the big guns
Hello Lindsay, you're looking a little thin, hun
How 'bout a ride to rehab? Get in, cunt
But starting off on the wrong foot is what I didn't want
Girl, I'm just kidding, let me start over again, hun
See what I meant was, we should have a little intervention
Come with me to Brighton, let me relieve your tension
You little wench, ya, murder wasn't my intention
If I wanted to kill you, it would've already been done
Slowly she gets in and I begin to lynch her
With 66 inches of extension cord
Soon as my flow starts I compose art like the ghost of Mozart
Stay Wide Awake is by far the most complicated, and incredibly song Eminem has ever released. It is a long time fan favorite, and a huge cult-classic behind lots of old listeners. Tyler, The Creator even stated this song as one of his biggest influences on his early style. So what makes Stay Wide Awake so good?
Fe-fi-fo-fum, I think I smell the scent of a placenta
I enter Central Park, it's dark, it's winter in December
I see my target, put my car in park, and approach a tender
Young girl by the name of Brenda, and I pretend to befriend her
Sit down beside her like a spider, hi there girl, you mighta
Heard of me before, see whore, you're the kind of girl that I'd a–
-ssault and rape, then figure why not try to make your pussy wider
Fuck you with an umbrella then open it up while the shit's inside ya
I'm the kind of guy that's mild but I might flip and get a little bit wilder
Impregnate a lesbian, yeah, now let's see her have triplets, and I'll di–
-sintegrate them babies as soon as they're out her with formalde–
-hyde and cyanide, girl, you can try and hide, you can try to scream louder
No need for no gunpowder, that only takes all the fun out of
Murderin', I'd rather go vinn-vinn, and now you see just how the
Fuck I do just what I do when I cut right through your scalp, uhh
Shit, wait a minute, I mean skull, my knife seems dull, pull another one out, uh
The first verse is one of few songs in Eminem catalog that rhymes perfectly, with so many integral rhymes, that also manage to hit the beat at the same time. While doing all of his magic flow rhyming, Eminem also manages to portray yet another horror story, about guess what… Rape and murder! Classic.
Soon as my flow starts I compose art like the ghost of Mozart
Even though they all say that they're real, I know that most aren't
Boy, you think you're clever, don't ya? Girl, you think you're so smart
Come with me to another side in a world so cold and so dark
With the bridge, Eminem fully invites you to join his dark, murdering, raping, screaming, fantasy of an album. We are in for a ride.
Where's the flames there's chronic
Old Times Sake is a really fun track, with Dre and Em going back and forth, well, for Old Time's Sake of course! This track is just generally well made track, i would not necessarily say it is a standout of the album, yet a personal favorite, since it has been so long since we had an Eminem and Dre collab back then and even now. I feel like the song displays both of their personalities and friendship very well.
Mommy, something's wrong with dad i think
Déjà vu perhaps the best of not one of the best songs of the album and overall in Eminems career. Here, he gets a bit more personal, ditches the accents and goes deep inside his battle with addiction, how it affected his family and how the last 5 years before the album felt like. This is Eminem at his most vulnerable, yet the track is what the fans needed very much at the time, to know what exactly went in Eminems life during the time away from fame.
So I take a Vicodin, splash, it hits my stomach, then (Ahhh!)
Couple of weeks go by, it ain't even like I'm gettin' high
Now I need it just not to feel sick, yeah, I'm gettin' by
Wouldn't even be taking this shit if DeShaun didn't die
Oh yeah, there's an excuse; you lose Proof, so you use
There's new rules, it's cool if it's helpin' you to get through
It's twelve-noon, ain't no harm in self-inducin' a snooze
What else is new? Fuck it, what would Elvis do in your shoes?
Now here I am three months later, full-blown relapse
"Just get high until the kids get home from school, homes, relax"
And since I'm convinced that I'm an insomniac
I need these pills to be able to sleep, so I take three naps
Just to be able to function throughout the day, let's see
That's an Ambien each nap, how many Valium? Three?
And that will average out to about one good hour's sleep
Okay, so now ya see the reason how come he
Has taken four years to just put out an album, B
See, me and you, we almost had the same outcome, Heath
'Cause that Christmas, you know the whole pneumonia thing?
It was bologna, was it the methadone, ya think?
Even tough Em did not get rid of accents for this song, his some-what relaxed delivery of these horrible events of his life make the track very hard hitting. It seems like Eminem was at a point in his life where he knew that all the fucked up shit he was doing is not good for him, yet he could not quit it, he simply did not care. And this track is the pre-epitome of what happened during his 2007 OD. Eminem nearly died after taking ‘equivalent of four bags of heroin’ before pal Elton John saved his life.
**Feel your pain, you feel mine
Go inside each other's minds
Just to see what we find
Look at shit through each other's eyes
Perhaps the most normal song, a definite fan favorite, and overall an amazing track, Beautiful, is the only track on the album that was recorded during his hiatus on drugs, and was finished latter on, after becoming sober, and adding a more light-hearted optimistic verse to the album.
Beautiful is a very personal song for Eminem, as many of the songs on this album, yet at the point in time, while listening to this song it felt nice hearing this old Em back, even tough a bit less cocky, funny and crazy than usual.
Paul Wall is dope, and so is Bubba
My Darling is a great song on so many ways, with such a weird off-beat intro to the album, a diss/homage to Paul Wall, and that weird transition. It's quite hard to say what makes this song an interesting listen, but i think it's definitely up there with one of the best Eminem tracks out there.
You remember that night you prayed to God
You'd give anything to get a record deal? Well, Dre signed you
This is what you wanted your whole life, Marshall, right? Ooh
Look at this house, look at these cars: they're so nice, woo!
Oh, but you didn't know fame has a price too?
That you just now seeing the downside to
Lose your best friend from high school, your wife too
Ain't even sure if your kids like you
Come off tour, can't even sleep at night without NyQuil
Become a Valium addict, start a rehab cycle
But together we can break the cycle
Marshall…" — What?! — "No one's gonna love you like I do"
My Darling, the darling means the Slim Shady persona. The song is about a constant battle between the alternate persona that Eminem always showed us throughout his career. During his struggles and controversy it used to be that it's "Slim Shady who said that!" and the more political stuff was more out character. It's funny to look at Eminem and his career as a separation between 3 different personas, and in the earlier albums it used to be very clear when and what persona is used. Personal is Marshal himself, political is Eminem, and Bat-shit insane is Slim Shady. Yet this song shows an example that really, as it should be, there is no difference, it's all Eminem.
The 6th studio album by Eminem is perhaps the most controversial in terms of general opinion. At first it was greeted as a return of Slim Shady, but later people realised that one thing they don’t like about the album is also everything that makes that album unique. Eminem has stated that after getting clean from drugs he had to re-learn how to rap again, Relapse’s accents are the byproduct of this. Even when you look at Eminem's early Relapse era recordings of live performances you can see how awkward he used to look on stage, compare to a completely dominate stage presence in the early 2000s. The accents come from a voice inside. Eminem had to find away to connect the rhymes he thought about constantly, and frankly this murderous, psychotic killer persona is something that let him achieve this. On the other hand, songs like Beautiful, Deja Vu, Underground and Careful What You Wish For shows us that he was still capable creating songs on par to his earlier work and even exceeding it.
So why, besides the accents and the murderous persona is Relapse so unique? In my opinion the little details add up to this albums uniqueness, such as the “Devil Slim Shady” voice that you can hear echoing in My Darling and a few other songs. Also, this album was perhaps the first and last time where an album was mostly Dr. Dre’s produced, and to this day i think the as many other Dre produced tracks, Relapses beat’s still sound somewhat fresh. It also captures a significant turning point of Hip-Hop. The start of a new decade meant a whole new sound will emerge very soon, and Eminem was one of the last OG's who where still releasing music at the time, but it was not the same quality as his last albums. The same problem was encountered by Nas, JayZ and even 50Cent who had an insane run a few years back. 2009 was the year Hip-Hop stopped, and later on it started to shape into a genre that we all know now. Relapse and Recovery were all made right before streaming became popular, and Eminem was still huge on physical sales, outselling everyone he competed with.
Now talking about general track lists, personally, my absolute favorite of the album varies. For the past year or to i feel in love with My Music Box from Refill, which i consider a part of one big project that i didn't have much time to discuss. The sweet, child-like harmony before the beat drops is as incredible as the vivid pictures that Eminem paints in his verses.
He’s dancing with carcasses... i guess a modern day jack the ripper is all that i am.
Relapse is an important album for me as it sort of a guilty pleasure, that i got hooked on back in 2008, when i evidently rediscovered it after a few years of not listening to rap at all. Back then i wasn’t keen or trying to find everyone’s opinions about albums or music in general. Everything was left to my imagination. As English is not my native language, to this day, 10 years later i find bars and mentions that i never used to get.
With all being said, i still strongly stand besides my statement that Relapse is the most unique album Eminem has ever released. It perhaps has the best production out of his whole discography. It became a cult classic after all these years and it also reminds us of a similar time not so long ago, where an album full of rape and misogynist, sexist and homophobic lyrics could have went platinum. I like to imagine Relapse as one long nightmare Eminem once had during his recovery from addictions.
Let's discuss.
  • How has your opinion about the album changed after 10 years since it's release?
  • Where does release stack up in terms of discography in Eminem's career?
  • Does Eminem's latest output put Relapse ahead, or behind? *
  • What are your personal favorite songs or bars out of the album?
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2020.10.15 04:08 Veryangryacorn The Chronicles of the Graveyard Management Team - That time I got shanked in jail

The Chronicles of the Graveyard Management Team - That time I got shanked in jail
Just so you know, if you ever get arrested, smuggle in seasoning packets. That food is bland.
Last time I told you about Amara’s body going missing and her ending up in my trunk. Smelled gross, looked gross, felt gross. When I left off I was taken to jail and boy was that exciting. Big bro escorted me in and gave my information to the book in clerk. I’ll post my mug shot if I can find it. I was smiling. I tried to throw up a peace sign but they told me that wasn’t allowed. If I can find it I want to frame it and put it in the office.
And if your lost and want to read all the stories, here’s a list of them that I forget to update. But I’ll do it right now. Maybe.
After a very intrusive search I was given my one phone call. The only problem with this is that the only phone numbers I have memorized are the Chinese place one town over, my brothers, and my mothers. I wouldn’t call my mother, big bro wouldn’t pick up to be smart, and the only place left was the Chinese place. I needed to get a message to Greg so I figured he could use some food.
“Honk Kong what would you like?”
“Hi can I order a number 3 with extra sauce?”
“Yes. Anything else?”
“Wontons. Extra crispy please.”
“Is this pickup or delivery?”
“Delivery please. We’ll pay in cash. Place of business. Please deliver to Westwood Cemetery.”
There was a quick pause while the lady processed this. I’m not sure if she knew about our cemetery but they’ve delivered there before and for my slowly forming plan to work, I needed to get the message across.
“Okay. What’s the name?”
“Please give it to a Greg. Let him know it’s a gift from Clara. Please let him know I’m open Tomorrow and to be careful of the wiring.”
“10 minutes.” And the call went silent.
Before I could hang the phone up there was a shock of static on the line. I figured Amara was nearby and trying to form. Suddenly, the phone started to spark and I slammed it down on the receiver. The officer came rushing over.
“What did you do Inmate?” He asked while dragging me away.
“Not sure, Sir. But I would fix that before it harms an inmate. That’s a lawsuit.”
“You asshole! Be respectful or you’ll never make it!” He said while dragging me by the hair.
I was hoping Greg would piece the message together. Maybe I should have sent it to Charlotte instead. 3 O’clock tomorrow. Bring something to jam the signals so our conversation wouldn’t be recorded.
I was booked in early enough to make it to a First Appearance Hearing that day. The ladies were done first so all I had to do was wait for my name.
“Clara Elise Stearling. Please step up to the podium.” The Judge said. He looked old and cranky and he had a Santa beard. He looked like the grandpa you invite to dinner but hope doesn’t show up.
“Good Afternoon, Your Honor. How are you?” I asked.
“Judge, Melissa Wethering with the Public Defender‘s office. As a friend of the Court, I’d like to waive the reading of the charges.” A woman, who I would assume is Melissa Wethering with the Public Defenders office, interrupted.
“Very well. Ms. Stearling, are you aware of the charges in your case?” The judge asked.
“No, Sir.”
“Would you like a Bailiff to show you?”
“No, Sir.”
“So let me get this straight Ms. Stearling. You’re in for some pretty serious charges and you just don’t care?” The Judge asked bewildered.
“No, Sir. My name will be cleared within the next month.”
“Very well. I commend you on the positivity. Would you like a Public Defender appointed to your case?”
“No, Sir.”
“Will you be hiring a private attorney?” He pushed.
“No, Sir.”
“Ms. Stearling, do you have any legal experience?”
“Yes, Sir. I interned with the State Attorney’s office in high school.”
“And you would like to go at these charges alone?”
“Yes please.”
The Judge sighed like he was tired of dealing with me. I’m not sure why. I kinda knew what I was doing.
“Very well. Your next hearing will be a Pre-Trial hearing. Due to the nature of these charges and your occupation you will be scheduled on the docket alone. Please escort her to her cell. Best of luck Ma’am.”
“Thank you, Judge.”
And just like that, I had a new court date AND I had a plan. Maybe not the best plan but a plan.
I was escorted back to my cell where I found a note on my bed. The handwriting was one I did not recognize.
I want to right the wrongs. If you need something please write a note and give it to the guard with the last name Russell and the Eagle tattoo. He’ll know what to do. I’ll be working on the outside to help. It may take some time. I’m trying to conquer my own problems.
I’m sorry.”
I have no clue whose handwriting this is. Who would try to help me. Also, why would you get an eagle tattoo? To be patriotic? Maybe an old army soldier? Too many questions. So little time. I needed to get out of here.
The rest of the day passed by pretty uneventful. My first day as a jail bird was boring. There was no man in a leather jacket singing Jailhouse rock like the TV would make you think. What worried me was that there was no sign of Amara. She was either conserving her strength for something big or she decided to go after someone else.
The next day rolls around and the guard lets me know I have a visitor. Greg’s waiting for me in the visitation center. I can smell him before I see him but please, don’t tell him that. I pop around the corner and he gives me a short wave before the guard removes my cuffs and guides me to the seat.
“Clara. Out of all of my employees and everything we’ve done at work, I’ve never had to visit anyone in jail. The morgue, yes. But not jail.”
“Aww thanks I missed you too. Is there any way they can hear us?”
“No. I called in a favor. I have friends.”
“You sound like a hit man. Kinda sus.”
“Stop joking around. Why did you ask me here?”
“What no thank you for the food? It’s your favorite.”
Greg looked like he wanted to punch me in the face. I don’t know why, I clearly did nothing wrong.
“Clara you sent me food that I had to pay for. I only had a $20. The delivery driver had to get a $10 tip.”
“I’ll take that as my thank you. Your welcome! Anyways I had an idea. What if we binded her soul to the knife used to kill her. I’ll ask for a hearing and we get the Wennings to come and Ms. Millie. With all of us in one room there’s no way she won’t show up. We trap her and we get her to tell the Judge what happened.”
“That’s a nice idea except Ms. Millie is missing and the Wenning’s won’t do anything they’re not ordered to do.”
“Okay well no one really cares about Ms. Millie and we’ll just subpoena the Wennings. Including Remmy.”
“That’s fine but how do you expect us to lure Amara to the knife? She has to be weak for us to summon her. How do you expect us to even get the knife?”
“Use a summoning ritual and yeet her soul into the knife. Big bro can probably get it for you. I can’t come up with everything.”
Greg shook his head. He was clearly over me.
“Your brother showed up with his badge at my front door. He said he figured I’d be the first one to see you. He wants to to know he’s got people looking out for you.”
“Can you ask him if he knows an Officer Russell? I had this weird note in my room. Ask him if he can decode the handwriting.” I asked.
“Sure. How have you been doing?”
“It’s literally been one day. I’m fine. Nothing’s going to happen.”
But boy was I wrong. I told Greg to please let Ms. Mayberry know that I am sorry I missed her tea appointment but I am hoping to join her soon. We said our goodbyes and I was escorted back to my cell.
That evening I went to sleep and only woke up when I heard someone standing outside my cell.
“You banished me. You banished me. You banished me. You banished me.” The voice chanted.
I slowly peeked up from my pillow to see a very angry, shakily formed Amara standing outside my cell. It was like trying to see through the rain and a dense fog. It was a form, but you wouldn’t know who it was unless you were expecting it.
“Oh hello! Lovely to see you! Here to talk?”
“You banished me. You banished me. You banished me. You. Banished. Me.” She kept chanting.
“I take that as a no.”
She tried to pass through the bars but they seemed to stop her. I took the risk and stepped a little closer. They looked like normal bars. I searched around the room and found tiny talismans in the corners. Would Officer Russell have done this? Maybe big bro put these here? If the bars were iron they would inconvenience her, but the bars and the talisman would be enough to keep her out. Greg must have tried to summon her recently to trap her. She was clearly weak like she had fought something off. At this point she was screaming loud enough for the guards to come running.
When the guards clicked their flashlights my way she vanished. They rushed to my cell but decided it was the crazy lady next to me screaming. It wasn’t, but it was nice to have an excuse. Apparently, she yelled at someone last week about losing her chickens.
Amara continued to do this for the next week. She’d appear at my cell and scream. Eventually, she found out how to get the sound just in my mind so she didn’t attract the guards. She was becoming stronger and I only hoped she was spreading her energy between me and each of the Wenning’s. This would give us some more time to play with. She wasn’t able to do anything in the day so I was able to get some rest.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. At the end of the week I could feel the dark circles around my eyes and I was zoning out more often then usual.
Charlotte came to see me in the middle of the week. She didn’t have much of an update. They haven’t been successful in trapping her. She said she’s fighting pretty hard but even with everyone trying they just can’t get her. I told her I know. She’s busy yelling in my brain every night. She said the Wennings have slowly started to look like they weren’t sleeping. They looked like a classic case of haunting. I ask her about big bro. She said my brother was handling things well and Ben was watering my plant. She also said she had a gift from Ms. Lilith and it was a keychain I’ve always admired that hung in her living room. She said they didn’t know who wrote that note. She filled me in on work and how things were the same. She had apparently been caught by the weeping widow and was caught in her story again. She said she was so stressed out that she cried along with the Widow and she told her brighter days were coming but it had to be a little darker first. Charlotte’s having some family issues and my situation has also worn heavy on her. I told her it’s okay, I’m fine, and I’ll be back to work before she knows it. I bid her bye, told her to thank Ms. Lilith for me, and returned to my cell.
That night Amara did not appear. Nor the night after. I started to sleep finally. I regained the bit of strength I lost when a spirit is yelling at me all night in my brain.
I thought things were looking up. Maybe they had trapped her soul or maybe they got the knife and she was binded and I wouldn’t have to worry about it. I laid down at night happy to sleep.
Hey did you know that apparently, suspected murderers are still entitled to outside time? I was able to have outside time in the day and at night. I quickly found the guard named Russell with the eagle tattoo. He was always stationed at the west corner overlooking the guards. I decided to write a note to this secret ally of mine.
I would like to know who you are. Also, I would a bit of salt and pepper delivered to my cell. And a new pillow. And a nicer cell. But mostly I just want to know who you are.
-you know who”
I just happen to need to ask the guard to use the restroom and I just happen to be close to the guard named Russell and I just happen to drop the note on the ground and he just happened to pick it up. I felt like I was in a spy movie.
That night while I was having outside time, I was laying down looking up at the stars. We get 15 minutes so I was enjoying each moment. With the wind blowing and the Owls cooing it was like nothing was wrong. I heard the guards order everyone to come inside and saw them start to focus on the inmates closer to them.
Suddenly the wind stopped and the Owl’s stopped cooing. I recognized this moment as the moment before something bad happens in a movie. Or a soured spirit appears. I opened my eyes and sat up and no one seemed to notice except one inmate who was staring at me. But her eyes were white.
She walked over like she was taking her first steps in months. The closer she got the more I could hear her. “You failed you failed you failed you failed.”
Amara had possessed her. Amara had this poor woman’s soul squashed down so she could take control. It was like a puppet master learning to walk a puppet. I figured reasoning with her was my best bet. Calling the guards over would only end in exposing our towns secret.
“Amara. I’m doing my best. I need you to let me work.”
“Failed failed failed failed failed failed”
“Hey that’s not really a moral boosted. I have a plan I just need you to help me.”
“No. failure failure failure failure.”
“I have failed and I will live with this for the rest of my life. For now, I need you to trust me. Just like you did before.”
I held my palms up trying to show her I wasn’t going to hurt her. About this time Amara was within arms length.
“JOIN ME” she screeched.
Before I could react a bone knife stabbed me once in the lower abdomen and once in the thigh. I was knocked to the ground and attempting to get away, the adrenalin helping me temporarily ignore the pain.
“FAILURE” I heard again.
The commotion caught the guards attention but not before she had enough time to drive the knife into my arm. I heard a gunshot and the inmate fell to the ground. She was still twitching like a, well, like a possessed woman. I put my hand on her forehead and quickly uttered a Latin phrase to cleanse the body. If the body is weak it’s much easier to remove a spirit and this poor girl got a bullet to the head and one through the gut. I told the girl I was sorry this happened and that I hope she didn’t feel anything.
About this time the pain started to register as well as the pool of blood I was laying in. Things started to get fuzzy. I felt a sharp pain on my abdomen as a guard applied pressure. I felt the jab as someone put their belt around my arm. I tried to stay awake but I was so tired of fighting. Fighting felt like fire, giving up was calm and like floating in the sea. But damn am I stubborn and damn was I going to prove to Amara that it takes more then a knife to take me down.
So I did what I do best and I fought. I stayed awake until one of the guards, who I later found out was Russell, told me he was sorry and that I could sleep. He told me he would protect me and she would be upset this happened. I felt them jostle me onto a gourney. I felt the small pinch as an IV was started and I slowly slipped away.
I woke up at the county hospital hooked up to a few machines and my mother asleep in a recliner. I was really drowsy and later told I had woken up a few times but I kept talking about owning a fox named Jeff.
I enjoyed the last few moments of peace. I knew my mom would bombard me with questions the moment she knew I was awake but better now then never.
“Hey mom.” I croaked.
She didn’t move. Mom sleeps like the dead. Like I almost was. It’s okay, you can laugh at that.
“Mom.” I tried again.
No response so I hit the nurse button and a nurse started speaking before she even rounded the corner.
“I told you Ms. Stearling. When she’s lucid - -“ and she popped around the corner.
“Well Hello sleeping beauty. I’m your nurse. My name is Sherri. How are you feeling?”
“Hi. Like I just fought a bear and a lion.” I told her.
“It’s time for more pain medicine. Take it easy. The stab to the abdomen was deep but luckily it missed anything important. The one to your arm and thigh required some stitching to sew some muscles back together. You had to have a blood transfusion. Unfortunately, you’re still being charged for murder. Personally I think your innocent. No worries about any permanent damage. With some physical therapy you’ll be back to 100% in no time. Do you want me to wake your mom up?” She asked.
“Yes please.”
“You sure?” She asked.
“Unfortunately.” I smiled.
And she went over there and nudged my mom awake. The moment she saw me she ran to my bed side.
“Clara Elisa Stearling what do you think you’re doing? You get arrested and no one calls? For MURDER? You work with the dead but you don’t supply the clients! I called the attorney and gave them my piece of mind. I also called a Detective Jonas and chewed him out. And your brother ugh, don’t get me started. If he wasn’t feeling so bad about this happening I would have disowned him. But that’s not important now. How are you feeling?”
“Oh you know mom. A typical Saturday afternoon. Living the life.” I said, calling upon every atom of sarcasm in my body. Which is a lot.
“It’s actually Thursday sweetie. But it’s fine. You need some rest. I told you to not work for that cemetery. Nothing good comes from there.”
“Love you too ma. Hey more importantly, who stabbed me?” I asked.
Mom filled me in on everything. She said the inmate was named Macee and she smuggled the bone out of the kitchen. She said she grounded it against a certain stone in her cell til it was sharper then a razor. They’re not sure why she would attack me but they chalked it up to a psychological snap. Mom said her and dad were hold up with my brother in his house. I told them they were welcome to use my apartment as long as they watered Herbie. She said they were only allowing one person in the room at a time due to my charges and that my friends had lots of flowers delivered. I told her thanks but it was nap time. The next time I woke up big bro was in the corner with his badge and some files.
“I thought I told you to be careful. Look I can’t even leave you alone for a week.”
“Shove off. What’s the update?”
“That shot was clean. Dropped the inmate and no one saw anything else. After I got the call I called your friend Greg and told him what was happening. Once I made sure you were okay I delivered a present to him. He said she’s binded and they have it doused in salty holy water. Someone in the background said it taste like hot dog water.” He said with a face.
“Gross. Won’t they notice it missing?”
Big bro looked a little offended.
“I made a replica. Honestly Clarissa, you have no faith in the man who helped raise you? Who taught you poker?” He said with a fake offended face.
“Whatever. Not my name.”
And like that, the path to healing began. Usually mom stayed with me. Dad came up a few times. Big bro would use his badge to pop in and give me some updates.
They found Ms. Millie with her heart clawed out by the river. She had apparently been dead a while. Rabid animals. They said she died with a look of fear permanently etched on her face. She luckily was not buried in our town.
He said that activity at work has spiked but there’s no indication why. I think it’s because the holidays are coming up. But what do I know, am I right?
When I was finally able to be discharged two weeks I wrote a letter to the courts. I requested an evidentiary hearing to be set and the hearing was granted for a week later. I had a plan to have Greg there with the knife, the Wennings were under court order to be there, and I would be there in a wheel chair. A few coworkers would be outside the court room ready to act if anything went wrong.
When I was taken back to jail I was taken to a different wing. The cells were nicer and I had a nurse to assist me. Officer Russell was there. He managed to get a note to me.
I am so sorry this happened and I feel responsible. Please know I am cheering you on.
The Wenning family is on the brink of losing their sanity. They’ve stopped allowing outsiders in the house and have fired half of their staff. I have delivered video footage of your innocence into evidence. I never believed the stories but I do now that I’ve seen the truth with my own eyes.
I will be at the hearing. I am too ashamed to reveal myself. I have covered your medical bills as well as made sure your cell is as comfortable as possible.
Best of luck”
This lit a spark of hope in me. My cell was much nicer and as requested, I had salt and pepper packets hidden inside a nicer pillow. Officer Russell himself was assigned to make sure no more hard came my way.
The next day I had another visitor. Detective Jonas had come to see me. I was wheeled in with my arm in it’s cast.
“Hello detective. Come to sign my cast?” I asked.
“No. I’ve come to remind you I will be the one to send you back to the cold cells. I will personally see to it that you’re thrown into a hole in the ground and never let out.” He threatened.
“So you don’t want to sign my cast and you didn’t bring me flowers?”
“I’m saying I’ve reserved my front row seat to watch you fry. I don’t care what kind of powerful people you have backing you. I will tear down your mountain til you fall.” He said.
“I can’t fall. I can’t even walk right now.” I said.
His face turned red like he wanted to rip my head off.
“You cocky little bitch. I’ll see you in court.” And he stormed off.
Ever seen a grown man have a temper tantrum? Because that’s what it was like.
At this point I was so sure this plan wouldn’t fail. I was sure everything would be fine. Boy was I wrong.
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2020.10.14 09:34 DaddyDeviant85 [M4F] 🎃 Happy Halloween: Spooky Story Grab Bag 🎃

CAUTION: The stories below may include themes of Sexy Monster Girls, Spookified Celebs, Haunting Stories, Hung Serial Killers Fuckers, and the General Spirit of Halloween laced into the plots. All characters are +18 in these stories you ghoulish deviants. You have been warned.


Greetings Ghouls and Girls to this year's 🎃 Happy Halloween: Spooky Story Grab Bag 🎃™. While I normally write long posts with lots of fun details, Halloween is kind of a big deal for me and my imagination kicks into overdrive filling my head with lewd plots. So instead of dozens of individual posts, I am going to give you a list of sexy prompts for you to read through and maybe excite your own imagination. As always I am looking for Creative, Geeky, and Perverted Females to write these, so if you happen to check those three boxes feel free to PM me with your naughty ideas. Just keep in mind some stories are short one-offs while others a larger complex multicharacter roleplays.
Deviant Daddy


The Addams Family Desires - Let's be clear the number one reason Addams Family is on the list is Morticia Addams and that lovely photoshop pic of Christina Ricci dressed as Morticia. An what monster family would be more likely to enjoy sex then perhaps the Munsters themselves.
Wednesday (Adult) and Morticia x A Lucky/Unlucky Husband

Among Us: Imposters - A roleplay that has some strong game mechanics. You will play Red and will get to randomly guess which of the two crew members are secretly tentacle monsters in suits. If you get it wrong and vote off a human, you will enjoy a small scene where that person is picked off and breed. If you get it right (twice), you win the game
Red x Crewmembers x Imposters

Bone - A hyper curvy werewolf girl who less feral beast when she turns and more like an insatiable furry slut. She might grow out of her clothes when she starts to change, break the bed frame, and crack the floorboards when she walks but the sex is incredible so who am I to complain?
Amazonian Werewolf Girlfriend x 'Dominant' Shorter Male

Candyman - Say his name three times into a mirror with no lights on and you will summon the supernatural specter that is the Candyman. The price of summoning the large shadow in a black coat? Your juicy little ass. Be careful.
Girls Playing Stupid Games x Spirit That Delivers Stupid Prizes

CoC: Witch Hunters Fall - A Corruption of Champions plot where a hero, noble and true, gets in over his head against a covenant of Witches and Monster Girls. Instead of killing him or letting him go after defeat, they decide to warp him into a massive stud to use for their own delights.
Faithful Witch Hunter x Lewd Covenant of Witches

Containment Breach! - An underground lab doing special experiments holds creatures of interest in special containment cells so they can't escape into the general public. A careless lab assistant drops a large glass container holding a sealed cylinder of black goo. Before she could hit the alarm it latches itself onto her body turning her into her its first host. It's time to meet the rest of the staff.
Alien Symbiote x Scientists (and the Public eventually)

The Cummining - A man cursed by angered gypse (after banging her daughter) finds himself with a growing need to climax all the time. Each release makes his balls tingle with more and more seed. Can he find the woman who cursed him in time to have her lift the curse or will he regress to a massive cum blasting deviant who strokes off 24/7.
Guy Who Had It Coming x Women Trying To Help Him

Cryptozoology Society - A secret society sworn to protect rare species across the world. We hunt them down, tag them, and protect them against their worst enemy... Mankind. We are the Cryptozoology Society.
Cryptozoologist x Cryptozoologist (it gets lonely in the van)

A Darkness Lingers - Small fishing villages off the Atlantic Coast and ritual sex cults who wear yellow robes and pray to the old gods. A Lovecraftian setting with various plot ideas to choose from. Please only ask if you have some experience with Lovecraft fiction.
Men With No Clue x Madness and Women

Dawn of the Breasts - A zombie epidemic only this time instead of undead monsters its a virus that turns people into bimbos or studs. Saliva takes days to infect the host, breast milk takes hours, and cum will turn a person in minutes even seconds! It's the end of the world and it never looked so good with naked women running down the street and tackling people to their front lawns to infect them.
◉ Zombimbos/Abrominations x Survivors

Draw A Card - A magical card game on Halloween were drawing a card has magical consequences to the person who draws it. It could alter their mind, body, or reality in some way and the only way to get back to normal is for someone... anyone to finish the game. Basically, it's Halloween Jumanji.
◉ Players x Players x the Cards

End Of All Things - It's the end of the world. Demons have climbed from burning cracks from the ground and Angels have flown down with flaming blades to smight them. Humanity is stuck between two warring armies who could care less if they live or die.
◉ Incubus or Angel x Women Stuck on Earth

The Evil Head - Ash decides to take his girlfriend up to the mountains for a quiet time. Leaving her alone for just a moment she finds a book below the floorboards made of a soft smooth leather and with lewd pictures drawn upon the pages. Flipping through them she finds words written in Latin and reads them allowed. She is awakening the ancient ones. Sex spirits who want to be apart of our world. She is reading from the Lustonomicon!
Possessed Girlfriend x A Hero With A Big Boom Stick

Familiar - It's common for Witches to have familiars. Spirits who stay with them acting as guardians and pets fulfilling various needs when they come up. In order to create a familiar, a Witch must sit with two sisters and use their magic to pull their familiar from the void and form them to their heart's desires.
Witches x Summoned Anthro Beasts to Serve Them

Frankenstud - He was crafted with care and consideration with women in mind; right brain of a nice guy with all the emotions that makes for a good boyfriend but the left brain of a deviant dom calculating his next move to tame whoever he fucks. Muscules of bodybuilders, cock of a former porn star, and height of NBA player. Frankenstud is built for one thing... fucking.
Frankenstud x Dr Patrica Frankstien

Ghostbusters 2020 - A New Team. A New Era. Extra Horny Ghosts. I really don't know what else to say on this plot for now.
Ghosbusters x Ghosts Who Need To Busted

Gotham: All Hallows Eve - The criminals of Gotham City are always out on Halloween. It's one of Batman's busiest nights of the year. This year is no different as the villains of Gotham put Batman to the test and inject him with a unstable chemical that would end him if he doesn't find the cure in time to stop his changes.
Batman x Gotham's Rogue Gallery

Her Wicked Intentions - Witches are at FULL POWER during Halloween and this lucky guy happens to be living with a subby nympho witch who wants to make all his dreams come true. Even if that means going out together and making a harem of willing and unwilling babes with a twitch of her wrist and sway of her wand.
◉ Man and his Witchy Lover x Anyone They Fucking Want

Hogwarts Harlots - Reimagining Hogwarts as an all-girls school for girls 18 and up. A place where Witches can learn to cast more mature spells and have older male teachers give them the one on one teaching the deserve. Doesnt that sound wholesome?
College Witches x Male Professor

House on the Hill - A house at the top of the hill. Decrepit. Broken Down. Terrible. It's the sort of house that kids throw rocks at with the hope of cracking a window. It also happens to be the best place to make a triple dog dare to make someone spend the night and not be scared out by the old creeky house. The perfect place for three brave 18 year old girls to spend the night for their web show only to find something still lives in inside the house and won't let them leave.
That Thing That Goes Bump x Youtube Girls

Invasion of the Body Crafters - Do not fall asleep. Do not fall asleep! Soon as you go to sleep they come. Alien Body Crafters with tickling roots that will steal your likeness and grow your clone inside pod. You will awaken inside as part of their hive. Your mind focused on reproduction, your body twisted into perfection, and the sex is unworldly. Wait... go to sleep. Go to sleep!
Pod People x Very Sleep Citizens

The Invisible Dom - No matter you do he always finds you. A man not a spirit. Light bends around his body making I'm completely invisible to the human eye but there are ways to see him; the rain on his shoulders, the steps on your carpet, the steam whisping past him when you take your shower. You are his no matter what you do and you love it.
Invisible Man x A Beautiful Woman

Jack O'Slammer - A magical spirit who arrives only to slam the spirit of Halloween into the non-believes of the world. In one night he can visit dozens of people seeking them out, slapping them with his seasonal cock and then making them scream out Happy Halloween as he pounds them like Porn Hub Pornstar Stud. Do you need some seasonal cheer slammed into you?
Jack O'Slammer x Seasonal Grinches

Lustgeist - "They're here...." She said as the 18-year-old pressed her tits into the TV and ghostly hands reached from the screen pulling through to the other side. Just a classic movie with lots more sex than any standard poltergeist. Basically a porn parody of the movie.
House x Family

Master PC (Halloween Edition) - Our 'Hero' has the Master PC loaded onto their smartphone. What kind of fun can we get up to using the reality-altering app to twist people into various lewd parodies of what they were. ONLY FOR MASTER PC FANS.
Master PC User x Unsuspecting Victims

Mavis Sucks - Just a character from Hotel Translyvania only instead of her ending up backpacker lets assume she meets a man who knows how to treat her right. A man who allows her to drink from him when she is hungry and gets fucked the way she deserves.
Mavis x Human Stud or Werewolf?

Mirror Mirror - A magical mirror sits inside a Halloween store. Its effects are slow at first but long you look at the hypontic surface the more its magic turns the costume you wear into the real you! WARNING Wearing two costume ideas may create unique results.
Mirror x Girls in Costumes

My Daddy Is A Monster! - Strange sounds coming from his bedroom at night. Ripped shirts in the garbage can. Coming back home at 3 in the morning. The claw marks on the basement walls. A young woman suspects (after all these years) her father may not be normal. Has he and her mother been hiding this truth all this time? What does it mean for her to know the truth about her Monster Daddy?
Mature Daughter x Monster Father

My Girlfriend The __________ - A long-running series I have of girlfriends (and/or boyfriends) who are monsters and the difficulty dating them IE vampires taking up fridge space with blood bags, good girls staining work shirts, building an extra-large shower for the centaur girlfriend, etc.
Human Male (usually) x Monster Girlfriend (human if only male is a monster)

Mr. Black - College girls acting like they were still in high school play with magic way over their heads and open a demonic portal letting something very real into their world. A man now follows them at night stalking them one by one and using their darkest desires against them. His name is Mr Black and he is here for their mortal souls and lushes bodies.
The Devil x Coeds

Oakgrove Cheersquad vs The Werewolf - A bus traveling down a secluded road in the middle of the woods has not one but flat tires. The College Cheerleaders inside are not stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night and something appears to be watching them from the woods. Alpha Male Werewolf picking off Coeds to make into his pack of breeders.
Werewolf x Cheergirls (can be a different sport)

Only We Remain - A alien fungal virus is turning humanity into undead monsters. All about 10% of men are immune to the spores, unlike women who are 100% immune but NO ONE is a immune to a bite. This is a proper zombie story with multiple character and deep complex plot but also a nice layer of sex to explore. Plays a lot like the Last of Us and the Walking Dead.
Survivors x Survivors

Perverted Adventures of Sabrina - It's Halloween in Greendale. Sabrina and her friends want to celebrate the holiday by dressing in costumes and enjoything themselves like any other Halloween. Little do they know something is coming fro them. Something wicked. Something sinister. Something... horny.
◉ Sabrina and Friends x Sex Demons

The Pharoh Rises - Just your standard mummy plot only this Mummy isnt so much rotting corpse as he is a barely wrapped stud with a royal cock and libido to boot. He will hunt down those who removed him from his tomb and make them his new queens or the very least harem girls.
Mummy x Researchers

The Pink Mist - A strange pink mist swallows up a small town and soon the residents start feeling the strange effects. They see things, feel things, and crave things. The longer you breathe in the mist the longer it corrupts you, the more you want to live inside its warm embrace. Fair warning the mist might have more than just corrupted humans inside it, monsters may be inside.
Those Embracing The Mist x Those Locked In Inside 'Safe' Spaces

Please Hyde - A college chemist taps into a new human growth gene and see's the immediate effects making anyone go from wimp to stud in a few quick minutes. Little did he know the effects of such a drug also unleashed the id of peoples minds making them aggressive, dominant, and perverse. He's the first test case and his new alter ego wants to use the student body for his own desires.
James Jekyll AKA Jason Hyde x His Classmates

Raven Manor - A special manor with tall hedges and pointy cast-iron fences just outside civilization. The Manor is multiple victorian buildings housing what can be best described as a commune of monster girls. Living outside of the public eye is for their own safety and a single human caretaker fulfills all their needs so they can live a peaceful secluded life.
Human x Monster Girls

Raven Manor: One Night Out! - Vampires and Witches can leave Raven Manor and still be considered normal but the others? They have a bit more trouble blending into normal society. That said there is one night a year where they get to stretch their supernatural 'legs' and see the outside world. Halloween Night is the one night where they get to pretend to be monsters while being themselves and collecting some sweet treats. What could go wrong?
Humans in Costume x Monster Girls in no Costumes

RDR Undead Nightmare - Quite honestly one of the best zombie games ever made and it wasnt even a real zombie game. I would love to explore a Wild Western plot involving the undead and supernatural beings. If you know the game and want to explore some horseback riding and six-shooters to blast zombies this could be a fun long term plot.
Cowboy x Cowgirl v Zombies

The Ring - A Haunted Video Tape. A Phone Call. A Staticy TV. She comes for her victims seeking to take some misguided vengeance upon them but what happens when someone notices the woman in the videotape is a curvy ghost girl with an ass to perhaps literally die for? They watch her tape of course and make a trap specifically designed to catch her between her world and ours before taking their desires out on her perfect bottom.
Samara x Her 'Victim'

Scooby-Doo and the Big Dicked Creeps - The usual goofy prompts for the Scooby Doo gang but with a twist of Velma losing her glasses and masked men (or monsters/ghosts) noticing the geeky girls thick bottom and deciding to blaster with their... ectoplasm. Of course, Daphne can be a target too.
Velma/Daphne/Marcie x Masked Men or Literal Monsters

SCP: Secure Collar Penetrate - Ordinary everyday objects with extraordinary properties. The SCP seeks out these objects with the intent of containing them or the very least quarantining them if they are unable to be removed. We will follow a special team that focuses on SCP of the human variety and their task to keep these SCP's secured collared and if need be penetrated.
SCP Recovery Team x Poor Girl With Emerging Abilities

Slip - Meteor from Outerspace landing in a small rural community hatches a strange alien creature. The slimy tentacle fiend soon finds itself in the local lake before navigating up the pipes into the community. This curious and horny creature will 'attack' girls in locker rooms, girls in pools, hot tubs, by sinks, or even in their own personal showers. What fun.
Tentacle Monster in the Water x Women By Any Pipe/Water Source

Something Is In My Suit - Space Marines. Broken Seals on Suits. Alien Symbiote taking a new host. A proper sci-fi horror plot with the slow corruption of a man as he becomes a hybrid breeder looking for female crew members to knock up with his alien babies.
Infested Marine x Female Crewmembers

Spells R Us - A small unassuming shop that you could have sworn wasn't there a second ago. Inside you will find various magical items that appear unassuming but you quickly realize are quite fun. The strange old shopkeeper appears to know you by name and has your order ready to take home. Do you take the bag of 'magical' gifts? He did say free of charge.
Sexually Cursed Objects x the Victim(s) who use them

The Splitter - A bunch of college kids spending the weekend at a secluded cabin in the woods. Little do they know of the Splitter a 7'4 lumberjack with a broad shoulders, strong hands, and 13-inch cock. He will hunt down these teens with his axe and get them out of his woods. May include the murder of male characters, females may have semi-non con mind break scenes. Can always let the boys escape if you wanna leave the murder out.
The Splitter x College Girls

Spooky - A lonely spirit stuck in the house they died in soon finds and sexy resident taking up their old apartment. Falling instantly in love with this new mortal, they decide to give them a cold (but sexy) welcome to their new home, if they want it or not.
Horny Spirit x Hot Mortal Resident

Summoning Gone Wrong - Young College Witches decide to play with some magic that is over their heads. Little do they know they just summoned Ohcta Neephals, the god of wanton pleasures and are soon feeling his tentacle wrath upon their lovely bodies.
Tentacle Demon God x Witches (and More)

Supermassive - Godzilla! King Kong! Staypuffet Marshmellow Man! Whatever your Kaiju, I want to explore a man and/or woman who is rapidly growing to a massive size. They can either be their normal human selves as tall as a building or turn into monsters... dragons? I don't know. Its sexy growth plot.
Growing Lead Character x Unsuspecting City they live in.

Supernatural Activity - Nightvision cameras set up through a family's house start recording the strange happenings at night time. Watch these recovered records before their disappearance. WARNING: May contain disturbing images of fucking spirits.
Family x Possessed Family Members x Spirits

A Very Fertile Valley University Halloween - Fertile Valley has always had a population with LARGE endowments be it super-sized cocks, massive tits, or perfect bubble butts. Tis the season to be spook and slutty. So let's explore FV's residents celebrating All Hallows Eve in their pervy costumes.
FV College Males x FV College Females (open to the larger community)

We Need You - A young man coming to age soon finds he is far from an ordinary human. He is the great great grandson of Van Helsing. Only Helsing wasnt a monster hunter but a monster collector. Just after his 18th birthday strange girls start stalking him at night wanting to be close to the magically infused lad who is like a beacon in the night to the abnormal girls of the paranormal world.
Young Modern Helsing x Horny Monster Girls

Witch Mill Hill - A good witch burned by an angry town nearly 300 years ago has finally returned under a blood moon. Using her magic she punishes the descendants of the original town people by using erotic spells to turn them into perverse versions of their costumes. Yes I am aware I keep on coming back to costume TF.
The Mill Hill Witch x The Mill Hill Residents

Wincestor House - A family moves into the house of their dreams, little do they know the perverted history of the Wincestor House and the incestuous sex cult that once filled its walls. Now they will experience possession, dreams, and ghostly encounters slowly corrupting them into cult members themselves.
The Hearts Family X Perverted Spirits

Zaap! (Halloween Edition) - A reality-altering raygun that requires a small pull of a trigger and a blinding green light will turn anyone into the shooter's desires. Now imagine that little ray gun in the hand of a deviant during Halloween night. The fun we will have.
Shooter X Costume Wearing Vixens
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2020.10.13 23:53 God_Is_Good123 Why I'm KJV Only

First, let's get through some of the weaker objections to KJV Only before we get to the only decent one.
"It's language is archaic. It's too hard to understand. And what about other languages? Thus, it's outdated and falls short of other versions."
Every new "Bible" that hits the market attacks the King James Bible with the flat-out lie that the KJV is too hard to understand. They all claim that the King James Bible is "too archaic." "You can’t understand the Elizabethan language. It’s just too difficult to understand." This is the number one reason people lay down their King James Bible.
However, recent evaluation shows the reading level of the King James Bible to be fifth grade, as a whole—many individual passages would be lower. The modern "Bibles" are shown to be between sixth and ninth grade levels as a whole. The modern versions claim to increase readability when in reality, they often make readability more difficult. Source
Regardless, even if we grant that the KJV is indeed "too archaic," would you rather have a hard to understand but perfect Bible, or an easy to understand but corrupted Bible? I used to be scared to touch the KJV because I really thought it would be too difficult for me to understand. However, God really does bless believers with understanding of His Word if we trust in Him and what He said to guide us. He will give you understanding:
"These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you. But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him."-1 John 2:26-27
KJVO people do not believe that God can't speak to believers through other versions. On the contrary. We just believe that God will gift them with understanding if they do seek out a perfect version, and that they will always come to find out that it's the KJV. God will put the KJV in their hands if they're truly seeking it. If not this, at least a translation in their language that stems from it. Seeing as we know what happened at Pentecost, (Acts 2), none of this is rather too farfetched to assume. After all, with God, all things are possible.
"The KJV doesn't translate the Greek word for (blank) and the Hebrew word for (blank) exactly as said. Therefore, it is a poor translation compared to modern ones."
The KJV is a perfect translation regardless of the Hebrew or Greek because, if we were to translate literally from those languages, we would vastly change things God meant in plain English. For example, nobody wants to translate Shakespeare into modern English. Do you want to know why? Because all the rich language and meaning would be lost if that happened. The Hebrew is for the Hebrew and the Greek is for the Greek. Conversely, the English is for the English translation. This all feeds into what I'm about to say next.
Stripping random Hebrew words out of context is kind of like someone randomly yelling the word "duck" at you while you're taking a stroll through your local park. Okay, well what kind of "duck"? Duck as in "duck and cover," or duck the animal? People are usually throwing around frisbees and balls at the park, after all. But there's also roaming ducks at said park too. Obviously, there must be a distinction and separation made between the two words if the immediate context and minimal information given doesn't definitively lead us down to one conclusion or the other, because we simply don't know all the facts to make such a decision. Making the wrong decision here could lead to wildly different conclusions. Thus, God makes the distinction as easy as possible in every instance like this in the best translated version of the Bible. The KJV.
If we cannot find the definitive meaning of something in an original language on our own for the context given simply being too vague by itself, God usually, if not, always makes something clear for us by using a different word and/or phrase in English (specifically for the KJV) to convey what He originally meant. If we translated the exact same things said word for word, the original message could be perverted and/or lost on us for attempting to decide upon what to do next in situations like this (despite requiring knowledge only God has). Putting ourselves in the position to make such decisions in situations where this happens in Scripture (of which are many) would be the equivalent of putting ourselves in the place of God.
This kind of ludicrous attitude is what “scholars" have committed to in translating modern "Bibles" and have been doing so for as long as we can remember. It's woefully wrong and it's the reason why we have hundreds upon thousands of perversions found in Scripture by modern translations, and also why we see so much sorely mistaken and unbiblical doctrine all throughout the known Christian world. [Note, Greek and Hebrew words can actually have anywhere between 5 to 13 different definitions. Not just two. This is just an example of showing the problem for words that could simply have 2 meanings. Not only that, but all the “lexicons" for these words can't even agree with each other on what each specific definition for each specific word is. And no “scholar” even agrees on what's the best “lexicon” to use. Who's the final authority here then? Obviously, “scholars” believe it's you.]
"Why the KJV out of all the other versions? Why not the ESV or NIV? Thus, KJV Only is silly."
Logically speaking, God is perfect and should very easily be able to preserve His word. Thus, there must be a perfect Bible out there without the need to delve into "the Greek" or "the Hebrew" or cross reference other fallible "Bibles.” After considering all the evidence, I've come to the conclusion that that perfect, inerrant, authoritative word of God (Bible) is the KJV. My logic of there being a perfect Bible (whether or not it's the KJV does not matter) is supported by and filtered through Scripture first and foremost:
"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."-Matthew 24:35
Let's look at some verses, shall we?
"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works."-2 Timothy 3:16-17
According to the Word of God, "the man of God" is perfect if he has the Scriptures in his hands and abides by them and only them. Why would the Bible make such a proclamation, if there was not one book for the man to depend upon? Do you think that God would make it difficult to know His truth, or that He would lock it behind language barriers, cultural contexts, and various manuscripts in multiple places rather than simply put it all in one place to be easily accessible to all?
"Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God."-Hebrews 10:7
Notice, this verse says book (as in singular) and not "books." There must be one book from which we derive all our doctrine. Otherwise, things would be confusing ("For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints"; 1 Cor. 14:33) and it could be harder for someone to get saved, despite Jesus saying it only requires child-like faith to come to God and nothing more:
"In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy sight."-Luke 10:21
"Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall in no wise enter therein."-Luke 18:17
"At the same time came the disciples unto Jesus, saying, Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven? And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me."-Matthew 18:1-5
Do you really think learning a whole new language and pouring over thousands upon thousands of manuscripts could be considered "child-like" faith?
"The LORD preserveth the simple: I was brought low, and he helped me."-Psalm 116:6
Reading the Gospels as ancient documents to be analyzed, dissected and read in their original languages may be a legitimate activity in its own right, but you’ll never come to faith in that way. That would be like performing literary source criticism on a love letter in order to get to know your beloved better. God is not limited by time, space, and the whims of culture and human language. His Word was meant to withstand the test of time, and be preserved. And we know this because the Scriptures say so.
"The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever."-Psalm 12:6-7
The point I'm trying to make here is that English speakers have an easier path to the Word of God through simply approaching and reading the KJV, rather than having to learn a whole new language. Maybe someone decides to learn Hebrew and/or Greek, and that's great. But for the rest of us who don't, doctrinal sacrifices (most specifically those pertaining to the subject of salvation, as I'm well aware the rest of the Bible is rich with deeper meaning that requires one to study; Pro. 25:2 cf. 2 Timothy 2:15) aren't suddenly being made if we decide to make that decision. Since I'm KJVO, I'm perfectly fine with the belief that God preserved His Word in the English language through that version. If someone cannot speak English, then any other version translated using the KJV's manuscripts would do just fine for that person's language. Simple as that.
Now let's look at some other passages.
"And he closed the book, and he gave it again to the minister, and sat down. And the eyes of all them that were in the synagogue were fastened on him. And he began to say unto them, This day is this scripture fulfilled in your ears."-Luke 4:20-21
This passage, again, seems to make clear that there is one book, and that everything you can learn about what God has decided to reveal to man is found in one place.
"And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger, and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers know; that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of the LORD doth man live.”-Deuteronomy 8:3
Why would God starve His children by making it unnecessarily difficult for us to find His perfect preserved Word? Not only that, but this verse says that by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God does a man live. Not just some here and some there, but every. Would God sprinkle some of His Word here, or there? Or would He simply put it all in one place?
Fortunately, Scripture has already answered this for us: He would put it all in one place:
"Thus speaketh the Lord God of Israel, saying, Write thee all the words that I have spoken unto thee in a book."-Jeremiah 30:2
"This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success."-Joshua 1:8
"Seek ye out of the book of the Lord, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them."-Isaiah 34:16
God promised He would preserve His word forever. This promise of preservation goes beyond just the general message of the Scriptures to the very words themselves (Psa. 12:6-7). God did not promise He will preserve His word (singular), but His words (plural). If not every word God breathed-out is preserved, then we cannot say with certainty that the Scriptures are pure and inerrant.
Now, let's look at how God feels when we try to put words in His mouth or intentionally leave out what He says, as well as a commandment He gives in regards to this:
"Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you."-Deuteronomy 4:2
"Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar."-Proverbs 30:5-6
"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."-Revelation 22:18-19
I'm not "KJV Only" just because it's the KJV. I'm first and foremost a big believer of God being able to preserve His words, then am I KJV only. It's not the other way around. I come to the first conclusion, then the second after the fact. That means I pour through all the evidence of the KJV being the perfect Bible after having realized there must be a perfect version. KJVO folks do not conflate the two processes. If God led us to believe it was the ESV, then that's what we've would've considered as perfect. It's the same with every other version. But alas, we always come to the conclusion that it's the KJV after considering all the facts and evidence supporting it, not before.
"For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven."-Psalm 119:89
What I've shown you here does indeed establish the fact that there is one book, and one place where you can find all of God's Word in full. If "KJV Onlyism" is "bad" because we believe God can actually preserve His Word like He said He did, then all I have to say is Romans 3:4.
In the proceeding arguments, I intend to present all the evidence that leads KJVO to believe that it can only be the King James Bible that fits the description of a perfect, inerrant, authoritative Word of God, in contrast to every other version that simply cannot conceivably fill that very specific role in a Christian man or woman's practice of their faith.
"The KJV doesn't use the oldest manuscripts that we have available and, thus, has errors and scribe additions."
This is the most typical response I get when I say I'm KJV Only. However, older doesn't always mean better. And I'll show you why.
The KJV translators used the 1525 Daniel Bomberg, 2nd edition of the Jacob Ben-Chayyim Masoretic text for the Old Testament and the Received Text (otherwise known as Textus Receptus), originally published by Roman Catholic scholar Desiderius Erasmus, for the New Testament. These are considered the best original language texts for the following reasons:
  1. They represent the majority of ancient, manuscript witnesses.
  2. These manuscripts were used consistently and without interruption by God’s believing people. In fact, they can be traced all the way back to Antioch, where "the disciples" were first called Christians (Acts 11:16). Almost every time you read about Antioch, it's only positives. God did nothing but bless Antioch, used Paul to correct it immediately whenever things got out of hand, and delivered Paul whenever it did (Acts 6:5; 11:19-30; 13:1-4; 14:26-28; 15:35-41; 18:22-23; Gal. 2:11-21; 2 Tim. 3:11). If these manuscripts were good enough for Paul, then they should be good enough for us.
  3. These manuscripts were never lost to the “sea of time” or ever laid aside by God’s people. They were continually copied and re-copied and show signs of being worn out from use, thus indicating the confidence God’s people placed in them as being God’s holy Word.
Yet, on the other hand, the original language texts used to translate modern versions must be rejected for the following reasons:
  1. The manuscripts utilized by modern translations are few and represent the minority of witnesses.
  2. Those manuscripts have their origin in and around Alexandria, Egypt, an area infamously known for false teaching. With even Origen, (an early Church father), himself admitting this. Antioch and Alexandria are both mentioned for the first time in Acts 6. In contrast to Antioch, Alexandria is only mentioned 4 times in the Bible, but each time it is, it's never good. And every single modern Bible today comes from Alexandria (Acts 6:9; 18:24-26; 27:26; 28:11).
  3. The manuscripts utilized by modern translations are in pristine condition (comparatively to the ones used for the KJV), indicating they were never used by God’s people.
  4. Those manuscripts give the appearance they were altered or corrupted by heretical men who desired to undermine Christian doctrine.
People like to depend on the Alexandrian manuscripts because they're "older" than the Masoretic and Textus Receptus manuscripts. Newsflash: Older doesn't always mean better. Again, God is easily able to preserve His word. Why would He have any trouble keeping His word by administrating godly men in history to preserve, re-copy, and translate the manuscripts they had in their appropriate times, despite them seemingly being further ahead compared to the "older," yet, fallible Papyrus/Alexandrian manuscripts? It's simple to reconcile these facts when you realize the manuscripts for the KJV were used quite often and that the Alexandrian/Papyrus texts weren't. Hence why we don't seemingly have any "older" texts that are used for the KJV (and why they had to be copied and re-copied) in comparison to newemodern "Bibles" due to worn out use for the former and little to no use for the latter (with "wear and tear" for "older" texts being due most notably to the passage of time, not use).
When confronted with the reality of these facts, I get told:
"Well it's not like any important doctrine is being affected here, it's fine. You're just being silly and overzealous."
Actually, core doctrine is indeed being put in danger by all these modern "Bibles." Don't believe me? Look at the staggering number of "Bibles" that strip a key verse in Acts. Specifically, Acts 8:37. Want to know what that verse is? I'll give the verses right before and after it so as to give it some context:
"[36] And as they went on their way, they came unto a certain water: and the eunuch said, See, here is water; what doth hinder me to be baptized? [37] And Philip said, If thou believest with all thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered and said, I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. [38] And he commanded the chariot to stand still: and they went down both into the water, both Philip and the eunuch; and he baptized him."-Acts 8:36-38
Just look at what this looks like when you remove this passage of verse 37. This is where you get all your Catholics believing that baptism comes before salvation, effectively making your salvation dependent on works. The crazy thing is, these Alexandrian manuscripts aren't even consistent in their heretical theology! They not only strip and add to God's word flippantly, but they make doctrinal statements that contradict each other all over the place and support a wide variety of heretical beliefs which include (but are not limited to): Mormonism, Roman Catholicism, Jehovah's Witness theology, Eastern Orthodox, arianism, annihilationism, universalism, gnosticism, “humanism,” and so much more.
Another example would be even the most popular verse of the entire Bible not being immune to this treatment. John 3:16:
"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."
Go ahead and look for yourself how many modern "Bibles" omit the word "begotten" here, effectively making Jesus look like a son (small s) of God (as if a created being like an angel or human) and not the only begotten Son (big S) of God (Who is, obviously, not created)...
It's subtle things like this that you'll find sprinkled everywhere throughout modern versions. The first recorded words of the serpent were “Yea, hath God said [...?]” (Gen. 3:1). This question was designed to instill doubt and uncertainty about the trustworthiness and authority of God’s words. God had spoken clearly to our first parents; they were obliged to believe and obey. Then the serpent appeared, and the authority of God’s Word was his first target. The enemy has never stopped attacking that target; indeed, he continues to this day. He wants to undermine our trust in the authority of God’s Word. Once we understand this strategy, we realize the battle for the Bible isn’t a modern phenomenon. It’s part of a battle stretching back to Eden.
Among the many differences between the King James Version and most modern translations of the Bible, one of the most significant is in 1 John 5:7. The KJV contains a longer reading called the "Comma Johanneum" which is not present in almost any modern translations. The verse in reference, in the KJV, reads:
"[7] For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. [8] And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one."-1 John 5:7-8
[Note, I include verse 8 for reasons that I am about to make clear by way of quoting another translation's reading of both verses 7 and 8.]
Obviously, this a clear proclamation of the Triune nature of God. It is the clearest we've ever gotten and scholars still see to it to remove it any chance they get for dependence on Alexandrian manuscripts. Let's look at a modern "Bible's" reading of the verse. The NIV:
"[7] For there are three that testify: [8] the Spirit, the water and the blood; and the three are in agreement."-1 John 5:7-8
This modern "Bible" not only omits pretty much the entirety of verse 7, but also the words "there are three that bear witness in earth" in verse 8 so as to try and make the two frankensteined verses make any sense. It even says "these three are in agreement" rather than "these three agree in one" in verse 8.
This is a deliberate attack on the Trinity.
I am not being "overzealous." I do not believe you need to read the KJV to be saved. I just believe that, if there is a perfect version out there, believers should obviously take advantage of that, no? Reading a corrupted Bible, then, would be like reading God's Word with the lamp off versus simply turning the light on (KJV). Not only this, but if there is a perfect Bible, it'll certainly make it easier to shut down Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Catholics, and other heretical beliefs with ease if we could all simply agree upon there being one sole, perfect, inerrant, and authoritative Bible/Word of God. It could very well lead many others who are lost to the aforementioned heresies to being saved, in fact. So, this is awfully important to get right.
With all that being said, there is one, (and only one), decent point raised by critics of KJVO. The point in reference being:
"If the 1611 AV is in fact the preserved word of God, why do contemporary re-printings of it omit the apocryphal texts it first included?"
The answer to this oft raised question is actually pretty easy. Before giving that answer, however, we need to address some things first concerning the Apocrypha and give some background information on both it and the KJV, so that the final answer I give to this question will have fuller effect.
Apocrypha are a set of texts included in the Latin Vulgate and Septuagint but not in the Hebrew Bible. While Catholic tradition considers some of these texts to be deuterocanonical, Protestants consider them, well, apocryphal. The main reason as to why Roman Catholics receive the apocryphal books as Scripture is because the Roman Catholic Church says so. Since they believe that the church is the final authority on all matters of faith and practice, whatever it says is final. Therefore, the matter is not up for debate (for them, at least). There are other reasons why they regard Apocrypha as canon, but I am not going to cover all of them due to the fact that the KJV already does not include the Apocrypha. (Yes, I know the 1611 KJV once did, but I'm getting to that. Hold your horses.).
The Apocrypha include added books and texts such as: Tobit, Judith, Baruch including the "Letter of Jeremiah" as the 6th chapter or standalone book, Sirach, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Additional verses to Esther, Additional verses to Daniel: Prayer of Azariah and Song of the Three Holy Children (Vulgate Daniel 3:24–90) Susanna and the Elders (Vulgate Daniel 13) Bel and the Dragon (Vulgate Daniel 14)
In these books is essentially the doctrines of purgatory and salvation by works (through the practices of praying for the dead and tithes/almsgiving for both). This is woefully wrong. However, for the sake of the argument (and time), I'm going to simply establish some of the reasons why we as Protestants do not include the Apocrypha within our Bibles, rather than go into finer detail as to why the Apocrypha does, in fact, contradict the rest of Scripture (though, if one is interested in finding out said contradictions for themselves, they can click here for more information):
  1. The Apocrypha is never cited in the New Testament as Scripture. Though the New Testament cites directly, or alludes to, almost every book of the Old Testament as Scripture, it never cites the Apocrypha as being God's Word. The Apocrypha was not the Bible of Jesus or His apostles. While Jesus and His apostles often quoted the Masoretic Text, they never quoted the Apocrypha. While there may be some allusions to the apocryphal books by New Testament writers, there is no direct quote from them. An allusion is not the same as a direct quote.
In addition, no New Testament writer ever refers to any of these books as authoritative. Quotes from the accepted books are usually introduced by the phrase, "It is written," or the passage is quoted to prove a point. But never do the New Testament writers quote the Apocrypha in this way. Furthermore, no book of the Apocrypha is mentioned by name in the New Testament.
If the writers of the New Testament considered the Apocrypha to be Scripture, we would certainly expect them to refer to it in some way. However, we find no direct quotations. This is in contrast to over 250 quotations from the authoritative Old Testament Scriptures.
The fact that the present canon was repeatedly quoted as being divinely authoritative as well as the absence of any direct quote is an indication of the extent of the canon - it did not include the Apocrypha. [Note, I'm well aware some believe that the book of Enoch, a book considered by both Protesants and Catholics to be apocryphal, was quoted by Jude. However, there is evidence suggesting Jude wasn't actually citing 1 Enoch, but that it was/is the other way around instead. Some of that evidence can be found and expounded upon here.]
  1. The Apocrypha has always been rejected by the Jews as Scripture and, therefore, could not have been part of the Jewish canon at the time of Christ's life. The Jews have never considered these works to be divinely inspired. They explicitly denied their authority. At the time of Christ we have the testimony of the Jewish writer Flavius Josephus that there were only twenty-two books divinely inspired by God. These books are the same as our thirty-nine in the Old Testament. The books of the Apocrypha were not among these. The same testimony is found in Second Esdras - the Ezra legend. This work was written in A.D. 100. Therefore, these books were never part of the Hebrew canon of Scripture.
  2. The books of the Apocrypha were written during the four hundred silent years between the Book of Malachi and the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist. Jewish and New Testament sources both agree that no divinely inspired prophetic utterance of extra-revelation occurred during this time.
The common argument I hear against this line of reasoning would be:
"Why would the Jews, who denied Christ, know anything about what should be in the Old Testament anyway?"
Another argument against my position (that position being that the KJV doesn't include the Apocrypha and, therefore, the Apocrypha should not be considered as inspired), would be:
"Well the original 1611 KJV had the Apocrypha. It wasn't removed until much later in 1885. If the original KJV is supposed to be the Holy Word of God, removing the Apocrypha negates that statement and begs the question: 'Is the current KJV sans the Apocrypha the Holy Word of God?'"
Well, here's the kicker. Lo and behold, the Apocrypha are found within the Septuagint which was made for a Jewish community in Egypt when Greek was the common language throughout the region. I've already established in my previous defenses why you shouldn't trust any of the Coptic, Alexandrian, and Papyrus manuscripts. So, the Septuagint translation proves nothing. The fact that the Apocrypha is found in the Septuagint translation does not prove anything in the slightest. In fact, all it does is merely testify that the Alexandrian Jews translated other religious material into Greek apart from the Old Testament Scripture. A Greek translation is not the same thing as a book being part of the Hebrew canon.
The Apocrypha were even labeled as non-canonical by Saint Jerome, a 4th century monk and scholar who made the original translation from the original languages in Latin that is still, to this day even, used by the Roman Catholic church. Even at the time of Saint Jerome's translation, (the only scholar around his time who knew Hebrew), the Apocrypha could only be found in the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Jewish Canon finished during the silent years, which, we've already established as a problem considering both Jewish and New Testament sources agreeing that no new and divinely inspired revelation occurred during this time. Because of these reasons, (amongst many others), Jerome felt the Apocrypha didn't belong and held no value (the meaning of apocryphal is "these don't belong"). He only kept them at the behest of his friend Saint Augustine. Saint Jerome, mind you, is yet another early Church father amongst the many (including Origen, as I previously stated) that testify to the fallibility of the heretical Alexandrian manuscripts.
Another typical argument against what's been said here, (and one in support of the validity of the Septuagint), would be the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls, which, are Papyrus manuscripts that included some of the apocrypha and are dated to being written at around 3 B.C. to first century A.D. Again, this argument already falls flat on its face considering I have already shown you just how "dependable" these manuscripts are in my defense for the KJV as well as the impossibility of anything coming from the silent years. If you're a Protestant reading this, you should seriously reconsider which manuscripts you put your trust in, considering literally no Apocrypha are found in the Masoretic Text, versus the Septuagint in contrast. I say this because I see modern day Protestants everywhere scoff at the mere mention of KJVO due to the KJV translating from the Masoretic Text instead of the obviously corrupted Septuagint, which, many Protestants will quickly consider the latter more trustworthy than the former, despite everything I've said. It's just something I find strange and, quite honestly, ironic.
Furthermore, I want to finally address the argument that suggests the KJV is fallible due to firstly including the Apocrypha and later removing it. Let's go to 1560 where the Reformation was, by this time, in full swing.
By this time, there are already several available translations of the Bible in English (the Wycliffe's Bible from the 14th century, William Tyndale's work from the early 1520's, the Coverdale Bible which used Tyndale's translations of translations of the Vulgate [the Vulgate being Jerome's translation, mind you], the Matthew's Bible which was the first from the original languages, and the Great Bible which was a rework of Matthew's). The Reformers in Geneva decided to translate their own Bible as better texts became available (both for translation and instruction/reference) and they created the Geneva Bible. The first Bible with verse markings (the chapters we still use today were invented in 1412 at the University of Paris), the first with comprehensive text notes, translational notes, and chapter headings. This was a joint venture by some of the best scholars and translators of the Reformation and is still recognized in academic and theological circles as one of the best translations ever done as far as accuracy and readability. The 1560 Geneva Bible contained the Apocrypha, but it was separated from the rest of Scripture and contained almost no marginal notes. Many later editions of the Geneva Bible did not even contain the Apocrypha. Fast forward to 1611 and we've got a retranslation based on the Geneva Bible.
This is the King James Bible.
The King James Bible was authorized by King James 1st of England and was translated against the Vatican's wishes. It took 7 years to complete, (hence why it's titled the 1611 KJV). The Apocrypha were still included in the KJV at this time for historical reference, not doctrine. Seeing the treatment of the Apocrypha by the creators of the Geneva Bible only attests to that fact even further. It was neither holy nor inspired and its translators understood this. It just wasted space in the Bible. Not only this, but it too was separated from the rest of Scripture, just like in the Geneva Bible. This is in stark contrast to Catholic "Bibles" today that not only include but also integrate the Apocrypha with the rest of Scripture.
Fast forward even further to 1885 and we see the removal of the Apocrypha in the KJV. The reasons are as follows:
  1. It was around 1885 when the masses learned how to read instead of a privileged few (wealthy and educated).
  2. The printing press made everything easier making the KJV available to everyone versus the few copies handwritten by scribes.
  3. More people started seeing the contradictions within Scripture. Namely in the Apocrypha versus the rest of Scripture. Considering the treatment of the Apocrypha by those who created the Geneva Bible and those, at this time, being made aware of the history and origins of it, it's unsurprising why there's a removal of the fallible texts in the KJV. The absolute best argument against this act of "heretical removal" (as the Catholics like to put it) was the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls which includes some of (not even all) the Apocrypha. That argument, however, no longer works after having already established as such.
The reason we see this removal of the Apocrypha in the King James Bible is because God never wanted it there in the first place. The only reason the Apocrypha was even included in the original 1611 KJV was for historical reference purposes. Not doctrinal. People saw it somewhat valuable for the former but disregarded it when it came to the latter. When, as I said, the masses began to learn how to read instead of only a very privileged few, everyone saw it a waste of space in their Bibles and recognized its uninspired nature due to not only the history and origins behind it, (despite not yet knowing about the very obviously corrupted Dead Sea scrolls at this time), but also its wealth of stark contradictions to the rest of Scripture. The only reason it was easy for people to pick and point out the contradictions was because it was separated from the rest of Scripture by being placed smack in the middle between the Old Testament and the New. If it weren't for this, you'd have an incredibly corrupted KJV as well as every other Protestant Bible probably including and integrating the Apocrypha too.
Knowing everyone and everything the Bible had to go through just for this to happen, this removal should be considered a miracle. This is one of those “God had to be at play here" moments. I know this to be the case due to what I'm about to say. The final nail in the coffin:
God’s Word(s), based upon Psalm 12:6-7, has gone through a seven-fold purification process in the English language. Beginning with Wycliffe's Lollard translations (not yet purified), then Tyndale's Bible (purified once), Coverdale's Bible (purified twice), Matthew's Bible (purified 3 times), the Great Bible (purified 4 times), the Geneva Bible (purified 5 times), and then the King James Bible, (or Authorized Version; purified a 6th and 7th time).
This providentially guided process certified the purity of God’s Word as He divinely guided the translators to burn off any dross by their continual translation. Therefore, the King James Bible represents the culmination of purity.
This is the hand of God.
"It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man."-Psalm 118:8
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2020.10.13 21:05 trynabehappy123 My (18F) mom (45F) tries to forbid me from being in romantic relationships, and I'm tired of it.

Not my main account in order to protect the privacy of everyone involved. I live in Latin America if that’s relevant at all.
I (18F) am currently living at home with my parents (40s) while I attend university, which is kinda the norm in my country. Not too long ago, I met a guy (19M) I really like. We had been talking for a few months in quarantine, and I finally went on a date with him (obeying all pandemic-related restrictions) a few days ago. It was amazing, we really hit it off, and I want to keep seeing him. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about going out with someone. He’s an athlete, doesn’t drink or do drugs, works, and studies. He’s sweet, smart, and attentive. However, my mother has decided to forbid the relationship.
I tried talking to her about it, but this isn’t new. She also forbade me from dating my ex, and everyone else who came before him. Honestly, I’m tired of it. Her reasoning against my current boyfriend is a) he’s too dark-skinned for her taste (yeah, she’s very racist), b) he’s too poor (he’s very middle class and by no means poor, whereas my family is very well-off). She’s never even had a conversation with the guy and already hates him.
I don’t know what to do. It’s the same with every person I’m interested in. Every time I try to have a conversation with her about it, she says I’m wasting my time and she knows what’s best. She says she wants me to have relationships and whatnot, but every time, without fail, she finds an excuse to hate the other person. This time around I was able to reach a compromise: I can go out with him come January, when COVID restrictions are lessened. I should be grateful, I guess, but based on past experience, she’s going to find every excuse to not let me see him or try to sabotage the relationship, the same way she did with my exes before him.
Realistically, I can’t move out on my own, especially since my parents pay for my school and I have no money to my name or family in the city. Has anyone been in a similar situation? How can I get her to just back off? Or at least deal with her without it draining me?
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2020.10.13 13:06 StevenStevens43 King Art Oenfer VI

King Art Oenfer VI
King Art Oenfer VI:
This, is another King Art Oenfer article.
It is King Art Oenfer VI.
However as King Art Oenfer is becoming part of a series, it would be silly to read the fifth part before reading the first, second, third & forth part, in that order.
So i will leave the link below for the previous articles, you can read them, then come back and read this one.
King Art Oenfer & Son - Part one
Gallus the Mac - Part two
King Art Oenfer III & The barbarica conspiriatio - Part three
King Art Oenfer V & IV - Part four
Link for photo
King Arthur
Constantine & Constans.
So, i will begin this article like a i begin a lot of articles, and that is investigating the claims made in British legends, and in particular, Geoffrey of Monmouth.
I will also be investigating the criticisms against Geoffrey of Monmouth's work, and attempting to establish whether those criticisms are constructive, or whether or not they expose the ignorance of certain modern day scholars and historians.
I will begin with a character named Ambrosius Aurelianus.
He is supposed to be a king of Britain that gets involved with another king of Britain, named Vortigern, whom has been covered in previous articles.
According to Geoffrey, Ambrosius Aurelianus is the son of Constantine.
The constantines will require no introduction, as the link between the Art Oenfer and the Constantines has been well and truly established in the previous Art Oenfer articles.
But for those that skipped the previous articles, then you will just have to take my word for it, that the Constantine family would now appear to be very much favourites for being the family behind "thee" actual alleged King Arthur, when we finally get there.
But we are not there yet.
Now, i will begin by pointing out modern day historians and scholars first dig at the slightly "gargled" Geoffrey of Monmouth.
Let us not forget, we are paying historians to research and report accurate non opinionated history, not to be grammar students.
Is two seperate things.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Ambrosius Aurelianus appears in later pseudo-chronicle tradition beginning with Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae with the slightly garbled name Aurelius Ambrosius, now presented as son of a King Constantine. King Constantine's eldest son Constans is murdered at Vortigern's instigation,
Link for photo#/media/File:Constantineiii.jpg)
Constantine III coin
So, was this Ambrosius Aurelianus mentioned in any official accounts, outside of those considered legendary.
The answer is in fact, yes.
In the accounts of Saint Germanus, there was a cleric named Constantius, and Constantius would most likely be the son of Constantine III, just like Geoffrey's Ambrosius Aurelianus.
Visit to Britain
Constantius also recounts the miraculous healing of the blind daughter of 'a man with tribunician power'.[2] This use of the word tribune may imply the existence of some form of post-Roman government system. However, in Constantius' lifetime tribune had acquired a looser definition, and often was used to indicate any military officer, whether part of the Imperial army or part of a town militia.
Germanus led the native Britons to a victory against Pictish and Saxon raiders, at a mountainous site near a river, of which Mold in North Wales is the traditional location.
Link for photo
Saint Germanus
Saint Germanus:
To find out why Saint Germanus is in Britain fighting a war during this period, please see this article below, and then come back and read this one, as i will not have enough room in this article to go over already covered ground.
The confessio of Saint Palladius <<<<< Link for article
Link for photo-_stained_glass,_Saint_Patrick-_detail.jpg)
Saint Patrick
Constantius of Lyon:
Now Constantius of Lyon was of very high standing and was very much a church leader.
Constantius of Lyon
Constantius of Lyon (fl. c. AD 480) was a cleric from what is now the Auvergne) in modern-day France, who wrote the Vita Germani, or Life of Germanus, a hagiography of Germanus of Auxerre. The hagiography was written some time during the second half of the fifth century, and was commissioned by Patiens, bishop of Lyon.[1]
Constantius was a friend of Bishop Lupus of Troyes and Sidonius Apollinaris, with whom he corresponded, and several letters from them are included in his published letter-collection.
Antipope Felix II:
And the Constantines have been held in high regard by the church ever since Constantine the Great issued the edict of Milan, and Constantinius II banished one Pope and installed another.
Antipope Felix II
Antipope Felix, an archdeacon of Rome, was installed as Pope in AD 355 after the Emperor Constantius II banished the reigning Pope, Liberius, for refusing to subscribe to a sentence of condemnation against Saint Athanasius.[1]
And Ambrosius Aurelianus was thought by Gildas, to be very much a church person.
His parents wore the purple.
According to Gildas
a gentleman who, perhaps alone of the Romans, had survived the shock of this notable storm. Certainly his parents, who had worn the purple, were slain in it. His descendants in our day have become greatly inferior to their grandfather's [avita] excellence. Under him our people regained their strength, and challenged the victors to battle. The Lord assented, and the battle went their way.[3]
Aristocratic robe:
And wearing purple is thought to have been a sign of high aristocracy.
During this era, Roman emperors and Church leaders, wore purple robes.
Scholarship questions
Roman emperors and male Patricians) wore clothes with a purple band to denote their class so the reference to purple may be to an aristocratic heritage.
Ambriosius family:
Now that i have cleared up that Constantinius is an elite church leader, i will tackle the first criticism of Geoffrey of Monmouth.
Apparently Geoffrey of Monmouth's claim that Ambrosius and Uther were hustled into exile in Brittany after the death of their parents, does not fit with the account of modern day historians and scholars choice of reliable historian.
Which is Gildas.
However, you just have to look at the quote above marked "according to Gildas", to see that Gildas speaks of Ambrosius Aurelianus's parents being slain.
Though he definitely appears to believe that Ambrosius Aurelianus survived.
So what the modern day historians and scholars have to say in the quote below, could be considered by some a black lie.
Perhaps an error, by others.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
King Constantine's eldest son Constans is murdered at Vortigern's instigation, and the two remaining sons (Ambrosius and Uther, still very young) are quickly hustled into exile in Brittany. (This does not fit with Gildas' account, in which Ambrosius' family perished in the turmoil of the Saxon uprisings.)
Constantine III:
And we already know that it is a fact that in 411 AD, Constantine III was executed.
Surrender and execution#Surrender_and_execution)
Constantius imprisoned the former soldier and had him beheaded on his way to Ravenna[citation needed] in either August or September 411.[25]#citenote-25) His head, on a pole, was presented to Emperor Honorius on 18 September. It was later displayed outside Carthage.[[26]](
Constans II:
And one of Constantine III's sons, was indeed executed by the historical Gerontius.
Thus, the Constantines being partly massacred is consistant with contemporary history.
[6]#citenote-constans2-6) With the support of the barbarians, Gerontius took over Constantine's territory; in 411, he captured the city of Vienne and put Constans to death.[[8]](
Link for photo#/media/File:Siliqua_Constans_II_Arelate.jpg)
Constans II coin
The Groans of Britain:
Now, in the quote below, Geoffrey is once again accused of Contradicting Gildas, who is alleged to have placed the Groans of Britain to a date between 440 AD and 450 AD, which contradicts Geoffrey's claim that Ambrosius could possible have been the son of a Constantine III that died 30 or 40 years before the Groans took place.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
The chronology offered by Geoffrey for the early life of Ambrosius contradicts Gildas and Nennius, and is also internally inconsistent.[16] The Groans of the Britons involves an appeal by the Britons to Roman consul "Agitius". This person has been identified with Flavius Aetius (d. 454), magister militum ("master of soldiers") of the Western Roman Empire and consul of the year 446. The Groans are generally dated to the 440s and 450s, preceding the death of Aetius. If Geoffrey's Constantine rose to the throne immediately following the Groans, this would place his reign in this period.[16]
Gemitus Britannorum:
So let us first look at what the Groans of Britain are.
But, i will just say first, whilst i am not going to look into it, i actually do not believe that Gildas even said this.
If he did, then he is the worst historian the world ever saw.
Quite simply, the Groans of Britain was a plee made by Britons to Rome for foreign aid after they were abandoned by Constantine III who had withdrawn the British military in order to attack and sack Rome between 407 AD and 410 AD.
The usurper Constantine III) had taken the last Roman troops from Britain in 407 and the civilian administration had been expelled by the natives a little later, leaving the inhabitants to fend for themselves during increasingly fraught times. Parts of the plea were recorded:[5]
410 AD:
This plee was made, and refused, in 410 AD, when Roman emperor Honorius decided to release Britain from roman rule, in order to reduce the amount of foreign aid he had to dish out, during the war.
I think modern historians and scholars get mixed up with when the story was written, with when the happenings the story is talking about, actually happened.
Is quite a common error i think.
Though amateurish, all the same.
Defence of Italy#Stilicho_and_the_defense_of_Italy)
The situation in Britain was even more difficult. The British provinces were isolated, lacking support from the Empire, and the soldiers supported the revolts of Marcus) (406–407), Gratian) (407), and Constantine III). Constantine invaded Gaul in 407, occupying Arles, and while Constantine was in Gaul, his son Constans) ruled over Britain.[14]#citenote-Bury,_pg._111-14) By 410, Britain was effectively told to look after its own affairs and expect no aid from Rome.[[15]](
Link for photo#/media/File:JohnWilliam_Waterhouse-The_Favorites_of_the_Emperor_Honorius-_1883.jpg)
Honorius during the famine
Geoffrey claimed:
Now, it simply continues to get "absolutely frightening".
The historians and scholars, based upon their own error, continue to narrate like it is a fact that Geoffrey states that Ambrosius Aurelianus was still in his infancy in the 460's AD.
This error is due to the fact that they have wrong dated the groans of Britain.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
.[16] Geoffrey's narrative has an underage Ambrosius, if not a literal infant, in the 460s. Accounts deriving from Gildas and Nennius place Ambrosius in the prime of his life in the same decade.[16]
Octa of Kent:
Contemporary historians and scholars continue to play on what they bagan with their own amateurish error regards to the groans of britain, and they point out that Geoffrey involves in the story of Ambrosius, a "6th century" British king... lol
Geoffrey of Monmouth
[16] Henginst's supposed son Octa is apparently Octa of Kent, a 6th-century ruler variously connected to Hengist as a son or descendant.
However, there is no lol about it.
It is quite contemporary that Octa was a 5th/6th century king, who is believed to have been quite possible the son of Hengist.
Therefore Hengist could easily have been part of the wars fought against Ambriosus in the 440's or 450's.
Ambrosius, even in Geoffreys accounts, were the Groans of Britain happened between 407 AD and 410 AD, would be well in his prime come the 440's.
And, i also assume if Octa ruled from 512 AD, then he was likely born sometime in the late 400's, (5th Century).
Octa of Kent
Octa (or Octha) (c. 500 – 543) was an Anglo-Saxon King of Kent during the 6th century. Sources disagree on his relationship to the other kings in his line; he may have been the son of Hengist or Oisc, and may have been the father of Oisc or Eormenric. The dates of his reign are unclear, but he may have ruled from 512 to 534
Next, modern day historians continue to attempt to make a mockery of Geoffrey, by naturally assuming that when Geoffrey talks about a character named Cheldric, he is talking about Cerdic of Wessex.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
A minor Saxon character called "Cherdic" is probably Cerdic of Wessex, though elsewhere Geoffrey calls the same king "Cheldric".
Link for photo
Cerdic of Wessex in his purple robe
Cedric of Wessex:
But, even though Cerdic of Wessex would appear to be related to aristocrats with his purple robe, why on earth would scholars think that Geoffrey, who is talking about a period of between 411 AD and 455 AD approximately, would be referring to Cedric of Wessex from 519 AD?
Cerdic of Wessex
Cerdic (/ˈtʃɜːrdɪtʃ/; Latin: Cerdicus) is cited in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as a leader of the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain, being the founder and first king of Saxon Wessex, reigning from 519 to 534 AD
Childeric I:
Quite simply, it is not a rational conclusion.
A far more likely conclusion, would be a likely ancestor of Cedric's from 437 AD.
Childeric I.
Childeric was the Frankish leader of Roman Gaul.
Childeric I
Childeric I (/ˈkɪldərɪk/; French: Childéric; Latin: Childericus; reconstructed Frankish: \Hildirīk*;[4] c. 437 – 481 AD) was a Frankish leader in the northern part of imperial Roman Gaul
Link for photo
Childeric I
Clovis I:
And Childrec I, is the father of Clovis I, who like his father, ruled over the Frankish kingdom, and also other parts of Roman Gaul.
And Clovis I also was married to a saint and was one of the earliest known Catholics.
Clovis I
Clovis is also significant due to his conversion to Catholicism in 496, largely at the behest of his wife, Clotilde, who would later be venerated as a saint for this act, celebrated today in both the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. Clovis was baptized on Christmas Day in 508.[5] The adoption by Clovis of Catholicism (as opposed to the Arianism of most other Germanic tribes)
Link for photo.jpg)
Clovis I
Roman Gaul:
And these people were rulers of Roman Gaul, which during the time of Roman occupation, and slightly after it, included Southern Britain.
Link for photo
Roman Gaul
Next, the famous Merlin, that myth debunkers love to use as the classic mythological character.
Yet, reputable historians and scholars, commenting on history "should" know exactly who Merlin is.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
.[16] Vortigern's encounter with Emrys/Merlin takes place in this part of the narrative. Merlin warns Vortigern that Ambrosius and Uther have already sailed for Britain and are soon to arrive, apparently to claim his throne.
And this mythological Merlin, is quite obviously Merovech, grandfather of Clovis I, and the founder of the Merovingian dynasty.
Merovech (French: Mérovée, Merowig; Latin: Meroveus; c. 411 – 458)[1] is the semi-legendary founder of the Merovingian dynasty of the Salian Franks, which later became the dominant Frankish tribe. He is proposed to be one of several barbarian warlords and kings that joined forces with the Roman general Aetius against the Huns under Attila at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains in Gaul in 451. His grand-son Clovis I became the founder of the Frankish kingdom.
Link for photo
Death of Vortigern:
Now the next mythological claim from Geoffrey, is that Constantius/Ambrosius/Art Oenfer VI, defeated Vortigern in battle.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Ambrosius soon arrives at the head of the army and is crowned king. He besieges Vortigern at the castle of "Genoreu", which is identified with Nennius' Cair Guorthigirn ("Fort Vortigern") and the hillfort at Little Doward. Ambrosius burns the castle down and Vortigern dies with it.[16]
Pope Celestine I:
So is there any proof for those battles?
Well, yes, plenty.
To begin with, those people were in Britain fighting the heresy of Arianism, which was known as Pelagianism during this period, and it had swept the shores of Britain and Ireland after the 410 AD removal of the Roman empire from British shores, and Roman aristocrats were desperately trying to keep a hold of somekind of power in a devolving Britain.
Pope Celestine I
Pope Celestine I (Latin: Caelestinus I) was the bishop of Rome from 10 September 422 to his death on 1 August 432. Celestine's tenure was largely spent combatting various ideologies deemed heretical. He supported the mission of the Gallic bishops that sent Germanus of Auxerre in 429, to Britain to address Pelagianism, and later commissioned Palladius) as bishop to the Scots of Ireland and northern Britain. In 430,
Link for photo
Merovingian symbol
However, these elite Catholic leaders were not in Britain conducting a simple conversion.
They were fighting a brutal war, using military troops and forces, and they were also not just church leaders, but also kings, seeking more kingdoms for both their Churches, and kingships.
Visit to Britain
However, in Constantius' lifetime tribune had acquired a looser definition, and often was used to indicate any military officer, whether part of the Imperial army or part of a town militia.
Germanus led the native Britons to a victory against Pictish and Saxon raiders, at a mountainous site near a river, of which Mold in North Wales is the traditional location.
Link for photo
Germanus of Auxerre
Next, having killed Vortigern, Ambrosius/Constantinius/Art Oenfer turns his attention to the next Saxon leader, and apparently with only 10,000 men, defeats a Saxon army of 200,000.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Having killed Vortigern, Ambrosius next turns his attention to Hengist. Despite the fact that no earlier military actions of Ambrosius are recorded, the Saxons have already heard of his bravery and battle prowess. They immediately retreat beyond the Humber.[16] Hengist soon amasses a massive army to face Ambrosius. His army counts 200,000 men and Ambrosius' only 10,000 men.
The debate:
So, is there any truth in this?
Well, whilst there are no records of numbers, there was a war fought against saxons that resulted in apparently another victory for the up and coming Merovingians.
Saint Germanus referred to it as "the debate".
Germanus and the cult of Saint Alban
Immediately after the debate with the Pelagians, Germanus gave thanks for his victory at the grave of Saint Alban,
Link for photo.jpg)
Saint Alban
The field of Beli:
Now, Geoffrey, who appears to get his history from not only British accounts, but also foreign accounts, is again being rather unprofessional when he leaves modern day scholars and historians endlessly speculating where the field of Beli in Southern Britain could have been.
Was it Hatfield? Was it Wales? et cetera.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
He marches south and the first battle between the two armies takes place in Maisbeli, where Ambrosius emerges the victor. It is unclear what location Geoffrey had in mind. Maisbeli translates to "the field of Beli"
However if you look at the map below, you can see exactly were Belgae was.
Link for photo
Finally, the Saxons surrender, and they are pardoned by Amriosius/Constantinius/Art Oenfer VI, and they are relocated to the North east.
Modern historians and scholars speculate that this could be Bernicia, because Bernicia was settled by Angles in the 6th Century.
However, we are still only in the 5th Century.
The Catholics defeated the Pelagians, and Geoffrey speaks of Ambrosius assigning Merovech with a task of establishing a permanent memorial for the dead soldiers, and the site is called "the Giants ring".
But silly Geoffrey forgets that by the year 2000 Historians and scholars will not know where the giants ring is, and will declare it pseudo nonsense.
Though, most, will speculate that it is stonehenge.
Even though, right down the road from stonehenge, is the largest stone circle in Europe.
Geoffrey of Monmouth
Following his victories and the end of the wars, Ambrosius organises the burial of killed nobles at Kaercaradduc. Geoffrey identifies this otherwise unknown location with Caer-Caradog (Salisbury). Ambrosius wants a permanent memorial for the slain and assigns the task to Merlin. The result is the so-called Giants' Ring.[16] Its location in the vicinity of Salisbury has led to its identification with Stonehenge, though Geoffrey never uses that term. Stonehenge is closer to Amesbury than Salisbury. The ring formation of the monument could equally apply to Avebury, the largest stone circle in Europe.[16]
Link for photo,Wiltshire,_UK-_Diliff.jpg)
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